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Разлел: Иностранные языки Разлел: Иностранные языки

Sport in the UK

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The Nation's Favourite: A Book of the UK's Best-loved Things Quercus/MacLehose Press Mathew C.
The result is amusing, surprising and reveals a fascinating picture of the tastes and habits of the UK population.
793 руб
ESOL Activities. Entry 1: Practical Language Activities for Living in the UK and Ireland (+ Audio CD) Cambridge for ESOL Cambridge University Press Harrison L.
Written by experienced ESOL teachers, each volume offers carefully selected skills activities ideal for students of general ESOL courses in the UK and Ireland, as well as learners preparing for the UK Skills for Life examinations, ESOL for Work examinations and government citizenship tests.
3032 руб

Поиск A Bride For The Whole Family

Her belly was a slight protruding slope that led his eyes downward to the plump mound of her pubis. No longer did her love knoll sport the soft brown sexual fur it had worn the last time he had seen her. Now there was only a continuation of the milky smoothness of her skin. Shaven and bare, her cunt posed with the innocence of a young girl. His balls drew themselves tightly into the security of their sac as she moved back toward him, wagging the delightfully flaring curves of her hips in an exaggerated sway. Her tits juggled liquidly from her chest. Her eyes flashed with abandoned lust. Back in his arms, she covered his mouth with hers, as his hands roved over the sleek smoothness of her back. His fingers eagerly crept to the jutting roundness of her buttocks and squeezed into the fleshy cheeks of her ass, arousing moans from the depths of her throat. She wiggled, rolling her voluptuous nakedness against him, as if trying to push herself through the clothing he still wore. In a surprising abrupt movement, the nude woman suddenly pulled away from him and with a devilish grin, dropped to her knees before him

Реферат: Sport and recreation in the United States Sport and recreation in the United States

Поиск Secretary in bondage

She had turned full face toward Elaine now. Despite the pain in her cunt, the secretary was impressed by the sight of the naked woman. Marda's tits were like balloons, crowned with large nipples. The curves of her body narrowed to a surprisingly small waist, then flared out into lushly padded white hips. The downward pointing triangle of cunt fur between the voluptuous thighs was big and lush. A hint of pink pussy lips showed through the black bush. Elaine massaged her aching cunt bun. She felt ridiculous bent over like this, but she didn't want Hardman snapping her poor pussy again! But Hardman was not to be put off from his sport. The whip moved again. Elaine shrieked wildly as a six inch rip appeared in her blouse above her left tit. She jerked upright and stepped back so that the chair hit her in the backs of her legs. Then she looked down at herself, feeling foolish for having screamed so loudly. The hissing lash hadn't touched her! She stared at Hardman, not understanding. He smiled at her with what looked like genuine warmth. He struck again

Реферат: On the problem of crystal metallic lattice in the densest packings of chemical elements On the problem of crystal metallic lattice in the densest packings of chemical elements

Поиск Forced into damnation

Johnny stepped in beside her and stabbed a button marked, "PENTHOUSE". The door closed and they were whisked upwards so quickly that there was no sensation of motion. A moment later the doors opened onto a carpeted hallway. The corridor was wide but short. Two doors broke the smooth clean line of the wall opposite the elevato. Both doors sported the same JW monogram that Connie had seen on the doors of the Black racketeer's car. Johnny opened one of the doors and reached inside, flipping a silent mercury switch on the wall. The room was suddenly illuminated by soft lights which highlighted the bright splashes of color decorating the floor and walls. The molded plastic furniture cast long dark shadows across the floor. Looks like a den of seduction, Connie thought. Well, I've learned my lesson. I won't even let him get near me. "Come on in and make yourself comfortable," Johnny said affably. "There are a couple of people I'd like you to meet." Then turning towards the back of the apartment he called, "Cobb! Edward! Come on out

Реферат: British painting in the 17-18th centuries (Британская живопись 17-18 вв.) British painting in the 17-18th centuries (Британская живопись 17-18 вв.)

Брелок LED "Лампочка" классическая.
Брелок работает в двух автоматических режимах и горит в разных цветовых гаммах. Материал: металл, акрил. Для работы нужны 3 батарейки
131 руб
Раздел: Металлические брелоки
Ручка "Шприц", желтая.
Необычная ручка в виде шприца. Состоит из пластикового корпуса с нанесением мерной шкалы. Внутри находится жидкость желтого цвета,
31 руб
Раздел: Оригинальные ручки
Наклейки для поощрения "Смайлики 2".
Набор для поощрения на самоклеящейся бумаге. Формат 95х160 мм.
19 руб
Раздел: Наклейки для оценивания, поощрения

Реферат: Education in the Middle Ages Education in the Middle Ages

Реферат: Education in the Middle Ages Education in the Middle Ages

Реферат: Redesigning the Dragon Financial Reform in the Peoples Republic of China Redesigning the Dragon Financial Reform in the Peoples Republic of China

