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Leadership for Innovation: How to Organize Creativity and Harvest Ideas (на англ.яз.) ISBN 978-0-7494-4800-4 0-7494-4800-8

Adair J.    
Kogan Page    
690 руб
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Creating an innovative climate is essential for positive organizational change, and this demands leaders who can bring about this change. John Adair looks at the links between leadership, creativity, and change. Innovate or stagnate: that is the stark challenge facing all businesses today. He explores every aspect of this vital business topic in his classic style. Using case studies of Google, Honda, and 3M, Adair covers topics such as the characteristics of innovators, organizing for team creativity, expectations of creative people, creative leadership, managing the criticism of ideas, harvesting ideas, and overcoming resistance to change. This new book will help leaders of all types meet the challenges of innovation and achieve profitable growth through team creativity.
Комплект в кроватку Polini "Я и моя мама" (7 предметов, 140х70 см).
Комплект из 7 предметов Polini Я и моя мама рассчитан на детскую кроватку со спальным ложе размером 140х70 см. Европейский дизайн и
5735 руб
Раздел: Комплекты в кроватку
Фломастеры "Connector. Балерина", 45 предметов.
Подарочный набор фломастеров. В упаковке: 33 фломастера Connector, 10 клипов для соединения, 2 карточки для раскрашивания.
1162 руб
Раздел: Более 24 цветов
Набор маркеров для досок "Kores", 3 мм, 4 штуки.
Круглый наконечник. Пластиковый корпус. Толщина линии письма - 3мм. Цвета: черный, синий, красный, зеленый. Стираются с таких гладких
305 руб
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Period of lithuanian and polish rule (1360-1599)
I order o save heir families, Cossacks agreed o Zholkewski's erms o le hem go free i excha ge for ha di g over heir leaders. However, af er surre der, Poles did o keep heir word; hey a acked a d s ar ed o massacre defe seless a d disorie ed Cossacks. O ly a sec io u der leadership of Krempskyi broke hrough a d joi ed wi h roops of Pidvyso skyi, who were comi g o he rescue of besieged Cossacks. Zholkewski, exhaus ed by prolo ged figh i g, decided o aba do he idea o co quer Cossacks. He re ur ed o Pola d, where he or ured a d execu ed cap ured Cossack leaders; mos severe pu ishme was ha ded o alyvayko, who was or ured for abou a year prior o a bru al execu io .

