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Unseen (Buffy/Angel Novel)


Betrayals: A Strange Angels Novel Автор: Lili St. C.
Or is she destined for the same fate as her murdered parents? Lili' s characters come alive on the page in a way that' s visually stunning and she creates the same terrific pace, danger and teen romance as in Strange Angels.
Страниц 304      мягкая обложка     
          481 руб    Книги
Obras Completas De D. Angel De Saavedra, Duque De Rivas ... (Spanish Edition) Автор: Rivas A.S.
мягкая обложка     
          1153 руб    История древнего мира
A narrative by Dn. Angel Herreros de Mora of his imprisonment by the "Tribunal of the Faith" and escape from Spain Автор: Mora A.H.
мягкая обложка     
          602 руб    История древнего мира
Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium (movie prequel novel) Автор: N. E. B.
Страниц 160      мягкая обложка     
          311 руб    Художественная литература на английском языке
Club Dead: A True Blood Novel Автор: Charlaine H.
Страниц 288      мягкая обложка     
          481 руб    Мир фэнтези
Envy: A Luxe Novel Автор: Anna G.
However, in a city where appearance is everything, sometimes the most practiced smiles hide the most scandalous secrets. . . Two months have passed since the dramatic homecoming of Elizabeth Holland - Manhattan society eagerly awaits her return.
Страниц 416      мягкая обложка     
          821 руб    Романы для девочек (10-15 лет)
The Graphic Novel Treasure Island: Автор: Stevenson R.L.
Artist Tim Hamilton brings the pirates and villains to life in this graphic novel adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic.
Страниц 176      мягкая обложка     
          757 руб    Приключенческая художественная литература
Eugene Onegin: A Novel in Verse Автор: Alexander P.
Set in 1820s imperial Russia, Pushkin' s novel in verse follows the emotions and destiny of three men - Onegin the bored fop, Lensky the minor elegiast, and a stylized Pushkin himself - and the fates and affections of three women - Tatyana the provincial beauty, her sister Olga, and Pushkin' s mercurial Muse. Engaging, full of suspense, and varied in tone, it also portrays a large cast of other characters and offers the reader many literary, philosophical, and autobiographical digressions, often in a highly satirical vein. "Eugene Onegin" was Pushkin' s own favourite work, and it shows him attempting to transform himself from a romantic poet into a realistic novelist. This new translation seeks to retain both the literal sense and the poetic music of the original, and capture the poem' s spontaneity and wit. "Eugene Onegin" is the master work of the poet whom Russians regard as the fountainhead of their literature.
Страниц 288      мягкая обложка     
          614 руб    Стихи отечественные. Стихи удаются, если созданы при душевной ясности
Cultura Y Negocios - Libro De Claves Автор: Angel F.
Страниц 70      мягкая обложка     
          160 руб    Итальянский, испанский, португальский язык
Lucky: An It Girl Novel 5 Автор: Cecily v.Z.
Страниц 256      мягкая обложка     
          481 руб    Зарубежная проза А-Я
Infamous: An It Girl Novel 7 Автор: Cecily v.Z.
But new friends Jenny and Tinsley have a plan to get her out of her funk: head to NYC over the Thanksgiving holiday for a little rest, relaxation, and pampering.
Страниц 256      мягкая обложка     
          481 руб    Зарубежная проза А-Я


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