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Разлел: Иностранные языки Разлел: Иностранные языки

Evaluating the GPRS Radio Interface for Different Quality of Service Profiles

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Evaluating The Quality Of Management Information Книга по Требованию
601 руб
Different Worlds Cambridge English Readers 2 Cambridge University Press Johnson
She meets Jim, falls in love and feels happier than ever before.
457 руб

Поиск Iptables Tutorial 1.2.2

Very interesting reading. • RFC 2401 - Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol - This is an RFC talking about the IPSEC implementation and standardisation. Well worth reading if you are working with IPSEC. • RFC 2474 - Definition of the Differentiated Services Field (DS Field) in the IPv4 and IPv6 Headers - In this document you will find out how the DiffServ works, and you will find much needed information about the TCP/IP protocol additions/changes needed for the DiffServ protocol to work. • RFC 2638 - A Two-bit Differentiated Services Architecture for the Internet - This RFC describes a method of implementing two different differentiated service architecture into one. Both where described originally by D. Clark and van Jacobsen at the Munich IETH meeting 1997. • RFC 2960 - Stream Control Transmission Protocol - This is a relatively new protocol developed by several large telecoms companies to complement UDP and TCP as a layer 3 protocol with higher reliability and resilience. • RFC 3168 - The Addition of Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) to IP - This RFC defines how ECN is to be used on a technical level and how it should be implemented in the TCP and IP protocols. Written by K. Ramakrishnan, S. Floyd and D. Black. • RFC 3260 - New Terminology and Clarifications for Diffserv - This memo captures Diffserv working group agreements concerning new and improved terminology, and provides minor technical clarifications. • RFC 3286 - An Introduction to the Stream Control Transmission Protocol - RFC introducing the Stream Control Transmission Protocol, a relatively new layer 3 protocol in the TCP/IP stack

Реферат: Basic perspectives and schools of developing sociology in the XX century Basic perspectives and schools of developing sociology in the XX century

Поиск My Secret Life

When I had roused my passions fully, I put into one or the other of these charmers for a finish, but the little one generally had my Priapean offering. I did with them what I find I often do when I have two females together — I wonder if all men do the same, if not, what enjoyment they miss — I delighted to put first into one, pull out my prick, and then put in-to the other, return to the first and so on. I did that with the other two girls whom Sarah once got me. — After my first spermatic ejaculation and my lust was subdued; at my second trial, cooler than both in lust and brain, I could judge of the different qualities or fitting of the cunts, could notice the different feelings which my prick experienced in them. Certainly there is a difference in the sensation on the prick between the fully formed cunt of a woman of twenty-five, and that of a girl of fifteen — tho towards the finish of the delightful exercise within them I could not perceive much; the all pervading pleasure then drowning judgment. Most cunts, if deep enough, feel the same when the prick swells and throbs in its intensity, as the sperm rises up through it

Реферат: The collection of French art in the Hermitage The collection of French art in the Hermitage

Поиск Клиенты на всю жизнь

Люди не так уж сильно отличаются друг от друга. Книги для меня являются неиссякаемым источником идей. Ниже приведен список моих любимых. PBerry, Leonard L., Parasuraman, A., Zeithaml, Valarie A. Delivering Quality Service. New York: The Free Press. PBradshaw, Pete. Personal Power. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, Inc. PCusumano, Michael A. The Japanese Automobile Industry. Cambridge: The Harward University Press. PDeming, W. Edwards. Out of the Crisis. Cambridge: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Advanced Engineering Study. PGoldratt, Eliyahu M., Cox, Jeff. The Goal. Croton-on-Hudson: North River Press. PMarcus, Stanley. Minding the Store. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. PMarcus, Stanley. Quest for the Best. New York: The Viking Press. POhno, Taiichi. Workplace Management. Cambridge: Productivity Press. POhno, Taiichi, Setsuo, Mito. Just-in-time for Today and Tomorrow. Cambridge: Productivity Press. PPeters, Tom. Thriving on Chaos. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. PPeters, Tomas J., Waterman, Robert H., Jr

Реферат: Ten reasons for a tradition of modernity Ten reasons for a tradition of modernity

