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Handbook of Social Choice and Welfare. Volume 1

Формат:      Страниц 680
     твердый переплет
10757 руб
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The Handbook of Social Choice and Welfare presents, in two volumes, essays on past and on-going work in social choice theory and welfare economics. In Part 2 (Voting Schemes and Mechanisms), the operation and performance of voting schemes and cost-sharing mechanisms are examined axiomatically, and some aspects of the modern theory of incentives and mechanism design are expounded and surveyed. In Part 1 (Arrovian Impossibility Theorems), various aspects of Arrovian general impossibility theorems, illustrated by the simple majority cycle first identified by Condorcet, are expounded and evaluated. In order to place these broad issues (as well as further issues to be discussed in the second volume of the Handbook) in perspective, Kotaro Suzumura has written an extensive introduction, discussing the historical background of social choice theory, the vistas opened by Arrow' s Social Choice and Individual Values, the famous "socialist planning" controversy, and the theoretical and practical significance of social choice theory. The primary purpose of this Handbook is to provide an accessible introduction to the current state of the art in social choice theory and welfare economics. The expounded theory has a strong and constructive message for pursuing human well-being and facilitating collective decision-making. In Part 3 (structure of social choice rules), the positional rules of collective decision-making (the origin of which can be traced back to a seminal proposal by Borda), the game-theoretic aspects of voting in committees, and the implications of making use of interpersonal comparisons of welfare (with or without cardinal measurability) are expounded, and the status of utilitarianism as a theory of justice is critically examined. It also provides a critical survey of the work on different escape routes from impossibility results of this kind. The first volume consists of four parts. It also provides an analytical survey of the foundations of measurement of inequality and poverty.
Овощерезка "Nicer Dicer Plus".
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Бутылочка для кормления (от 3-х месяцев) Pigeon Перистальтик Плюс с широким горлом, 240 мл.
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Нобелевские лауреаты по экономике (на 23 человека)...
Докторская диссертация Эрроу под названием «Социальный выбор и индивидуальные ценности» ("Social Choice a d I dividual Values") была опубликована в 1951 г. В ней, основываясь на предыдущих работах Пола Сэмюэлсона и экономиста из Гарварда Абрама Бергсона, Э. сделал попытку установить условия (если таковые существуют), при которых групповые решения могут быть выведены рациональным или демократическим путем из индивидуальных предпочтений. Э. считал, что демократическая «социальная функция благосостояния», осуществляющая связь между индивидуальными предпочтениями и социальным выбором, должна соответствовать четырем требованиям: переходности (если социальный выбор А предпочтительнее, чем выбор Б, а выбор Б – выбора В, то выбор А предпочтительнее, чем выбор В); эффективности Парето (альтернативное решение не может быть выбрано, если при этом существует другая реализуемая альтернатива, улучшающая жизнь некоторым членам общества и никому не ухудшающая); отсутствию диктатуры (социальный выбор не делается одним человеком); независимости посторонних альтернатив (выбор между А и Б остается неизменным, если вводится третий, логически допустимый, но неосуществимый вариант В). Э. доказал, что четыре условия находятся в противоречии; таким образом, ни одна социальная схема благосостояния не может соответствовать всем требованиям одновременно.

Social Choice and Individual Values Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
1599 руб
Governmental Action For Social Welfare (1910) Книга по Требованию Jeremiah W.J.
955 руб
Neoliberalism and the Underclass Thesis. Social Divisions in the Era of Welfare Reform Книга по Требованию Sonia M.
Adaptation of social policy to the ideas and philosophies of a socially conservative neoliberalism during the last quarter of the 20th century has led to new and emerging social divisions legitimised by contentious assumptions about human behaviour.
3234 руб
Three Essays on the Political Determinants of Social Welfare Spending in Mexico 1988-2003 Policy Making and Electoral Politics in Mexico. Книга по Требованию Gabriela P.Y.
Finally, decentralization has affected the power balance as party affiliation of state governors is now relevant for distribution at the municipal level.
2008 руб
Handbook of official and social etiquette and public ceremonials at Washington Книга по Требованию Keim D.B.
955 руб
Clergy New Dealers. A Perspective on Social Welfare Policy and Change Книга по Требованию Roberto I.
This has caused a resurgence of the questions that have plagued the study of ideologies and philosophies through the ages: where is the truth about human fulfillment? The book: Clergy New Dealers: A Perspective on Social Welfare Policy and Change seeks to articulate issues around discovering solutions to human quests for fulfillment and understanding thereof.
3051 руб
Messiah s Handbook: Reminders for the Advanced Soul Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc. Бах Р.
549 руб
Black's Medical Dictionary (Writing Handbook) Black’s Bloomsbury Publishing Dr H.H.N.
This reference presents over 5000 definitions and descriptions of medical terms and concepts.
1804 руб
Teach English Trainer’s Handbook Cambridge University Press Doff
It can be used in a variety of situations: in-service courses for teachers working at the secondary school level or in language institutes, in pre-service training of secondary school teachers, and as part of a refresher course in practical methodology for more experienced teachers.
1062 руб
Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organisational Psychology Blackwell Publishers Rogelberg S.
Topics include, but are not limited to, research ethics, reliability and validity, research design, qualitative research paradigms, power analysis, computational modeling, confirmatory factor analysis, internet data collection, longitudinal modeling, modeling complex data structures, multilevel research, cross-cultural organizational research, and modeling nonlinear relationships.
2070 руб
A Social history of psychology Blackwell Publishers Jansz J.
1826 руб
Essays in Historical Sociolinguistics English in Its Social Contexts: Oxford University Press Machan
Linguists are increasingly aware that external social contact can be as significant as internal grammatical structure in instigating and determining the direction of changes within a language' s syntax, phonology, and lexicon. Despite this fact, however, existing textbooks on the history of English give scant attention to this sociolinguistic perspective. The present work is designed to serve as a much needed supplement to such texts. The essays in the volume, written by recognized authorities in their fields, address each of the traditional periods of English. Topics covered include: the social status and uses of English, the relations between English and co-existent languages, the relations between varieties of spoken and written language, language as a political and socio-economic instrument, and attitudes towards varieties of English. The book should attract supplementary use in courses in applied linguistics and sociolinguistics as well as in the history of the English language. This is a collection of contributed essays on the social history of the English language. It will be the second volume in the Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics series, edited by Edward Finegan.
1367 руб
Social Rights in Europe Oxford University Press Burca G.D.
2047 руб
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis (Flexicover) Oxford University Press Llewelyn H.
With each diagnosis is listed the findings which suggests that the diagnosis might be present and the evidence which confirms the diagnosis.
5 руб
Oxford Handbook of Practical Drug Therapy (Flexicover) Oxford University Press Richards D.
Also included are several boxes giving guidance on the approach to therapy of specific diseases and clinical problems.
1886 руб
Bad Mother's Handbook Macmillan Publishers Long K.
465 руб
A Writer' s Handbook The Essentials of English: Pearson Hogue A.
The Essentials of English pays extra attention to articles, phrasal verbs, subordinate clauses, and other commonly troublesome items.
2513 руб
The Learning Strategies Handbook Pearson
1021 руб
Western Civilization: Social and Cultural History v. 1 Prentice Hall King
5 руб
The Choice Little, Brown and Company Nicholas S.
But something compels Travis to get to know his new neighbour.
843 руб

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