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Call for the Dead

Формат:      Страниц 126      Размер 19x12x1 см      Вес 0,136 кг
     Мягкая обложка
Ле Карре Д.    
129 руб
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George Smiley, a\n i\ntellige\nce officer a\nd the ce\ntral perso\n i\n the \novel, is called to the headquarters of MI 5, Britai\n's Secret Service, because Samuel Fe\n\na\n, his frie\nd a\nd colleague, has bee\n fou\nd dead, leavi\ng a suicide \note. Duri\ng his i\nvestigatio\n of Fe\n\na\n's death -Smiley suspects it is murder - he is himself \nearly killed by, presumably, foreig\n secret age\nts. The \novel dramatically builds up to the fi\nal climax i\n which Smiley is co\nfro\nted with Dieter Frey, his former stude\nt a\nd frie\nd a\nd his fellow age\nt i\n the fight agai\nst the \nazi Germa\n war machi\ne, their commo\n e\nemy i\n World War II. Call for the Dead is a very clever study of the perso\nal struggle i\n Smiley's mi\nd caused by the clash betwee\n the values of perso\nal frie\ndship a\nd loyalty towards his cou\ntry.
Кувшин "Ирис", 1000 мл.
Кувшин. Диаметр: 14 см. Высота: 18 см. Объем: 1000 мл. Материал: керамика.
330 руб
Раздел: Кувшины, графины
Скалка силиконовая большая.
Силиконовая скалка - полезный аксессуар для каждой хозяйки. Изделие предназначено для раскатывания любого теста. Эргономичные ручки скалки
391 руб
Раздел: Скалки
Чайник заварочный "Лавандовый букет", 950 мл.
Заварочный чайник поможет вам в приготовлении вкусного и ароматного чая, а также станет украшением вашей кухни. Материал: доломит. Объем: 950 мл.
427 руб
Раздел: Чайники заварочные

Адъективные ФЕ
Morel was good o her, as good as gold (D.H. Lawre ce). Ger rude Morel - субъект сравнения, good - основание сравнения, gold - объект сравнения, as - связка. Адъективные сравнения потому и возникают в языке, что имеется необходимость в передаче дополнительной информации по сравнению с информацией, передаваемой первыми компонентами сравнений, взятыми отдельно. Существуют компаративные обороты, употребляющиеся только с прилагательным в сравнительной степени: more dead ha alive - полумертвый (от усталости), смертельно усталый (не смешивать с русским ни жив ни мертв). ФЕ more ho oured i he breach ha (i ) he observa ce (шекспиризм) является одним из немногих оборотов, обозначающих нелиц. Эта ФЕ означает чаще нарушается, чем соблюдается (о законе, обычае и т.п.). То my mi d he af er oo call is a co ve io more ho oured i he breach ha he observa ce (W.S. Maugham). Образность словосочетания возникает благодаря тому, что в речи сравнение относится к иному классу предметов, явлений или лиц, который обозначает его второй компонент, например, he is as brave as a lio .

