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Steps to Success Work Well From Home

Формат:      Страниц 96
     мягкая обложка
Bloomsbury Publishing    
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An increasing number of people are deciding to work from home. Whether they are setting up their own business or trying to cut down on the amount of time they spend commuting, the idea of turning a space at home into an office is an appealing one. The book contains a quiz to assess strengths and weaknesses, step-by-step guidance and action points, top tips to bear in mind for the future, common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them, summaries of key points, and lists the best sources of further help. Work well from home will help you make that idea a reality.
Подставка под ванночку "Карапуз" универсальная (с сушилкой).
Подставка для ванночки предназначена для того, чтобы сделать купание Вашего малыша максимально удобным. Она надежна и проста в
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Раздел: Горки, приспособления для купания
Диско-шар, средний.
Диско-светильник среднего размера. Мощность лампы накаливания: 25 Ватт. Цоколь: Е14. Лампа специализированная миниатюрная. Напряжение
892 руб
Раздел: Необычные светильники
Набор строительной техники "Нордик".
Входящая в состав набора строительная техника как настоящая: у экскаватора есть ковш, у автокрана - стрела, у пожарной машины - лестница,
345 руб
Раздел: Наборы строительной техники

Роль чтения в процессе обучения речевому общению на уроках английского...
Please, make up dialogues where you should compare he way of celebra i g holidays i Russia a d America. ow I will ell you word combi a io s i E glish a d you will a swer i Russia : holidays are celebra ed, give par ies, Memorial Day, is dedica ed, War for I depe de ce, ew Year's Eve, bigges a io al holiday, he Declara io was proclaimed, America colo ies, firs harves fes ival, ha ksgivi g Day. ow please, a swer my ques io s: Wha do mos America s do o ew Year’s Eve? Where a d whe he declara io of I depe de ce was proclaimed? Whe is Ve era ’s Day celebra ed? Wha is he fes ival o ha ksgivi g Day? III Заключительная часть: а) подведение итогов: So, everyo e worked well oday, your marks б) Your home ask will be o prepare he re elli g of he ex . в) заключительное слово: Good bye! See you ex lesso . 2.3 Контрольный этап Цель: выявить уровень владения коммуникативными навыками после проведения серии уроков, посвященных чтению текстов. Задача: провести контрольный опрос на выявление эффективности применяемой методики. (См. Приложение 2) Результаты нашего исследования отражены в таблице №2 и диаграмме 2 Таблица 2.

Work at Home Parent Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1191 руб
The art of home candy making, with illustrations Книга по Требованию makers C.H.
500 руб
Steps to Success Assert Yourself Bloomsbury Publishing Kathy R.
Assert yourself will help you find your voice and stand up for yourself without being aggressive.
482 руб
Steps to Success Get the Best from a Career Break Bloomsbury Publishing
Whether you’re hankering after the gap year you never took, you have new family responsibilities, or you want to pursue a long-held dream, taking a career break can give you the time and space you need.
375 руб
Steps to Success Negotiate Successfully Bloomsbury Publishing
Whether you&re hoping to improve your salary, clinch that deal, or learn how to stand your ground, Negotiate Successfully will help you get your own way and find win-win solutions. You negotiate every day in all types of situations and in many ways. This book will help build confidence and get better results with practical advice on the basic principles of negotiation, how to prepare, how to keep cool under pressure and how to understand and use body language to your advantage. The book contains a quiz to assess strengths and weaknesses, step-by-step guidance and action points, top tips to bear in mind for the future, common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them, summaries of key points, and lists the best sources of further help. Negotiation is an essential skill to develop, and will help you get ahead in all areas of your life at work.
269 руб
Steps to Success Manage Your Career A&C Black
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The media and many academic studies, focus on this supply-side story of how home-based workers underpin a fundamentally transforming industry.
3234 руб
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500 руб
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495 руб
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497 руб
300 Home-improvement Tips: For Working Smarter, Safer, Greener Creative Homeowner Provey J.
Presented in short nuggets of information, the tips, many of which come from professionals in the field, voer a range of home improvement projects and are designed to supplement basic how-to knowledge, helping homeowners save time and money, work smarter, and conserve natural resources. 300 Home Improvement Tips for Working Smarter, Safer and Greener provides the type of inside information that do-it-yourselfers are looking for to give their projects professional quality results.
712 руб
Orson Welles at Work Phaidon Press Thomas F.
His artistic vision was so intense that the various different methods he used from one film to another, and even during the same film, inescapably led to a work stamped with his seal.
5618 руб
Step by Step Home Design & Decorating Dorling Kindersley
Not sure what lighting option to use?
2175 руб
Readings from english and american literature (Любимые герои: Избранные произведения английской и американской литературы): Favourite heroes: Пособие для школьников (сост. , адапт. Голицынского Ю. Б. ) - 176 с. {Home reading} СПб:Каро Dickens C. (Диккенс Ч.)/ Bronte C. (Бронте Ш.)/ Stevenson R.L. (Стивенсон Р.Л.) и др.
67 руб
Компетенции at work. (Компетенции на работе) Гиппо (Hippo) Спенсер Л.
2090 руб
Использование Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (пер. с англ. Тараброва И.Б.) - 896 с. {Специальное издание} ISBN 5-8459-0361-0 0-7897-2627-0 ~92.11.18 003 К,М,СПб: Вильямс Книттель Б., Коварт Р.
Вероятно, вы уже пользовались одной из версий Wi\ ndows, Wi\ ndows 9x, а возможно и Wi\ ndows 2000. В книге подробно рассмотрены новый интерфейс пользователя Wi\ ndows XP, использование стандартных средств, а также создание сети Wi\ ndows XP. Книга предназначена для пользователей средней и высокой квалификации.
349 руб
Учебное пособие - 112 с. First Steps in English (Английский для всех и каждого): М: КДУ Барановская О.Б.
Это практикум по овладению навыками устной и письменной речи.
131 руб
Модель сборная деревянная: Для детей от 6 лет - - с. {Woodcraft Construction Kit} Warm Home (Дом): Китай
645 руб
Танцевальная аэробика-dance work out [VHS] { } ~93.11.26 079 ВидеоГурман
119 руб

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