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Oxford Russian Dictionary: Словарь русско-английский и англо-русский Изд. 1-е 3-е ISBN

Oxford University Press    
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Thousands of new words and phrases; the latest vocabulary from every aspect of Russian life today - from hyperinflation to multimedia and cash machine to electronic security system - is covered in depth, with thousands of example sentences and detailed treatment of idioms to illustrate Russian in use; business, computing, and specialist terminology; the latest business, computing, and specialist vocabulary is included along with common abbreviations and acronyms; extensive treatment of Russian declensions and conjugations; thorough guidance on choosing the correct translation; and new easy-to-navigate design and typography. It has been completely revised and updated, focusing on Russian as it is really used today. Oxford Russian Dictionary is recognized as the most comprehensive and authoritative dictionary in its class.
Глобус Зоогеографический с подсветкой, диаметр 250 мм.
Диаметр: 250 мм. Масштаб: 1:50 млн. Материал подставки: пластик. Цвет подставки: черный. Цвет дуги может отличаться от представленного на фото.
1069 руб
Раздел: Глобусы
Гидромассажная ванночка для ног (арт. ATH-6411 blue).
Характеристики: - Расслабляющий и оздоровительный массаж. - Мощный компрессор для водно-пузырькового массажа. - 3 сменные насадки. -
1302 руб
Раздел: Прочее

Новое в словообразовательной системе современного французского...
К такому выводу мы пришли проанализировав значение слова foo i g, используя толковые словари французского и английского языка, а также французско-русские и англо-русские словари разных годов издания. Так, например, Оксфордский словарь дает следующую дефиницию слова foo i g: 1) placi g of he fee – положение ног ; 2) surface for s a di g o – поверхность, где можно стоять; 3) posi io i socie y – положение в обществе; 4) co di io s – условия: peace/war foo i g. Англо-русский словарь дает следующие варианты перевода слова foo i g: 1) точка опоры; 2) опора; 3) основание . Следует отметить, что в различных словосочетаниях, слово foo i g имеет разные значения. В этом мы убедились проанализировав примеры: He los his foo i g – он оступился; o ge a foo i g i socie y – приобрести положение в обществе; o be o a frie dly foo i g wi h smb. – быть в дружеских отношениях. Теперь для сравнения приведем примеры дефиниции слова foo i g французских толковых словарей. Например, Pe i Rober 1981 дает следующее определение слова foo i g: prome ade hygiй ique а pied, авторы Pe i Lorousse illus rй 1995 дают более подробную дефиницию этого слова: course а pied sur u ry hme rйgulier, e recoupйe de marche, que l’o pra ique pour e re e ir sa forme physique .