Call for the Dead Penguin Group le C.J.
Smiley is told by his angry superiors to fix this mess.
466 руб
Yakuza 'Way Of The Dead' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 56537 Фоно
129 руб
Return from the Dead: Classic Mummy Stories Classics Wordsworth David S.D.
A weird mixture of adventure, the supernatural and science fiction is found in Jane Webb' s "The Mummy", a tale written in 1827 but set in 2126. "Some Words with a Mummy" is by the great horror writer Edgar Allen Poe. Arthur Conan Doyle' s "The Ring of Thoth" is the classic mummy tale and was the basis for the 1932 movie "The Mummy" starring Boris Karloff and, indeed most mummy films ever since. "Lot 249", another Doyle chiller, completes this collection, which is guaranteed to entertain and possibly prompt a nightmare.
205 руб
Barry Trotter And The Dead Horse Орион Michael G.
Barry Trotter is pretty disreputable and unpleasant.
305 руб
Book of the Dead Hachette Livre Preston D.
For Diogenes, however, the new exhibit only raises the ante of his psychotic sibling feud.
703 руб
The Dead Secret Oxford World's Classics Oxford University Press Wilkie C.
Displaying the talent and energy which made Collins the most popular novelist of the 1860s, "The Dead Secret" represents a crucial phase in Collins' s rise as a mystery writer, and was his first full-length novel written specifically for serialization. Moments before her death, Mrs Treverton dictates a secret to her maid, never to be passed to her husband as she had instructed. Fifteen years later, when Mrs Treverton' s daughter, Rosamond, returns to Porthgenna with her blind husband, Leonard, she is intrigued by the strange and seemingly disturbed Mrs Jazeph' s warning not to enter the Myrtle Room in the ruined north wing. Strong-minded and ingenious, Rosamond' s determined detective work uncovers shocking and unsettling truths beyond all expectation.
560 руб
Eaters of the Dead HarperCollins Publishers Michael C.
The year is A. D. 922. A refined Arab courtier, representative of the powerful Caliph of Bagdad, encounters a party of Viking warriors who are journeying to the barbaric North.
266 руб
Procession of the Dead HarperCollins Publishers Darren S.
The first volume in a noirish, gritty urban fantasy for adults from the bestselling author otherwise known as Darren Shan.
786 руб
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off Penguin Group Ali S.
974 руб
If the Dead Rise Not: A Bernie Gunther Mystery Quercus/MacLehose Press Philip K.
Forced to resign as a homicide detective with Berlin' s Criminal Police, Bernie is now house detective at the famous Adlon Hotel. Two bodies are found - one a businessman and the other a Jewish boxer. As Bernie digs to unearth the truth, he discovers a vast labour and construction racket designed to take advantage of the huge sums the Nazis are spending to showcase the new Germany to the world. It is a plot that finds its dramatic and violent conclusion twenty years later in pre-revolutionary Cuba. As the city prepares to host the 1936 Olympics, Jews are being expelled from all German sporting organisations - a blatant example of discrimination. Berlin 1934. The Nazis have been in power for just eighteen months but already Germany has seen some frightening changes.
344 руб
Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man's Smile Hodder&Stoughton Gyles B.
To solve the crimes, to unravel the mystery, Oscar risks his life - and his reputation - embarking on a dangerous adventure that takes him from bohemian night clubs to an asylum for the insane, from a duel in the Buttes de Chaumont to the gates of Reading Gaol.
394 руб
Ghosts, Spirits, and the Role of the Specialists. Professionals in Spirit communication 1850 to the Present Humanizing the Dead: Книга по Требованию Stan H.
This transcendence would allow proof of the existence of the personality of the individual beyond death and perhaps into other dimensions.
2008 руб
Baptism for the Dead Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It has been practiced since 1840 in the Latter Day Saint movement.
2008 руб
Dance of the Dead (film) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The plot revolves around the mysterious reanimation of the dead and the efforts of Jimmy, Lindsey, Stephen, Gwen and Kyle to save their local high school prom from attack.
1395 руб
I Never Met the Dead Man Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The episode follows Peter Griffin as he teaches his daughter Meg how to drive.
1395 руб
Book of the Dead Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The name "Book of the Dead" was the invention of the German Egyptologist Karl Richard Lepsius, who published a selection of the texts in 1842. "The Book of Dead" is the common name for the ancient Egyptian funerary text known as "Spells of Coming" (or "Going") "Forth By Day. " The Book of the Dead was a description of the ancient Egyptian conception of the afterlife and a collection of hymns, spells, and instructions to allow the deceased to pass through obstacles in the afterlife.
1843 руб
Achmed the dead terrorist Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Jeff Dunham (* 16. April 1962 in Dallas, USA) ist ein US-amerikanischer Bauchredner und Standup-Comedian.
1185 руб
Death and burial in Attic tragedy. Part I. Death and the dead Книга по Требованию Grieve L.C.
601 руб
The resurrection of the dead Книга по Требованию Hanna W.
1142 руб
The book of the dead Книга по Требованию Boker G.H.
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
1142 руб

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