Реферат: Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind... Пастернак и нравственная дилемма послереволюционной интеллигенции Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind... Пастернак и нравственная дилемма послереволюционной интеллигенции

Какой путь ты бы ни выбрал, дилемма не будет решена — пасьянс не раскладывается. Смысл заключается в том, что интеллигенция per defi i io em находится в сложной ситуации. Трудность ситуации состоит в следующем: должен ли интеллектуал стоять вне своего времени и публичности, или он/она должны действовать изнутри. Говоря о моральной дилемме, я не собираюсь морализировать. Я смотрю на дилемму как на нечто присущее ситуации, в которой находятся интеллектуалы. Являясь герменевтиком и сторонником взгляда Бахтина на слово как на ступень в диалоге (даже и в научном контексте), я не могу и не хочу стремиться к беспристрастной точке зрения. Надеюсь, что такое «легкое прикосновение» с моей стороны не усложнит изложение. Эдвард В. Сайд, по происхождению палестинец, родился в Иерусалиме, а образование получил в Египте и Америке. Сайд не социолог, как большинство западных авторов, пишущих об интеллектуалах (например, французский Мыслитель Пьер Бурдиё или польский социолог Зигмунд Бауман, работающий в Англии). Сайд — литературовед.

Реферат: A role of the Environmental Ethics in the modern society A role of the Environmental Ethics in the modern society

Реферат: Trade in Estonia in the Past and Present Trade in Estonia in the Past and Present

Constitutional reform in the UK Oxford University Press Dawn
2070 руб
Hey Rube: Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine, and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness Simon & Schuster Hunter S. T.
Insightful, incendiary, outrageously brilliant, such was the man who galvanized American journalism with his radical ideas and gonzo tactics.
402 руб
Cultural and educational adaptation of Chinese students in the UK. Theory, process and implications Книга по Требованию Yuefang Z.
Methods of making the adaptation process smoother are explored.
3191 руб
Marketing Community-based ecotourism based in Senegal, West Africa. The potential for the development of Community-Based Ecotourism, and the challenge of marketing it to the UK Книга по Требованию Thomas A.
The paper begins with the introduction of the concept of ecotourism by exploring the different definitions and its origins, and by enumerating its potential impacts on the host destinations.
1997 руб
Second, if goodwill is viewed as an asset, is there any evidence in the association between market value and previously acquired goodwill of different ages and in the association between earnings and previously acquired goodwill of different ages that goodwill diminishes in value through time.
3215 руб
Internet Adoption in the UK. An Empirical Study of Internet Adoption by leading UK retailers Книга по Требованию Fiona E.
The results of the on- line survey reveal that Internet adoption varies according to retailer size and product assortment. nine critical factors are found to have a significant influence upon the retailers’ level of Internet adoption, including operating in an appropriate market sector and having a strategic focus.
3215 руб
Home and Away. Attitudes towards ‘race’ and ethnicity amongst recent Polish immigrants to the UK Книга по Требованию Magda M.
This book gives an insight into attitudes among recent Polish immigrants towards ethnicity and ‘race’.
1997 руб
An Exploration of Music Journalism in the UK and Australia Writing to Reach You. Книга по Требованию Marc B.
Analysis of journalism often focuses on the production of news across various platforms to understand the nature of politics and public debate in the contemporary era.
3215 руб
A Comparison of the Footwear Industry in Italy and the UK The Influence of Network Structures on the Adaptive Efficiency of Industrial Districts: Globalisation and the Viability of Industrial Districts. Книга по Требованию
This research addresses the theme of the viability of industrial districts in dealing with dramatic changes in their competitive environment.
3234 руб
The Role of the External Auditor in Bank Regulation and Supervision. A Comparative Analysis between the UK, Germany, Italy and the US Книга по Требованию Marianne O.
Even though the external auditor could not gain access to such information as the central bank' s early warning indicators, there’s still a role for the external auditor at an individual firm level in providing vital information and performing numerous specialised tasks. As well as this role, the role of assisting the regulator in such a way as to avoid “regulatory capture”, will be considered briefly. This research not only proposes an alternative single regulator model for the UK, but also addresses how the external auditor could assist the regulator through an indirect system of supervision which provides for the most effective means of obtaining and evaluating crucial information relating to the well-being of a financial institution. In recommending the external auditor’s expertise, such issues concerning the need for greater pro- active monitoring by regulators, safeguards operating to ensure that the external auditor can fulfil his roles effectively, the need for clearer definition of the external auditor’s role (reducing the audit expectations gap), and audit liability interalia require consideration.
3234 руб
Lobbying and Public Affairs in the UK. The Relationship to Political Marketing Книга по Требованию Phil H.
This is a study into political lobbying and how it has become a feature of modern strategic business marketing.
3234 руб

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