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Практические курсы английского языка. Самоучители

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Практические курсы английского языка. Самоучители

In Company. Upper-Intermediate. Student's Book

Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
Powell M.    
Macmillan Publishers    
974 руб
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'In Company' is a multi-level business English course for professionals. The course aims to develop language skills by focusing on activities, examples and exercises drawn from the real world of modern business.
Настольная игра "Свинтус".
Свинтус веселая и быстрая игра, в которую могут играть как двое, так и несколько человек. Итак, сражение за звание лучшего работника можно
390 руб
Раздел: Игры в дорогу
Кабель VGA "Behpex", 3 м, арт. 694579.
Тройной экран, ферритовые кольца. Длина: 3 м.
380 руб
Раздел: Кабели VGA, DVI, HDMI
Сушилка для белья Vileda "Мультифлекс".
Компактная (занимает мало места, удобно размещать даже в небольшом помещении). Очень устойчивая. С защитным покрытием от воздействий
4820 руб
Раздел: Сушилки напольные

Использование аутентичных материалов при обучении аудированию на старшем этапе...
Во-вторых, почти полное отсутствие разработанных методик обучения и их теоретической базы. Поэтому в практической части данной работы мы будем опираться на опыт гимназии № 139, где обучение иностранному языку проводится по современному зарубежному учебно-методическому комплексу “Headway”. Так как мы рассматриваем старший этап обучения, в данном случае это Upper- I ermedia e level, по которому ведется работа в 11-х классах. В этом УМК представлен коммуникативный подход к обучению иностранному языку. Исходя из специфики выбранной нами темы, нам представляется целесообразным провести анализ данного УМК с точки зрения соответствия представленных в нем аудитивных текстов и заданий к ним критериям аутентичности по следующему плану: 0. Краткое описание самого УМК. 0. Описание и анализ материалов для аудирования. 0. Предлагаемая методика работы с аудитивными текстами. “Headway” (Upper-I ermedia e, S ude ’s Book, авторы комплекса Joh a d Liz Soars) представляет собой современный зарубежный учебно- методический комплекс, изданный в Англии, для обучения английскому языку с аудиокассетами, предназначенный для иностранных студентов.

The centenary volume of Charles Griffin and company ltd., publishers, 1820-1920. With foreword by Lord Moulton Книга по Требованию Griffin C.L.
955 руб
Company Of Snakes'Burst the bubble' [CD] { } ~25.00.00 05098 Союз-Мьюзик
139 руб
In Company Cases Pack Macmillan Publishers Allison J.
1002 руб
In Company Upper-Intermediate Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Sharma P.
1817 руб
Company Law in Practice Oxford University Press Inns o.C.S.o.L.
It is designed to cover substantive law and it provides a foundation for applying the professional skills that barristers need in a company law context.
2444 руб
Company Macmillan Publishers Littell
465 руб
In Company. Elementary: student's Book + CD (+ CD-ROM) Macmillan Publishers Clarke S.
It has been specifically designed for the in-company language training sector.
1802 руб
Shadows Linger: A Novel of the Black Company Macmillan Publishers Glen C.
The Lady is evil, but so, too, are those who falsely profess to follow the White Rose, reincarnation of a centuries-dead heroine.
231 руб
In Company Intermediate (2nd Edition) Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Mark P.
In Company Second Edition builds on the success of the original but is now updated and improved with a host of new features. Teacher' s Book More than just a Teacher' s Book, the In Company Teacher' s Book provides a further 20 hours of teaching material through photocopiable worksheets, teaching notes and interleaved pages from the Student' s Book with overprinted answer keys.
2803 руб
Company of Liars Penguin Group Karen M.
352 руб
In Company Second Edition Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Mark P.
Отличительные характеристики 2-го издания: -список фразовых глаголов и устойчивых сочетаний; - книга для студента содержит пять новых case studies’, отображающих реальные сценарии современной деловой жизни; - аудиозаписи, наговоренные как носителями языка, так и представителями различных национальностей, для которых английский язык не является родным; - CD-ROM 2-го издания содержит также интерактивный словарь и аудиозаписи в формате MP3, загружаемые на компьютеры студентов в ходе урока.
2803 руб
Water Sleeps (Chronicles of the Black Company 8) Macmillan Publishers Glen C.
486 руб
Bad Company (+ Audio CD) Cambridge English Readers 4 Cambridge University Press Richard M.
At seven levels, from Starter to Advanced, this impressive selection of carefully graded readers offers exciting reading for every student' s capabilities. Detective Inspector Helen Shepherd is called to investigate the murder of a young woman on a beach on the south coast of England. The young woman was one of a group of workers from a music company who are staying at a nearby hotel. Shepherd and her new sergeant Webb question the other workers to find out who had a motive for murder. More than one has, so which one is the murderer and how did they do it? Contains a paperback and two Audio CDs with complete text recordings from the book. Award-winning original fiction for learners of English.
1254 руб
How a small OTC traded company used Intrapreneurship to become the # 1 performing stock on the NYSE in 5 years A PR1ME EXAMPLE. INTRAPRENEURSHIP SUCCESS: Книга по Требованию Howard E.H.
Rosabeth Moss Kanter, of Harvard Business School, “When Giants Learn to Dance” (1990) shared that Intrapreneurial development is essential to a CORPORATION’S SURVIVAL!
2403 руб
Why do Consumers Use the Internet for Complaining to the Company?. Determinants Explaining the Propensity to Complain Online Книга по Требованию Alexandra D.Z.
Finally, seven interviews with online complainants provide insights into the customer perspective.
2362 руб
Captive Insurance Companies in Risk Management. Captive Insurance Companies and Their Influence on the Risk Management and the Rating of the Parent Company Книга по Требованию
The theoretical and practical approaches used in this book will give the reader a solid understanding of the function and use of captives in risk management.
2008 руб
European Company Law after Inspire Art. From a German perspective: Ltd. vs. GmbH Книга по Требованию Andreas P.
The thesis ends with a general perspective on these significant developments of European company law and the established German doctrine.
2008 руб
Job Satisfaction and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour. A study of the relationship between job satisfaction experienced by employees in a brick manufacturing company and OCB Книга по Требованию Nadine S.
Workers with high levels of job satisfaction are more likely to be engaged in OCB (Brown, 1993).
2008 руб
Agit Prop Theatre in Britain. Look Back At Anger: Red Ladder Theatre Company From the 60s to the 90s Книга по Требованию SWATI P.
An analysis of the plays of Red Ladder, of their techniques of performance and production, an in-depth study of the changing artistic and other policies of the Company are some of the features of this book.
2784 руб
Mining Company Strategies in New Rising Electronic Metal Industries. Using Ga, Ge, In and Ta as Examples Книга по Требованию Huiju T.
Historically, there has been abundant research on the technological inventions to improve the individual mineral production; however, there are only a very few documents investigating how the innovation outside of the mining industry affects the markets of mineral commodities and, consequently, the miners' responses. This thesis aims to investigate the corporate strategies that the mining companies adopted to cope with the downstream innovation. In this book, the markets of gallium, germanium, indium and tantalum from 1996 to 2007 are provided; and the business events and activities reported about the corporate decisions and changes of Ga, Ge, In and Ta producing companies during the same period are surveyed and analyzed. The performance of mining sectors can be influenced by many factors. Technology outside mining industry, which mainly refers to the innovations from the downstream consumer side along the raw material supply chain, is one of the significant determinants.
2784 руб

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