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The Face of Death


Faces of Death. Vol. 1 Batman: Detective Comics. Автор: Daniel T.S.
Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne explores a budding romance with TV journalist Charlotte Rivers, who' s visiting Gotham City to cover the gruesome slayings. But time is running out as Commissioner Gordon and Batman work to uncover the secret of the dread Dollmaker! As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics - The New 52 event of September 2011, Detective Comics is relaunched for the first time ever with an all-new number #1! With the first seven, hard-hitting issues from acclaimed writer/artist Tony S. Daniel, Bruce Wayne returns as Batman - and sets his sights on the Gotham Ripper, who in turn has his sights on Batman. A New York Times Bestseller!
Страниц 176      мягкая обложка     
          1135 руб    Книги
CER (Cambridge English Readers) 5 Death in the Dojo Автор: Leather
Modern, original fiction for learners of English.
Страниц 88      мягкая обложка     
          216 руб    Английский язык для языковых вузов
The Naked Face Автор: Sheldon S.
If he does not penetrate the mind of a murderer he will find himself arrested for murder or murdered himself. . . Two people closely involved with Dr. Stevens have already been killed.
Страниц 320      мягкая обложка     
          534 руб    Художественная литература на английском языке
Queen Of Death Exercises with 2 CD Pack (+ Audio CD) Автор: Milne J.
Страниц 88      мягкая обложка     
          762 руб    Языки в школе
Death of Achilles Автор: Akunin B.
Страниц 368      мягкая обложка     
          928 руб    Книги
Oxford Bookworms Library 1: White Death Автор: Tim V.
Страниц 56      мягкая обложка     
          427 руб    Курсы английского языка
Three in Death (J.D.Robb) Автор: Nora R.
Страниц 368      мягкая обложка     
          558 руб    Художественная литература на английском языке
Strangers in Death (J.D.Robb) Автор: Nora R.
Страниц 384      мягкая обложка     
          558 руб    Художественная литература на английском языке
The Death Maze Автор: Ariana F.
Rosamund Clifford, the mistress of King Henry II, has died an agonizing death by poison-and the king' s estranged queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine, is the prime suspect. Henry suspects that Rosamund' s murder is probably the first move in Eleanor' s long-simmering plot to overthrow him. If Eleanor is guilty, the result could be civil war. The king must once again summon Adelia Aguilar, mistress of the art of death, to uncover the truth. Adelia is not happy to be called out of retirement. She has been living contentedly in the countryside, caring for her infant daughter, Allie. But Henry' s summons cannot be ignored, and Adelia must again join forces with the king' s trusted fixer, Rowley Picot, the Bishop of St. Albans, who is also her baby' s father. Adelia and Rowley travel to the murdered courtesan' s home, in a tower within a walled labyrinth-a strange and sinister place from the outside, but far more so on the inside, where a bizarre and gruesome discovery awaits them. But Adelia' s investigation is cut short by the appearance of Rosamund' s rival: Queen Eleanor. Adelia, Rowley, and the other members of her small party are taken captive by Eleanor' s henchmen and held in the nunnery of Godstow, where Eleanor is holed up for the winter with her band of mercenaries, awaiting the right moment to launch their rebellion.
Страниц 448      мягкая обложка     
          568 руб    Зарубежная проза А-Я
Death on the Nile Автор: Agatha C.
Linnet Ridgeway is rich, beautiful and clever.
Страниц 104      мягкая обложка     
          495 руб    Адаптированные тексты
Bitten to Death Автор: Jennifer R.
The CIA is hunting arch-criminal Samon, and needs Vayl’s ex-friends for information.
Страниц 320      мягкая обложка     
          556 руб    Мир фэнтези


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