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Level 1. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer with MP3 download

Формат:      Страниц 56
     мягкая обложка
Oxford University Press    
590 руб
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But he likes swimming and fishing, and having adventures with his friends. Containing the book and an access card with audio download. And he has a lot of adventures. Tom Sawyer does not like school. One night, he and his friend Huck Finn go to the graveyard to look for ghosts. They don' t see any ghosts that night. They see something worse than a ghost - much, much worse . . . He does not like work, and he never wants to get out of bed in the morning.
Ведро Vileda "SuperMоcio" с отжимом ленточных швабр, 12 л.
Уникальная запатентованная система отжима подходит для любой ленточной швабры (не только бренда Vileda (ВИЛЕДА)). Прочное, устойчивое
679 руб
Раздел: С отжимом
Расчёска лазерная "Магия роста".
Регулярное использование расчески «Магия роста» позволит Вам восстановить нормальное кровообращение кожи головы, что благотворно повлияет
1091 руб
Раздел: Зеркала, расчески, заколки
Лестница-стремянка, 3 ступени, стальная.
Нескользящие пластиковые коврики. Размер ступеньки: 30x20 см. Материал: сталь. Высота на уровне верхней ступени: 67,5 см. Количество ступеней: 3.
1288 руб
Раздел: Лестницы

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Cambridge English for Schools in Russia: Practice Units Cassette: Level Two: Аудиокассета - - с. ISBN 5-7107-2885-3 ~91.09.03 661 CambridgeUniversityPress/М:Дрофа Littlejohn A., Hicks D.
52 руб
A Practical course of English Pre-intermediate level (Практический курс английского языка: Первый этап обучения): 3 аудиокассеты - - с. (в супер.) ~93.11.18 124 Дубна: Феникс+
210 руб
Sweet 'Fanny Adams Level Headed' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 54000 X
199 руб
Get Set Go! Pupil's Book: Level 5 нет серии ISBN 0-19-435115-7 978-0-19-435115-7 Oxford University Press Driscoll L.
449 руб
Dolphin Readers Level 3. Uncle Jerry's Great Idea Oxford University Press Shapiro N.
179 руб
Tales of mystery and imagination: Level 5: Retold by Roland John (на англ.яз.) Penguin Books По Э.
320 руб
Get Set Go! Teacher's Book: Level 4 Oxford University Press Driscoll L.
549 руб
Messages Level 3 and 4 Video PAL Video with booklet (+ VHS) Cambridge University Press Walton
1565 руб
Chemistry AS level and A level Cambridge University Press Ratcliff
Features include chapter introductions and summaries and self assessment questions and answers to exam-style questions. CIE Chemistry: AS Level and A Level meets the requirements of the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) syllabuses for AS Level and A Level Chemistry, and is endorsed by CIE.
2286 руб
Star Wars Reader Level 4 Galactic Crisis DK Readers Dorling Kindersley Ryder W.
Part of a multilevel reading programme, this Level 4 DK Reader is intended for children who are Proficient readers, and features lively, fact-packed text that engages children throughout the book whilst developing their reading skills. - Vivid and colourful film stills, and eye-catching photos and illustrations. - Rich vocabulary and age-appropriate text to capture children’s interest. - Engaging stories develop children' s reading skills and general knowledge. This book successfully allows young readers to imagine they are characters in the film, struggling between the forces of good and evil Relive the excitement of Star Wars with these gripping tales. DK Readers Level 4: Proficient Readers. Read the exciting story of the Clone Wars, from the first battles to the dramatic events in Revenge of the Sith!
213 руб
Phonics Comics: Meet the Sparkplugs - Level 3 Hachette Livre Richards K.
5 руб
Level Four: Dick Whittington B (+ компакт-кассета) Ladybird Books
310 руб
Level Two: Little Red Riding Hood (+ компакт-кассета) Ladybird Books
5 руб
Big Bugs. Level 2. Activity Book Macmillan Publishers Papiol E.
These fascinating stories help to contextualize new language and provide opportunities for the children to communicate in English. Key features: - Eight story-based units. - Three double-page revision games. - A double page of stickers in the Activity Book. - Four cut-out minibooks in the Activity Book. - 72 full-colour Story Cards illustrating key vocabulary. - 64 full-colour Flashcards to present or review new vocabulary. - 64 Word Cards showing key vocabulary. - Unit tests (one per unit) and three Progress Tests.
759 руб
Level 3 Elementary (+ Audio CD) Dawson's Creek: The Beginning of Everything Else. Macmillan Readers Macmillan Publishers Williamson K.
Visitors to its website want to know about past and current episodes, the actors, and the location where the programmes are filmed.
722 руб
Dracula. Level 5 Intermediate with extra exercises (+ Audio CD) Macmillan Readers Macmillan Publishers Stoker B.
843 руб
Elementary Level. + 2 AudioCD (+ Audio CD) The Picture of Dorian Gray. Macmillan Readers Macmillan Publishers Wilde O.
Suddenly Basil' s servant came out into the garden. "Mr Dorian Gray is here, sir.
762 руб
The Hundred and One Dalmatians. Level 3 Penguin Young Readers Pearson Smith D.
Each book has activities and there are Factsheets with Teacher' s and Parent' s Notes. Penguin Young Readers are simplified texts to support children learning English.
555 руб
Addison-Wesley ESL (English as a Second Language) Level B Student's Book Pearson
482 руб
Addison-Wesley ESL (English as a Second Language) Level C Poster Pack Pearson
1640 руб

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