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A Thousand Splendid Suns


A Thousand Suns Автор: Alex S.
Chris Roland, a brilliant young photographer, is sent to take photos of this time capsule. It' s early April of 1945. All it will take is a hodge-podge squadron of escort fighters, a captured US bomber and one suicidally brave pilot to fly it over the Atlantic into the beating heart of America. But the high command have one more throw of the dice to make. . . An audacious plan is hatched to save the Fatherland and beat off the oncoming apocalypse. Half a century later, a rusting plane is discovered, sunk with its crew, off the coast of New York - a relic from a bygone age. But it is only when he discovers that the fragments of Nazi uniforms on the decaying corpses that he realises that he has come across a secret so terrible that even fifty years later it could still kill him. . . The Nazi regime is being slowly throttled by the oncoming Russian and Allied armies and Hitler rages uselessly in his Berlin bunker.
Страниц 496      мягкая обложка     
          705 руб    Книги
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Автор: Jules V.
However, the "monster" turns out to be a giant submarine, commanded by the mysterious Captain Nemo, by whom they are soon held captive.
Страниц 256      мягкая обложка     
          248 руб    Художественная литература на английском языке
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea Автор: Jules V.
Can they escape from Nemo’s submarine?
Страниц 32      мягкая обложка     
          424 руб    Английский язык для языковых вузов
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea (+ Audio CD) Автор: Verne J.
This is the story of Captain Nemo and his submarine, the Nautilus.

          596 руб    Адаптированные тексты
Tales from The Thousand and One Nights (+ CD-ROM)
Страниц 96      мягкая обложка     
          796 руб    Адаптированные тексты
Three Thousand Years of Mental Healing Автор: George B.C.
The term mental healing is given a broad meaning and encompasses any cures which may be brought about by the effect of the mind over the body, regardless of whether the power back of the cure is supposed to be deity, demons, other human beings or the individual mind of the patient. Contents: Mental Healing; Early Civilizations; The Influence of Christianity; Relics and Shrines; Healers; Talismans; Amulets; Charms; Royal Touch; Mesmer and After; and The Healers of the Nineteenth Century.
Страниц 344      мягкая обложка     
          1147 руб    Русский язык. Литература
From Hubba, the Norse sea king, to the enlightened present One thousand years of Hubbard history, 866 to 1895. Автор: Day E.W.
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          1150 руб    Исторические науки
One thousand and one useful recipes and valuable hints about cooking and housekeeping
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          1142 руб    Исторические науки
Man In America. Six Thousand Years From Eden To Independence Hall ..
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          601 руб    Исторические науки
Medieval Italy during a thousand years (305-1313), a brief historical narrative with chapters on great episodes and personalities and on subjects connected with religion, art and literature Автор: Cotterill H.B.
мягкая обложка     
          1751 руб    Исторические науки
One thousand books for children Автор: Coussens P.
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          1144 руб    Исторические науки


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