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Large-Scale Information Dissemination in Congested Bandwidth over Dynamically Distributed Wide Area Networks exposed to Web Database Systems Large-Scale Information Dissemination utilizing Distributed


Large scale experiments on the processing of Japanese persimmons Автор: Gore H.C.
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          1431 руб    Исторические науки
Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0. Справочник администратора Автор: Станек У.
Данная книга - краткий и исчерпывающий справочник по Web-администрированию Internet Information Services (ISS) 7. 0. Здесь содержатся подсказки, оптимальные методы и примеры настройки IIS 7. 0, в том числе установка и развертывание IIS на предприятии; настройка IIS и управление параметрами при работе с XML; создание и настройка Web-сайтов и каталогов; обработка содержимого, включая сообщения об ошибках, заголовки и переадресацию; администрирование учетных записей пользователей, разрешений, сертификатов и SSL; управление IIS, ASP и приложениями, использующими технологию Microsoft® .
Страниц 528      твердый переплет      Размер 25x18x3 см      Вес 755 гр
          516 руб    Администрирование сетей, программирование, веб-серверы
Dictionary of Library and Information Management Автор: Stephenson J.
A comprehensive dictionary of library and information management covering all aspects of librarianship, library management and information management.
Страниц 173      мягкая обложка     
          775 руб    Художественная литература на английском языке
Over My Dead Body Автор: Rex S.
Страниц 272      мягкая обложка     
          579 руб    Художественная литература на английском языке
For Your Information 1. Student Book Автор: Karen B.
Reading and Vocabulary Skills, by Karen Blanchard and Christine Root, helps beginning students become engaged, thoughtful, and confident readers of English.
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          1388 руб -30% 971 руб    Английский язык для языковых вузов
Key Concepts in Information and Communication Technology Автор: Roger I. C.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the synergy between computers and communication devices and forms an important part of the modern world.
Страниц 232      мягкая обложка     
          2693 руб    Книги
At Large Автор: Arthur C.B.
Книга представляет собой репринтное издание 1908 года (издательство "New York, G. P. Putnam' s Sons"). Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. There did not seem any particular task for me to undertake; the people whom it was my business to help, if I could, seemed unaccountably and aggravatingly prosperous and independent. Several people whose fortunes had been bound up with my own had been acting perversely and unreasonably--at least I chose to think so. My own work had come to a standstill. Things had been going wrong, had tied themselves into knots. I had pushed on perhaps too fast, and I had got into a bare sort of moorland tract of life, and could not discern the path in the heather. What no doubt heightened the pleasure for me was that I had been passing through a somewhat dreary period.
Страниц 434      мягкая обложка     
          1150 руб    Зарубежная проза А-Я
Opinions Of Over 100 Physicians On The Use Of Opium In China Автор: William H.P.
Страниц 110      мягкая обложка     
          601 руб    Книги
Over to You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying Автор: Roald D.
Dahl brilliantly conveys the bizarre reality of a wartime pilot' s daily existence, where death is a constant companion and life is lived from one heartbeat to the next. During the Second World War Roald Dahl served in the RAF and suffered horrific injuries in an air crash in the Libyan desert. Drawing on his own experience as a fighter pilot, Dahl crafted these ten spine-tingling stories: of air battles in the sky; of the nightmare of being shot down; of the infectious madness of conflict; and of the nervy jollity of the Mess and Ops room.
Страниц 160      мягкая обложка     
          618 руб    Художественная литература на английском языке
Information Design Workbook: Graphic Approaches, Solutions, and Inspiration Автор: Kim B.
New in paperback, this workbook is a methodical yet comprehensive approach to conveying the fundamentals of avant-garde, innovative, information design by examining history, theory, criticism, technology and media, process, method, and practice.
Страниц 240      мягкая обложка     
          1478 руб    Книги
Over in the Clover Автор: Jan O.
Over in the meadow' . Children will love hugging, digging, rolling, hopping, stretching, flapping and wiggling and, while they' re having all this fun, they will also be learning to recognise and count their numbers from 1 to 10. A kind of rebus abacus on the last spread reinforces the counting concept. ' Over in the forest, in a cave so snug, one cubby bear gives his mummy a hug. ' So begins this fun-filled picture book where children will meet busy beavers, tumbling tigers, shuffling warthogs and many more in a count-along rhyme from one to ten that they' ll want to join in with again and again! A lively, noisy, funny text that encourages very young children to imitate animal movements as they join in a rhythmical text that takes its inspiration from the well-loved nursery rhyme '
Страниц 32      мягкая обложка     
          548 руб    Книги


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