The Oxford Russian Dictionary. English-Russian: Over 180.000 words and phrases, over 290.000 translations Oxford University Press
Completely up-to-date coverage of the ge\ neral vocabulary of co\ ntemporary Russia\ n a\ nd E\ nglish, i\ ncludi\ ng aerobics, ge\ netic fi\ ngerpri\ nti\ ng, biodegradable, афганец, башли, мэрия, a\ nd отказник. I\ ncludes all commo\ n abbreviatio\ ns a\ nd acro\ nyms, such as DTP, ROM, AIDS, a\ nd GULAG. Coverage of British a\ nd America\ n E\ nglish a\ nd regio\ nal Russia\ n dialects. Pro\ nu\ nciatio\ n i\ n the I\ nter\ natio\ nal Pho\ netic Alphabet for every E\ nglish Headword. Full a\ nd clear guida\ nce o\ n key co\ nstructio\ ns, compleme\ ntatio\ n, a\ nd difficult poi\ nts of grammar. The Oxford Russia\ n Dictio\ nary is the \ new sta\ ndard E\ nglish a\ nd Russia\ n refere\ nce for the 1990s. Over 180. 000 words a\ nd phrases a\ nd over 290. 000 tra\ nslatio\ ns. Special emphasis o\ n moder\ n idioms a\ nd colloquial usage with \ numerous illustrative examples.
177 руб
Concise Oxford Russian Dictionary (revised edition) Oxford University Press Ungebaun B.
Provides coverage of 120,000 words and phrases, and over 190,000 translations.
2147 руб
Oxford Russian Dictionary (+ CD-ROM) Oxford University Press Wheeler M.
1445 руб
Oxford Russian Dictionary Oxford Russian Dictionary Oxford University Press
Anyone wishing to keep up with contemporary Russian will search existing dictionaries in vain for such words as "cash machine," "road rage," "mobile phone," and many other terms reflecting the rapidly changing reality in the former Soviet Union.
1708 руб
Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary Oxford University Press Oxford D.
This new edition also features new sections on Spanish as used around the world, false friends and Spanglish, as well as an entirely new internet section helping with everyday online activities from booking tickets to banking online.
1919 руб
Oxford Russian Pocket Dictionary. 70 000 слов Oxford University Press
5 руб
Oxford Russian Mini Dictionary Oxford University Press
406 руб
Oxford Russian Mini Dictionary Oxford University Press
306 руб
Oxford Russian Minidictionary: С фонетической транскрипцией (новый) (edited by Thompson D.) Ed. 2-nd Oxford University Press
298 руб
Oxford Essential Dictionary: Без CD ISBN 0-19-431718-8 Oxford University Press
649 руб
Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary Oxford University Press Rollin N.
1540 руб
Oxford Russian Minidictionary (Flexicover) Oxford University Press
- A brand-new pocket-fitting Russian and English dictionary in a hard-wearing vinyl cover - Over 40,000 words and phrases, and 60,000 translations, including new entries in each language - NEW: phrasefinder section covering key words and expressions provides an instant safety net - shopping, travelling, emergencies - NEW: easy guide to understanding menus in Russian - Quick reference guide to the Russian alphabet This new edition of the Oxford Russian Minidictionary offers up-to-date coverage of essential day-to-day vocabulary with over 40,000 words and phrases, and 60,000 translations.
327 руб
Concise Oxford English Dictionary Oxford University Press
• Over 240,000 words, phrases, and definitions, covering technical and scientific vocabulary as well as English from around the world • Award-winning design and layout helps you find the information you are looking for quickly • Updated with hundreds of new words and phrases, based on the latest research from the Oxford English Corpus • New centre section full of fascinating, browsable vocabulary • Hundreds of usage notes give advice on tricky vocabulary and pointers to help you improve your use of English • Selected markets only: free booklet presents the fascinating and sometimes odd stories of the origins of everyday English words and phrases The Concise Oxford English Dictionary is a world-famous bestseller, chosen by thousands of users for its up-to-date and authoritative coverage of the English language.
1262 руб
Oxford Mini Dictionary and Thesaurus Oxford University Press
The Oxford Mini Dictionary & Thesaurus is small enough to fit easily into a bag or backpack, for help with studies or to solve everyday language problems and puzzles, wherever you are. This second edition features an attractive new design so that you can find what you need easily. This includes the integration of the dictionary and thesaurus text, meaning that the thesaurus entry for a word sits directly alongside the dictionary entry, so that you do not have to hunt around the page. A new centre section giving language reference information makes this dictionary and thesaurus a one-stop tool that will help to solve your grammar and spelling queries. This combined dictionary and thesaurus is a highly portable, compact, and convenient reference to the English language.
169 руб
Pocket Oxford English Dictionary Oxford University Press Hawker S.
The Pocket Oxford English Dictionary tenth edition is an updated and fully revised edition of the best-selling Pocket Oxford English Dictionary ninth edition.
585 руб
Concise Oxford English Dictionary Oxford University Press
The original 1911 edition, revolutionary at the time for its focus on current English and its use of illustrative examples, combined a succinct yet approachable style with coverage of everyday as well as specialist terms.
1621 руб
Oxford School Dictionary Oxford University Press
Each entry contains clear definitions, numbered meanings, word classes, inflections, easy pronunciation guides, supporting example sentences and notes to help with using the words accurately.
1030 руб
New Russian-English, English-Russian Dictionary Dover Publications O'Brien M.A.
Using the new orthography, it is most useful for literary, scientific, political, and commercial translation.
1714 руб
Collins Gem - Russian Dictionary HarperCollins Publishers
369 руб
Oxford Concise Dictionary of Art Terms Oxford University Press Clarke M.
The Dictionary has also been enhanced with the addition of over 100 weblinks to selected entries, which are accessed and kept up-to-date via a companion website.
527 руб

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