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Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Management

Формат:      Страниц 400
     мягкая обложка
Ivanovic A.    
Bloomsbury Publishing    
757 руб
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Each entry includes the part of speech, a note on grammar, an encyclopedic commentary, and an example sentence to show how the term is used in context. The world of personnel has a language all of its own, a framework of specialist and complex terms. This fully revised Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Management is a comprehensive vocabulary of HR terms, all explained in clear, simple English. This is an indispensable guide for anyone who works in HR, and for any professional keen to understand the language used to recruit and support their company’s employees. •Specimen documents such as job descriptions, letters of reference and contracts of employment •Supplement includes a seven-point plan for the skills key to every job application, and the five main criteria by which employees may be graded • Essential for all professionals who deal with HR and personnel, plus anyone studying for professional qualifications in HR and personnel management
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Частная жизнь русской женщины в Х - начале ХIX вв.
Освоение большого библиографического материала, знакомство с новейшими способами обработки источников, с теориями и подходами европейской и американской исторической науки были бы невозможны без поддержки ряда зарубежных организаций и научных фондов. Среди них - американские: I er a io al Research a d Excha ges Board (IREX), he Ce er for Slavic a d Eas Europea S udies, he Ce er for Medieval a d Re aissa ce S udies, he Resource Ce er for Slavic S udies (Hila dar Research Library) в университете штата Огайо. Специальная программа, выработанная французским правительством и ориентированная на развитие российско-французского сотрудничества («Programme Didero ») в «Доме наук о человеке» (La Maiso des Scie ces de I'Homme, Paris) позволила узнать особенности исследовательских методик тех ученых, которые работают ныне в духе школы Анналов, обрести соответствующий опыт и попытаться применить его при анализе процессов и явлений отечественной истории. Гранты и стипендии, предоставленные немецким правительством для работы ученых-гуманитариев из России (Volkswage s if u g, Alexa der-vo -Humbold s if u g), а также советы коллег-этнографов из немецкого Института исторического краеведения (I s i- u fur His orische La desforschu g, Go i ge ) дали возможность дополнить библиографический банк данных, выявить наиболее перспективные и значительные достижения и в конечном счете закончить написание этой книги.

A Guide to Personnel Statistics for Practitioners and College Students. Analysis of Employees Demographics and Personnel Related Data for Effective Human Resources Management Decisions Книга по Требованию Nahusenay T.G.
The intense dissemination and practice of personnel statistics will deepen the analysis of employee demographics that will assist managers in planning and implementation of personnel related issues in their organizations.
1894 руб
Check Your English Vocabulary for Human Resources Bloomsbury Publishing Rawdon W.
The material covers general and topic-specific vocabulary, as well as grammar and use of English, comprehension, pronunciation and spelling.
427 руб
Teacher Leadership in Context. Its Relationship with Social, Material, and Human Resources in Schools Implementing Reform Книга по Требованию
This exploratory study presents an examination of the relationships between and among teacher leadership and social, material, and human resources.
2416 руб
United States Office of Personnel Management Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.
1123 руб
Cambridge English for Human Resources (+ Audio CD) Cambridge English for ... Cambridge University Press George S.
As well as teaching the specialist vocabulary and theory of HR, the course develops job-specific skills such as coaching, appraisal systems and managing conflict.
1681 руб
Key Concepts in Human Resource Management Palgrave Key Concepts Palgrave Jonathan S.
Additional reading and Internet research opportunities are identified.
2987 руб
Family Issues in the Process of Expatriation and Repatriation. Implications for International Human Resource Management Книга по Требованию
Only a minority of organizations have a clear set of selection criteria against which they examine general attitudes and motivations of accompanying family members towards international assignments.
2784 руб
Influencing Factors of Human Resource Management to Corporate Strategy. An Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Human Resource Management (HRM) that Contribute to the Corporate Strategy Development Книга по Требованию Daniel H.
To understand the contribution of HRM in the corporate strategy design process of a company it is essential to have a clear view of the influencing factors.
2008 руб
Human Resource Management in Textile Industry. Indepth study of Selected Textile Units in (Gujarat) India Книга по Требованию Ashishbhai M.
Comprehensive coverage of all aspects o the Textile Industry and Human Resource Management.
3058 руб
Human Resource Management as Performance Tool. A managerial approach towards excellence Книга по Требованию Tahir M.Q.
The demographic variables; gender type and education significantly correlated with POP.
3051 руб
HRD Competency Used during the Mergers. Perceptions of HR professionals about Human Resource Development Competency Used during the Mergers Книга по Требованию Joseph N.L.
The emerging two components found in factor analysis, the change management process and competence building, confirm the congruence of the theory of HRD programs and the four stages of the merger and acquisition process and the actual experience of the human resource professionals.
3215 руб
Influences on Strategic Human Resource Development Practices. A Survey from MNE Subsidiaries in Turkey Книга по Требованию Gaye O.
One of the important issues for MNEs is the extent to which subsidiaries adapt their practices to local environment and behave as domestic firms (local isomorphism/local responsiveness) versus the extent to which their HRM practices are similar to those of their parent company (global integration).
3234 руб
Outsourcing Human Resource Activities:. Measuring the Hidden Costs and Benefits Книга по Требованию Thomas J. N.
In particular, Norman is concerned about the effect of HRO on employee retention, engagement and customer satisfaction as these metrics impact the bottom-line.
3051 руб
A Spelling & Pronouncing Dictionary Книга по Требованию Dictionary P.
955 руб
Dictionary of Business & Management CMI Bloomsbury Publishing Jonathan G.
Contains over 6,000 key business terms with full and jargon-free definitions.
1952 руб
Word by Word Basic Picture Dictionary Teacher’s Resource Book Pearson
1357 руб
The Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board Community Control in Resource Management. Книга по Требованию Kelly G.
Community support and community representation are central to the BVCRB' s influence in the development of the Bulkley LRMP. The goal of this work is to examine how a level of public input which went beyond tokenism was achieved and resulted in community control and community power. This provides insight into the legitimacy of community organization, community representation, and community support for public participation to influence resource management planning and decision making. This work explores the linkages between public participation, community conflict, community organization and community power. Traditional public participation in resource management planning and decision making processes in British Columbia has often resulted in little or no public influence in the process, or over the decisions made. This study of the Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board (BVCRB) explores how public input through this body was conceptualized and incorporated into the Bulkley Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) process.
1997 руб
Resource Management Technologies and Case Study Making Utility Computing Real. Книга по Требованию Talwar V.
A new computing model termed as Utility Systems is emerging that consolidates IT infrastructure in centralized data centers, shares resources across users, allocates resources on-demand to user applications, and does pay-per-use accounting based on resource usage.
2769 руб
Does System Dynamics Facilitate Learning in Resource Management?. A Study Based on a Laboratory Experiment Книга по Требованию Marta L.Z.C.
Moreover, this exploratory research attempts to describe how SD concepts, tools and techniques affect the outcomes.
2008 руб
Modeling, Allocation and Optimization Resource Management in Advanced Wireless Networks. Книга по Требованию Fei H.
It thus discusses a new multimedia call admission control mechanism based on the concept of dynamical reservation pool.
2416 руб

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