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Success 2 Textbook 2A


Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids 2A: Textbook
Chinese and English Edition.
Страниц 97      мягкая обложка     
          1890 руб    Английский язык для языковых вузов
Chinese for Primary School Students 2. Textbook 2 + Exercise Book 2A + Exercise Book 2B + Pack of Cards + CD-ROM (+ CD-ROM; количество томов: 3) Автор: Xiaomei Z.
The whole series is accompanied with 2 Teacher’s Books for the convenience of teachers.
Страниц 152      мягкая обложка     
          1886 руб    Книги
Skills for Success Student's Book Автор: Price-Machado
Страниц 216      мягкая обложка     
          1281 руб    Английский язык для языковых вузов
Tangram 2A Ubungsheft Автор: Silke H.
Страниц 68      мягкая обложка     
          238 руб    Немецкий язык для профессионалов
Tangram 2A Vokabelheft Автор: Rosa-Maria D.
Страниц 184      мягкая обложка     
          160 руб    Немецкий язык для профессионалов
Way Ahead Readers 2a: Letters from Home Автор: Gaines K.
Страниц 32      мягкая обложка     
          426 руб    Языки в школе
Write Ahead 1: Skills for Academic Success Автор: Linda R.F.
Страниц 211      мягкая обложка     
          441 руб    Английский язык для языковых вузов
Peak Performance: Success in College and Beyond Автор: Sharon F.
All the interactive exercises and assessments have been revised to promote critical thinking, and a new culminating chapter now focuses on exploring majors, career development, and service learning.
Страниц 552      мягкая обложка     
          3679 руб    Книги
Power Learning: Strategies for Success in College and Life with BookMark and OLC Автор: Robert F.
The third edition of P. O. W. E. R Learning has been substantially revised to include new assessments, critical thinking questions, an emphasis on academic honesty and integrity, and the importance of service learning.
Страниц 448      мягкая обложка     
          2296 руб    Книги
Trump: Think Like a Billionaire. Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life Автор: Donald J. T.
Even if you re not superwealthy, you can afford many of these luxuries.
Страниц 288      мягкая обложка     
          669 руб    Художественная литература на английском языке
Success Intermediate Workbook (+ Audio CD) Автор: Lindsay W.
Success gives them the opportunity. Students will…. • enjoy their course with the inspiring and up-to-date topics and ‘Culture Shocks’ sections. • be motivated and confident with activities that help learners both understand and internalise grammar rules and avoid common mistakes • be able to speak easily with a syllabus that focuses on communication in real-world contexts and vocabulary. • are extensively prepared for school-leaving exams with a clear syllabus supported by exam practice and exam strategies. Teachers…. . • can make every lesson different with the variety of material in the Student' s Book, the video, the CD-ROM, photocopiables and tests. • can easily adapt lessons and tests with photocopiables and the Testmaster CD-ROM. SUCCESS. It’s all in the name. All teachers want to create great lessons. All students want to succeed.
мягкая обложка     
          151 руб    Английский язык для языковых вузов


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