Брелок LED "Лампочка" классическая.
Брелок работает в двух автоматических режимах и горит в разных цветовых гаммах. Материал: металл, акрил. Для работы нужны 3 батарейки
131 руб
Раздел: Металлические брелоки
Горшок торфяной для цветов.
Рекомендуются для выращивания крупной рассады различных овощных и цветочных, а также для укоренения саженцев декоративных, плодовых и
7 руб
Раздел: Горшки, ящики для рассады
Забавная пачка "5000 дублей".
Юмор – настоящее богатство! Купюры в пачке выглядят совсем как настоящие, к тому же и банковской лентой перехвачены... Но вглядитесь
60 руб
Раздел: Прочее

Реферат: Find the right sports program for your kids Find the right sports program for your kids

Реферат: The Tower of London The Tower of London

Реферат: The Economy of Great Britain The Economy of Great Britain

Реферат: Royal Dutch Shell: Evaluation of Oil Reserves Royal Dutch Shell: Evaluation of Oil Reserves

Реферат: Роль СМИ в современном мире (The mass media in the life of Society) Роль СМИ в современном мире (The mass media in the life of Society)

Реферат: The Adverse Effects of Green Lawns The Adverse Effects of Green Lawns

Total Quality Service. Das Qualitaetsmanagementkonzept fuer den Dienstleistungssektor Книга по Требованию Stefan G.
Besonders im Angesicht einer sich zuspitzenden Wettbewerbssituation in der gesamten Wirtschaft und explizit im untersuchten Sektor.
2008 руб
Biofiltration for Removal of Air Toxic Compounds - Hydrogen Sulfide. Studying the ' heart' of biofiltration processes Evaluating the influence of different packing materials. Книга по Требованию Jorge P.F.
Many technologies have been applied all around the world.
2008 руб
Evaluation of wheat flour baking quality for confectionery production. The use of rheological, chemical and dynamic imaging methods to assess baking quality of wheat flour Книга по Требованию Mehri H.
These techniques could be applied as a tool to investigate the effect of other baking parameters (flour components, formulation, raising agent, baking environment, mixing condition, etc. ) on cake and cookie quality.
2605 руб
Evaluation of Voluntary Counseling and Testing Service. Counselors' attitude, Minimum standard and client satisfaction Книга по Требованию ALEMAYEHU B.
This book explains how VCT sites need to be organized so that VCT service client satisfaction can be improved.
1899 руб
Performance Evaluation of Electricity Distribution Industry. Quality, Efficiency and Productivity of UK Electricity Distribution Network Operators using Data Envelopment Analysis Книга по Требованию Susila M.
With the widespread electricity regulatory reforms worldwide and the wave of privatisation, the performance of electricity industry is becoming increasingly important.
3051 руб
Service Quality Evaluation in Indian Service Industries. Basics, Concepts and Measuring Tools Книга по Требованию Mohammed S.K.
Quality is a major competing weapon in manufacturing and service industries to gain market share in order to sustain in business.
1997 руб
Evaluating State-Operated Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centers. Determining Quality of Service by Analyzing VR Outcomes Книга по Требованию David B.
These facilities offer a wide range of services seeking to assist the individual gain or maintain employment and offer unique opportunities for persons with the most significant disabilities.
2416 руб
Performance Comparison of Different WiMAX Configurations. Impact of Scheduling and Contention Resolution on Quality of Service in WiMAX Networks Книга по Требованию
The WiMAX MAC Layer and a simplified PHY Layer model are implemented in the OPNET Modeler.
2008 руб
A Framework for Continuous Improvements Evaluation of the Quality of Research Services at Universities. Книга по Требованию Khaled B.
This book presents a framework for the continuous evaluation of the quality of research support provided by High Education Institutes (HEIs).
2416 руб
Evaluating Site Quality in Montane Forests of North Western Argentina Site Quality in Subtropical Forests. Книга по Требованию Alexander W.
In this study, site quality evaluation in subtropical moist forests in north western Argentina was investigated by applying classification schemes based on various approaches.
1981 руб
Gender and the Work-Family Interface. Exploring Similarities and Differences across the Family Life Course Книга по Требованию Giuseppe M.
Using a well-validated model of the work-family interface differences by gender by each life stage were identified.
1981 руб

Молочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организмаМолочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организма

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