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Oxford Colour Spanish Dictionary Plus

Формат:      Страниц 640      Размер 16x11x3 см      Вес 0,416 кг
Oxford University Press    
695 руб
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It is especially user-friendly, with a colourful design that makes it easy to find the word you are looking for quickly. - Over 40,000 words and phrases, and 60,000 translations, covering the very latest vocabulary - New to this edition: centre section containing word games, a calendar of festivals and holidays, an A-Z guide to Spanish life and culture, and a ' Spanish words you must know' section, to help you improve your vocabulary - Special usage notes give help with commonly used but tricky words in both languages - The fresh, new colour design makes it even easier to find the word you are looking for - Includes tables of regular and irregular verbs for quick reference - Portable and robust - the flexicover binding means the dictionary is resistant to wear and tear, and it is a convenient size to slip into a bag or a backpack This edition of the Oxford Colour Spanish Dictionary Plus is an effective and practical reference tool for any student, adult learner, or traveller. The main focus of this section is to help you build your vocabulary. We also include word games so that you can practise your dictionary skills and learn vocabulary while having fun. This edition also has a completely refreshed and up-to-date centre section. It also has usage notes, giving you help with tricky and frequently occurring words, verb lists, and grammar notes. We have identified the Spanish words you most need to know, and they are laid out clearly for you here; you will also find them marked with a handy key symbol in the A-Z text of the dictionary. The centre section also contains a calendar of holidays and festivals and an A-Z guide to Spanish life and culture - ideal for the traveller and those learning about life in Spanish-speaking countries.
Средство для купания и шампунь с маслом оливы BabyLine Nature, с дозатором, 500 мл.
Средство для купания и шампунь с маслом оливы. Объем: 500 мл.
292 руб
Раздел: Шампуни
Грызунок на прищепке "Сердечко".
Грызунок сделан из безопасного пищевого силикона, он выполняет роль прорезывателя для зубов. Бусины грызунка достаточно мягкие и очень
390 руб
Раздел: Силиконовые

Colours - цвета школы (2-3 контрастных цвета, характерных для ученической формы) Gra i g = ba di g= - распределение учеников по группам s reami g в зависимости от их успеваемости ripar i ism - деление школ на три типа - грамматические, технические и современные ( ) Eleve plus =11 - отборочные экзамены в 11 с половиной лет, включающие интеллектуальные тесты Commemora io - день поминовения (день памяти основателей школ, университетов) May week - две недели в начале июня в конце учебного года Horsa hu - сборная комната (дополнительное помеще- ние примерно на 35 человек, устанавлива- лось в послевоенные годы ввиду нехватки школьных зданий и в связи с увеличением срока обязательного образования) Ономастические реалии - имена собственные общеизвестные в среде носителя языка. E o o e er через отборочный экзамен grammar (public) school Следует отметить, насколько важно при обучении иностранным языкам избегать калькирования словосочетаний со словами, в которых имеется культурный компонент значения. Сравним, например, синонимы: “class” и “form” в значении “группа учащихся”: class - group of perso ough oge her ( ) form - class i GB school, he you ges boys a d girls bei g i he firs class a d he oldes i six h ( ) Как следует из определения, “class” - это класс как группа учащихся, а “form” - предполагает их деление по возрастным ступеням Соответственно будут они отличаться: “Classroom” - room where a class is augh a d keep i s books ( he word is res ric ed o primary schools ) “Formroom” - he mea i gs as classroom bu is mai ly res ric ed o seco dary schools, where i usually de o es a room used by a par icular form for regis ra io Или сравним, например, словосочетание “классный руководитель” и “class eacher”.

Oxford Colour French Dictionary Plus Oxford University Press Oxford D.
The main focus of this section is to help you build your vocabulary.
730 руб
Oxford Colour English Dictionary (Flexicover) Oxford University Press
- A major new edition of this robust, portable dictionary, based on the authority of the Oxford English Corpus - Up-to-date coverage of 90,000 words, phrases, and definitions - Definitions are given in a clear, simple style, and are easier to understand than ever before - Spelling tips: hundreds of notes on spelling and grammar to help you get it right - NEW:
490 руб
Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary Oxford University Press Oxford D.
The Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary is the perfect reference for student and adult learners needing an affordable, portable dictionary.
719 руб
Oxford German Mini Dictionary Oxford University Press Oxford D.
This is the reissued Oxford German Mini Dictionary - now in an attractive new format.
498 руб
Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary Oxford University Press
920 руб
Oxford Learner's Spanish Dictionary OXED
Ideal for all ages of Spanish language learners.
627 руб
The Oxford Spanish Dictionary and Grammar Oxford University Press
Designed to meet the needs of students at all levels, as well as those of tourists and business people, it is a complete and handy reference to the Spanish language.
619 руб
Concise Oxford-Duden German Dictionary Oxford University Press
1620 руб
Oxford Student's dictionary of English Oxford University Press
5 руб
The Penguin Pocket Spanish Dictionary Penguin Group Josephine R.
This handy dictionary is the ideal reference book for anyone who wants to improve their Spanish.
316 руб
Oxford Student's Dictionary (2007 edition) Oxford University Press Robert A.
788 руб
Oxford Italian Mini Dictionary Oxford University Press
The conversion charts for distance, weights and measures, and clothing and shoe sizes make travelling abroad easier than ever before.
472 руб
Oxford First Science Dictionary 2008 OXED Graham P.
It is organised alphabetically and gives simple and clear meanings for over 300 science words, from ' abdomen' to ' zoo' . Each entry is illustrated with child-friendly contemporary artwork or clear diagrams to add meaning and support the definition in a fun and accessible way.
468 руб
Oxford Junior Rhyming Dictionary OXED Dict John F.
It is the ideal tool to build children' s phonic and spelling knowledge in fun way. It also helps children to write their own poetry, rap, slogans, songs or rhyming stories or simply to extend their vocabulary. The 200 original poems compiled by the well-known children' s poet, John Foster, are illustrated with quirky artwork throughout.
5 руб
Oxford Junior Illustrated Dictionary: 2011 Oxford University Press
Entries are simple and clear, and include numbered meanings, word classes, inflections and example sentences.
921 руб
The new colour-picture Dictionary for children. Over 1500 Words Defined from New Webster's Dictionary. More than 800 Pictures in Full Colour. Ages 5 to 9 Peter Haddock Publishing Bennett A.
1045 руб
Oxford Children's Dictionary Oxford University Press Allen R.
1334 руб
Oxford School Spelling Dictionary Oxford University Press
Locating words has never been so quick and simple - here is the perfect book to make spelling easy and make you confident that you have got it right.
839 руб
Oxford Chinese Mini Dictionary Oxford University Press
Easy-to-use colour design and a centre section of useful words and expressions listed by topic make this dictionary ideal for travel and quick reference.
406 руб
Oxford School German Dictionary Oxford University Press
In line with curriculum requirements, there is a special section giving cultural facts and useful phrases on everyday life in Germany.
756 руб

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