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Seymour and the Juice Box Boat

Формат:      Страниц 29      Размер 24x24x1 см      Вес 0,304 кг
     Целофанированный переплет
Wick W.    
435 руб
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В виде печатного слова мысль стала долговечной, как никогда.
Наушники с микрофоном "Defender Orpheus HN-898" (с регулятором громкости).
Поноразмерная гарнитура Defender Orpheus HN-898 с чистым и мощным звуком. Длина шнура: 3 м. Чувствительность микрофона: - 54 дб. Частотный
714 руб
Раздел: Наушники
Набор капиллярных ручек "Triplus 334", 36 цветов.
Количество цветов: 36 ярких цветов. Эргономичная форма для удобного и легкого письма. Пишущий узел завальцован в металл. Защита от
1990 руб
Раздел: Капиллярные

Греция (Доклад)
Однако для ее экономики  характерны  структурные диспропорции, большая зависимость от   иностранного монополистического капитала, высокая степень занятости в непроизводственной сфере. Более 2/5 экономически активного населения занято в сельском хозяйстве, около ? в промышленности  и  строительстве. сельское хозяйство горнодобывающая пром. текстильная, пищевкусовая пром. Химическая, металлургическая пром., Машиностроение (преобладание машиностроения) На темпы  хозяйственного развития влияют несколько факторов. Прежде всего, это природные условия, т.к. в неблагоприятных климатических условиях развитие с/х невозможно. Вторым фактором, но не менее важным, является народонаселение: демографическая ситуация,  миграции. Так же важно наличие природных ресурсов, т.к. только при их класса средней школы 214 г. Москвы (северо-восточный округ). Сдается учителю Глянцевой Алле Ивановне. Написан 10 января 2001 года Bes regards, Ali a                          mail o:ali a16@ho box.ru

Lord of the Rings Box Set HarperCollins Publishers Tolkien J.R.R.
1690 руб
EVALUATING THE BLACK BOX OF INNOVATION. Phenomenology of New Technologies in Current Mode of Production Книга по Требованию Francesco S.
First, we show the role of the UTSA (Uniform Trade Secret Act) and the EEA (Economic Espionage Act), issued in 1985 and 1996 respectively, on the contemporary U. S. innovation activity.
2008 руб
Corky and the Juice Pigs Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Their output consisted mainly of original comedic songs, largely satirical and often parodying various musical styles.
1335 руб
The river motor boat boys on the St. Lawrence, or, The lost channel Книга по Требованию Gordon H.
955 руб
Episode One / Half-Life 2: DVD. The Orange Box: Half-Life 2 / Half-Life 2: Episode Two / Team Fortress 2 / Portal (количество DVD дисков: 3)
Непревзойденная графическая часть: вновь обновленный движок Source порадует вас поддержкой шейдеров 3. 0 и улучшенной технологией HDR.
530 руб
The Juice Bloomsbury Publishing McInerney J.
With contagious curiosity, the writer explores the huge world of viticulture, from terrior to biodynamic, and sets out to answer the big questions, including whether French should mix with American, why rap stars no longer drink Cristal, why you shouldn' t be intimidated by German wine labels and whether it really is acceptable to drink Pinot Grigio. Far-reaching, deeply knowledgeable and often hilarious, The Juice provides a masterclass in a vast array of grapes and wine styles, as well as the people and places taking such meticulous care over each and every glass. Stretching from the historic past to the often confusing present, McInerney captures the excitement that is felt, by millions of people, for the expansive world of wine. The Juice is an insight into a passion and pastime that McInerney believes should be accessible to everyone, from those popping down to the supermarket to those popping down to their wine cellars. His tour encapsulates not only a vast array of countries, moving across such legendary chateaus as Margaux and Latour in France to the vast lands of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as new contenders in Santa Rita Hills and Paso Robles, in the US, but also details the history behind each bottle. Using his trademark flair and expertise, McInerney paints a collage of the almost infinite varieties of wine across the globe, extracting the best and the most affordable from the intimidating selection offered by the modern world. One of America' s best novelists Jay McInerney is also well-known for being a wine connoisseur.
862 руб
The Tinder Box Usborne Young Reading Usborne Punter R.
But when he is discovered using magic to spend time with the beautiful princess, the soldier is sentenced to death.
517 руб
The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Boxed Set (количество томов: 4) Daedalus Books Tolkien J.R.R.
820 руб
Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs. Pupil's Book. Учебник Storytime Express Publishing The B.G.
187 руб
Introduction To The Language And Verse Of Homer Книга по Требованию Thomas D.S.
5 руб
The Tainted Relic Simon & Schuster The M.M.
In 1323, in Exeter, Michael Jecks' Sir Baldwin has reason to suspect its involvement in at least five violent deaths. Thirty years later, several suspicious deaths occur in Cambridge - and, once again, the tainted relic has a crucial part to play. Finally, it' s despatched to London, where Philip Gooden' s Nick Revill will determine its ultimate fate. Several decades later, the Cross turns up in the possession of a dealer, robbed and murdered en route to Glastonbury. It was July, 1100. Jerusalem lies ransacked. The relic is said to be cursed: anyone who touches it will meet an untimely and gruesome end. Amidst the chaos, an English knight is entrusted with a valuable religious relic: a fragment of the True Cross, allegedly stained with the blood of Christ. Investigating the death, Bernard Knight' s protagonist, Crowner John learns of its dark history.
375 руб
The Olynthiacs of Demosthenes Книга по Требованию Tyler W.S.
957 руб
The shorter poems of Robert Bridges Книга по Требованию Bridges R.S.
495 руб
By-laws, roster, and muster roll of John F. Reynolds post, no. 6, Department of the Potomac, Grand army of the republic, July 1, 1891 .. Книга по Требованию the r.D.
1205 руб
A Brief history of a branch of the Guthrie family beginning with the residence in Edinsburg, Scotland, in 1680 of John Guthrie... Книга по Требованию Guthrie S.
500 руб
Notes for the guidance of visitors Книга по Требованию the T.f.
200 руб
The growth of love Книга по Требованию Bridges R.S.
495 руб
An examination of the Rules of the blank verse in Milton's later poems, with an account of the versification of Samson Agonistes, and general notes Milton's prosody. Книга по Требованию Bridges R.S.
500 руб
The Private Journal of F.S. Larpent, Ed. by Sir G. Larpent Книга по Требованию Larpent F.S.
957 руб
The Best of News Design: 32 Rockport Publishers The S.f.N.D.
Every industry professional aspires to one day see his or her work in this book.
2121 руб

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