Striving for Systems Innovation NASA Strategic Project Leadership in an Era of Better, Faster, Cheaper. Книга по Требованию Brian S.
Four NASA projects were investigated that were managed during an era within NASA of Better, Faster, Cheaper (BFC).
3234 руб
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable (на англ.яз.) Jossey-Bass Lencioni P.
875 руб
Innovation And Entrepreneurship Butterworth-Heinemann Peter D.
In addition to managers in all types of business, lecturers and students of management and business studies will this a revealing and exciting work.
1433 руб
How the Best Companies Are Developing Their Talent to Pave the Way for Future Success The Leadership Advantage: McGraw-Hill Robert F.
Featuring illuminating case studies of companies like Caterpillar, Cisco Systems, and PepsiCo that have made leadership development an integral part of their business strategy, "The Leadership Advantage" will ensure that today' s businesses have the tools to help their most promising talent reach their greatest potential and to create a companywide culture of excellence. Based on substantial research and featuring the results of a 2006 study conducted by Duke Corporate Education, APQC, and the Center for Creative Leadership. The best competitive weapon any company can have is its up-and-coming leaders. "The Leadership Advantage" shows companies what some exceptional organizations are doing to develop their best and brightest.
568 руб
CD-art: Innovation in CD Packaging Design RotoVision Charlotte R.
Case studies look at how artwork is selected, created, and applied to CD packages; how designers make the most of the standard dimensions for CD packages; and at the use of special formats, unusual materials, slipcases, etc.
611 руб
Innovation and Attitude in the Construction Industry. Understanding ICT decision-making in individual firms and temporary project organisations Книга по Требованию Graham B.
Recent research has mapped the influences shaping the attitudes of decision-makers, revealing that their decisions are shaped by their developing perception over time of human, business, innovation- specific considerations, together with their However economic considerations, industry-specific conditions, legal, and business issues have limited their adoption by multi-firm, temporary project organisations.
3191 руб
A Comparison of the Operation and Administration Departments A Study of Situational Leadership Theory in a Distribution Corporation. Книга по Требованию Corinne P.
1981 руб
E-Books - Diffusion einer Innovation. Chancen und Risiken Книга по Требованию
Die Autorin betrachtet das E-Book als innovatives Medium und versucht zu klaeren, welche Faktoren seitens des Produktes und Marktes gegeben sein muessten, um es erfolgreich auf den Markt zu bringen, bzw. warum dies bislang nicht gelungen ist.
1981 руб
Diffusion of innovation theory as a predictor of internet adoption. Analysis of attributes influencing faculty decision Книга по Требованию Abdullah A.
Therefore, this study applied diffusion of innovations theory to identify the differences in demographic characteristics of Internet adopters and non-adopters among faculty members at Imam University in Saudi Arabia, to examine whether faculty members' perceptions of the Internet affected adoption, to determine if the university administration’s decisions impacted faulty members' decisions to adopt the Internet, identified factors motivating faculty members to adopt the Internet, to identify obstacles influencing faculty members' decisions to use the Internet, and determined whether innovation characteristics as perceived by faculty members predicted Internet adoption. Using Rogers’ diffusion of innovation theory, the influence of eight attributes were examined regarding Internet adoption among Imam University faculty members. In academic environments today, Internet applications have been widely implemented in universities and colleges, with professors now integrating Internet technology into classroom activities. Internet adoption can be considered the late 20th century’s most important event.
2385 руб
Combinative and participative aspects of leadership style:. a comparison of Austrian and Chinese followers' preferences and perceptions Книга по Требованию Oliver G.
In the course of globalization and FDI multinationals have to consider the specific cultural impacts on management.
2403 руб
Collegiate Leadership Development at Predominately White Institutions. Perspectives from one Historically Black Fraternity Книга по Требованию Kourt D. W.
Independent variables of leadership characteristics included: four skills (Communications, Negotiation, Organization, Time Management), nine traits (Courage, Decisiveness, Dependability, Judgment, Sensibility, Loyalty, Enthusiasm, Endurance, Initiative), and eight roles (Monitor, Coordinator, Director, Producer, Innovator, Broker, Facilitator, and Mentor).
2403 руб
A Leadership Model Of Supervisory Skills. Improving Employee Performance Книга по Требованию Douglas H.
The role has changed from that of directing and controlling employees to that of effectively leading the improvement of employee performance.
2403 руб
Erfolgsfaktor Innovation. Benchmarking des Innovationsmanagements im deutschen Mittelstand Книга по Требованию Jakob G.
Die Ergebnisse der Studie zeigen, dass durch ein gezieltes Innovationsmanagement die Entwicklung erfolgreicher neuer Produkte bzw.
1997 руб
Impact of Interfirm Networks and Clusters on Firm Technological Innovations in the U. S. Semiconductor Industry Networks,Clusters and Technological Innovation. Friends or Neighbors: Книга по Требованию Manish K.S.
However, past research has paid little systematic attention on why firms struggle in their innovation efforts.
2769 руб
How Firms Make Friends: Building sources of sustained competitive advantage through contributing to open source projects Communities in Private-Collective Innovation. Книга по Требованию Matthias S.
However, managing a largely independent open source community is a challenging balancing act between exertion of control to appropriate value creation, and openness in order to gain and preserve credibility and motivate external contributions.
2362 руб
Standortfaktoren von Innovation. Raeumliche Aspekte der Wissensproduktion Книга по Требованию Hans K.
Bis in die juengere Vergangenheit befassten sich weder Regionaloekonomie noch Wirtschaftsgeographie mit der raeumlichen Dimension von technischem Fortschritt und Innovation.
3621 руб
Virtue, Honour and Successful Leadership in Sir Philip Sidney' s Countess of Pembroke' s Arcadia Leaders, Leadership and the Right to Rebel. Книга по Требованию Claudia A.H.
With the current global economy crashing, war and conflict arising from questionable choices in governmental circles, not to mention the suppression of freedoms, high unemployment and rising taxes, this book is as relevant today as it was during the Renaissance.
1997 руб
An Investigation of Women's Leadership Development. Perspectives and Recommendations from Experienced Women Leaders Книга по Требованию
The results of this study also have implications for the broader practice of diverse-leader development.
2008 руб
Angebotsevaluation im Kontext politischer Bildung. Milieuspezifische Innovation bei der Bundeszentrale fuer politische Bildung. Книга по Требованию
Von den Teilnehmerzahlen formaler politischer Bildung aus betrachtet, ist die Reichweite in Deutschland jedoch gering.
2416 руб
Teacher Leadership in Context. Its Relationship with Social, Material, and Human Resources in Schools Implementing Reform Книга по Требованию
This exploratory study presents an examination of the relationships between and among teacher leadership and social, material, and human resources.
2416 руб

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