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Business and Management for the IB Diploma: Study Guide

Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
Oxford University Press    
1391 руб
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Key features include: This study guide supports Diploma Programme students in the 2009 Business and Management syllabus. Written by current member of the Business and Management examiner team.
Звуковой плакат "Таблица умножения".
Представляем Вашему вниманию уникальную новинку — развивающие звуковые плакаты, которые содержат стихотворения, занимательные и
576 руб
Раздел: Электронные и звуковые плакаты
Табурет "Престиж" с ободом.
Табурет на 4-х опорах с ободом, диаметр трубы 20 мм. Прочный каркас. Защитные вставки на ножках. Удобное хранение. Мягкое сиденье.
599 руб
Раздел: Стулья
Карточки Первого Года "Достижения" (16 карточек).
Карточки Первого Года жизни ребенка "Достижения" – совершенно новый способ наблюдать, как растет и меняется малыш от месяца к
352 руб
Раздел: Прочее

Планирование производства нового оборудования на примере ООО "Харьковского завода...
Мета дослідження – розробити бізнес-план реалізації проекту по випуску нової продукції ООО ХЗПТО і просування її на ринку. Методи дослідження – аналіз, спостереження, статистичний, прогностичний. Розкрито організаційно-економічний зміст понять: «планування», «бізнес-план», «бізнес-планування», «економічна доцільність». Розглянуто основні етапи розробки бізнес-плану, проаналізовано його складники, визначена методика проведення основних розрахунків. Проаналізовані основні показники діяльності підприємства. Розглянуто основні аспекти планування діяльності підприємства з точки зору економічного розвитку. Проведений розрахунок основних показників бізнес-плану випуску продукції. ПЛАНУВАННЯ, БІЗНЕС-ПЛАН, ФІНАНСОВИЙ АНАЛІЗ, ЛІКВІДНІСТЬ, ПЛАН, РИЗИКИ, РЕНТАБЕЛЬНІСТЬ, ПРИБУТОК. A O A IO Diploma work: 113 p., 37 ables, 11 pic ures, 65 sources. A objec of research – process of crea io of busi ess pla . Research purpose – o develop he busi ess pla of realiza io of projec o he issue of ew produc s of SOR KMPofHE a d adva ceme s of i a he marke .

Mathematics Higher Level for the IB Diploma Oxford University Press Bill R.
Included is a CD with a PDF of the entire book with preparation and extra practise material.
2171 руб
Pearson Baccalaureate: Standard Level Chemistry for the IB Diploma Pearson Education (Longman) Catrin B.
2507 руб
Economics for the IB Diploma with CD-ROM (+ CD-ROM) Cambridge University Press
The text includes in-depth analysis of all topics included in the IB syllabus at both Standard and Higher Levels.
2195 руб
For the IB Diploma IB English B: IB Diploma Programme Oxford University Press Aldin K.S.
Incorporating a wide range of texts from all over the world, this text covers all the main core topics plus the options to fully address the requirements for English B at both Standard and Higher Level.
3690 руб
Physics for the IB Diploma Ib Diploma Cambridge University Press Tsokos
The book also includes worked examples and answers throughout, and highlights important results, laws, definitions and formulae.
1458 руб -15% 1239 руб
Mathematics Higher Level for the IB Diploma Exam Preparation Guide For the IB Diploma Cambridge University Press
2488 руб
Geography for the IB Diploma: Study Guide Oxford University Press
Written by two Senior IB examiners, it contains all the information required for the course, presented in a concise, accessible format.
1391 руб
Pearson Baccalaureate Economics for the IB Diploma Pearson Education (Longman)
Economics is an exciting new textbook with integrated online learning resources.
7000 руб
Geography for the IB Diploma Global Interactions Cambridge University Press Guinness
It is written by a highly experienced author and former head of Geography at a major IB school in the UK. The coursebook explores the theme of Global Interactions and contains: key questions outlining the main issues for each topic; case studies selected from every continent; activities and geographical skills guidance; discussion points and research ideas; integrated Theory of Knowledge links; examination-style questions; definitions of key terms and useful web links.
3796 руб
Course Book: Oxford IB Diploma Program IB Business and Management: IB Diploma Programme Oxford University Press
Assessment support is integrated for the strongest results. · Written by five experienced IB teachers. · The most comprehensive coverage of the 2009 syllabus. · Designed to drive analytical and strategic thinking in a business context. · Global case studies keep learning fresh and develop outward-looking learners. · Strong focus on the learner profile, TOK and internationalism, so learning completely embraces the IB philosophy. · Exam practice including past exam question fully prepares learners for assessment. About the Series: Oxford' s IB Diploma Course Books are essential resource materials designed in cooperation with the IB to provide students with extra support through their IB studies. Course Books provide advice and guidance on specific course assessment requirements, mirroring the IB philosophy and providing opportunities for critical thinking. Written by IB teachers and examiners to comprehensively cover the 2009 syllabus, this stretching approach drives strategic thinking. With an international focus spurring debate on entrepreneurial issues, it seamlessly integrates the learner profile and best captures the IB philosophy.
3690 руб
Family and Nonfamily Manager Subgroups in Family Business Management Teams Working for the Family. Книга по Требованию Brenton J. B.
The management teams of small family business often contain multiple family members who have especially complex relationships with their family member coworkers and the business itself.
2784 руб
Dictionary of Business & Management CMI Bloomsbury Publishing Jonathan G.
Contains over 6,000 key business terms with full and jargon-free definitions.
1952 руб
Theory of Knowledge Course Companion IB Diploma Programme: Oxford University Press Dombrowski e.al.
1647 руб
Personal Web based knowledge management. The virtualMe framework Книга по Требованию Michael V.
The virtualMe also includes: the sniplet content model; an annotation framework; and a multimedia object model.
3191 руб
A Field Study of three Chinese Restaurants in Midland Texas Small Business in the United States. Книга по Требованию Andy L.
When historian, social scientists and economists look at small business in U. S, they tend to focus their study on industries that relate to big business such as manufacturers.
2008 руб
Marketing Strategy and Innovation Management. The Analysis of Thai Export Manufacturing Industry Книга по Требованию Tanompong P.
This book focuses on four high growth export sectors in Thailand; food processing, gems and jewellery, garments, and electronic and electrical products.
2784 руб
The role of environmental attitudes and values Inclusion of Ghanaian women in coastal natural resource management. Книга по Требованию Elaine T.L.
This book highlights the environmental attitudes and values women and their significance in coastal natural resource management (NRM).
2784 руб
The Practice of Guanxi by Business to the Government in Taiwan. Guanxi or Connection, the Profound Meaning beneath in Chinese Culture Книга по Требованию
However, the reality in Taiwan is that the practice of guanxi is still very conventional by certain cultural ways.
2008 руб
Manual of Procedure in the Public Business of the House of Commons Книга по Требованию Ilbert C.
1150 руб
Moreover awareness creation, training and education at both levels should be timely agenda.
1899 руб

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