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Coelho P.The Valkyries

Формат:      Размер 29x21x1 см      Вес 0,499 кг
     Твердый переплет
449 руб
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книга является средством перемещения в пространстве опыта со скоростью переворачиваемой страницы.
Магнитная игра для путешествий "Деловые жуки".
Расположи 4 магнитные детали на игровой доске таким образом, чтобы только указанные в задании насекомые остались видны. Все остальные
490 руб
Раздел: Игры на магнитах
Карандаши цветные Faber-Castell "Grip", 12 цветов.
Эргономичная треугольная форма корпуса карандаша "Grip" обеспечивает правильный захват карандаша тремя пальцами. Массажные
608 руб
Раздел: 7-12 цветов
Матрас в коляску "Lepre" Luna Lux.
Матрас в коляску Luna Lux - это матрас в коляску с использованием биококоса и натурального латекса. Благодаря кокосовому волокну и
910 руб
Раздел: Матрасы в коляску
Paulo Coelho: Confessions of Pilgrim HarperCollins Publishers Arias J.
Presented in the same form at as his fictionhis book should have appeal to all those fascinated by "The Alchemist" and "Veronika Decides to Die".
896 руб
A Warrior's Life: A Biography of Paulo Coelho HarperCollins Publishers Morais F.
He weaves together the strands of Paulo' s life, revealing the man behind the world-famous writer. Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August 1947. Before he became internationally known and a worldwide bestseller, he had to overcome many obstacles. As a teenager, he was subjected to the brutality of electric shock treatment in the psychiatric hospital where his parents, who took his rebelliousness as a sign of madness, interned him three times. As a member of the esoteric underworld, he was put in prison for alleged subversive activities against the Brazilian dictatorship and subjected to physical torture. Later, Paulo joined forces with rock star Raul Seixas and together they composed songs that revolutionized Brazilian rock music. Hippie, journalist, rock star, actor, playwright, theatre director and producer of television programs, this whirlwind life came to an end in 1982, during a trip to Europe. In Dachau and later in Amsterdam, Paulo had a mystical meeting with J, his new mentor, who persuaded him to walk the Road to Santiago de Compostela, a medieval pilgrim' s route between France and Spain.
636 руб
Veronika Decides To Die HarperCollins Publishers Coelho P.
Veronika has everything she could wish for.
740 руб
The Devil and Miss Prym HarperCollins Publishers Coelho P.
In this stunning new novel, Paulo Coelhos unusual protagonist acts as the devil, setting the town a moral challenge from which they may never recover.
456 руб
Like the Flowing River HarperCollins Publishers Coelho P.
In this riveting collection of thoughts and stories, Paulo Coelho, the author of "The Alchemist", offers his personal reflections on a wide range of subjects from archery and music to elegance, travelling and the nature of good and evil.
635 руб
La cinquième Montagne Littérature & Documents Livre de Poche Paulo C.
Neuf siè cles avant notre è re, Dieu ordonne au prophè te Elie de quitter Israë l, tombé au pouvoir des rois impies. Son chemin le mè ne en Phé nicie, dans la cité de Sarepta assié gé e par les Assyriens. Là , il perdra tout, notamment celle qu&il aime.
341 руб
The Winner Stands Alone HarperCollins Publishers Paulo C.
The Winner Stands Alone is the enthralling new novel by the incomparable Paulo Coelho.
558 руб
The Alchemist HarperCollins Publishers Coelho P.
Paulo Coelho' s The Alchemist is such a book. With over 30 millio\ n copies sold worldwide a\ nd tra\ nslated i\ nto 63 la\ nguages, The Alchemist has already achieved the status of a moder\ n classic. This updated editio\ n i\ ncludes exclusive \ new material. This is the story of Sa\ ntiago, a\ n A\ ndalusia\ n shepherd boy who dreams of travelli\ ng the world i\ n search of a treasure as extravaga\ nt as a\ ny ever fou\ nd. From his home i\ n Spai\ n he jour\ neys to the exotic markets of Ta\ ngiers a\ nd the\ n i\ nto the Egyptia\ n desert, where a fateful e\ ncou\ nter with the alchemist awaits him. The Alchemist is a\ n u\ nforgettable \ novel about the esse\ ntial wisdom of liste\ ni\ ng to our heart a\ nd, above all, followi\ ng our dreams. Every few decades a book is published that cha\ nges the lives of its readers for ever.
545 руб
Las Valkirias Random House, Inc. Paulo C.
A lo largo de cuarenta dias, rodeados de dudas y tentaciones, entraran en contacto con sus mas intimos conflictos y cuestionamientos.
402 руб
La Bruja de Portobello HarperCollins Publishers Paulo C.
Cada persona ilustra un aspecto diferente del caracter de Athena, describiendo lo que vieron y experimentaron y tambien compartiendo sus propias impresiones, creencias e inquietudes. Edda, sacerdotisa: "El gran problema de Athena era ser una mujer del siglo XXII, viviendo en el siglo XXI, permitiendo que todos lo viesen. Pago un precio? Sin duda. Pero habria pagado un precio mucho mas alto si hubiera reprimido su exuberancia. " Andrea McCain, actriz: "No me sorprende que su vida terminara de esa manera: vivia flirteando con el peligro. . . Athena era consciente de su carisma, e hizo sufrir a todos los que la amaron. Incluso a mi. " Heron Ryan, periodista: "Las personas crean una realidad y despues se vuelven victimas de ella. Athena se revelo contra eso y pago un precio alto. " Entre ellos, su madre adoptiva, un periodista, una sacerdotisa, un historiador y una actriz. "La Bruja de Portobello" relata la vida de Athena mediante la gente que la conocia bien o que no la conocia nada.
1071 руб
Eleven minutes HarperCollins Publishers Coelho P.
In Geneva, Maria drifts further and further away from love while at the same time developing a fascination with sex.
905 руб
La Bruja De Portobello Booket Coelho P.
Entre ellos, su madre adoptiva, un periodista, una sacerdotisa, un historiador y una actriz. "La Bruja de Portobello" relata la vida de Athena mediante la gente que la conocia bien o que no la conocia nada.
957 руб
Am Ufer des Rio Piedra saß ich und weinte Diogenes Coelho
1152 руб
A Contemporary Quest for Ancient Wisdom The Pilgrimage: HarperCollins Publishers Coelho P.
316 руб
Veronika Decides to Die HarperCollins Publishers Coelho P.
The new novel from internationally acclaimed author Paulo Coelho - a dramatic story of love, life and death that shows us all why every second of our existence is a choice we all make between living and dying.
477 руб
Aleph Random House, Inc. Paolo C.
Some books are read. Aleph is lived. Together they will initiate a mystical voyage through time, traveling a path that teaches love, forgiveness, and the courage to overcome life’s inevitable challenges.
534 руб
Maktub Celesa Coelho P.
Durante varios añ os Paulo Coelho ha colaborado con el perió dico brasileñ o Folha de S. Paulo escribiendo una columna diaria. Maktub surge como fruto de esta colaboració n, ya que se trata de una selecció n que el autor ha hecho de los artí culos que realizó para esta publicació n entre junio de 1993 y junio de 1994.
996 руб
Once Minutos Celesa Coelho P.
1334 руб
Manuscript Found in Accra HarperCollins Publishers Coelho P.
905 руб
Adulterio Booket Coelho P.
1680 руб

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