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Английский язык для языковых вузов

Business Explorer 1 Student's Book

Формат:      Страниц 112
     мягкая обложка
Cambridge University Press    
2388 руб
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Business Explorer is an exciting three level course in American English for learners of Business English. With an emphasis on listening and speaking but with many opportunities for reading and writing, Business Explorer addresses learners' everyday language needs in business situations. The accompanying Teacher's Book contains clear, easy-to-follow lesson plans, extra photocopiable activities and five photocopiable progress tests.
Часы настенные (арт. DT-0082).
Часы настенные. Кварцевый механизм. Материал: пластик и стекло. Размеры: 33х33х4,1 см.
480 руб
Раздел: Часы настенные
Деревянная игрушка "Магнитный конструктор".
Магнитный конструктор - красочный обучающий набор включающий разноцветные магнитные фигурки (прямоугольники, треугольники, дуги,
1690 руб
Раздел: Магнитная
Альбом для акварели "Water Color", 20 листов, А3.
Блок плотность: 260 г/м2, 100% хлопок. Формат: А3.
342 руб
Раздел: Папки для акварелей, рисования

Введение в медицинскую информатику
Передача информации по каналам связи часто сопровождается воздействием помех, вызывающих искажение и потерю информации. 3.2 Как измеряется количество информации? Какое количество информации содержится, к примеру, в тексте романа . Примером является программа ICQ. Многофункциональные программы для коммуникации и навигации в компьютерных сетях (I er e Explorer) Дополнительная литература:Book 1 – Введение в информатику Book 2 – Классификация и кодирование информации

Student' s Book Business Options. Business Options Oxford University Press Adrian W.
These include formal scenarios inside the workplace as well as social exchanges.
2150 руб
New International Business English Student's Book with Bonus Extra BEC Vantage Preparation CD-ROM (+ CD-ROM) Cambridge University Press Jones
240 руб
New International Business English Student's Book Cambridge University Press Leo J.
In this revised edition, all four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - are developed through a variety of tasks that closely reflect the world of work.
1660 руб
Global. Business Class. Student's Book Pack. Intermediate Macmillan Publishers Clandfield L.
Stylish print coursebooks are mirrored by digital versions for interactive whiteboards.
2639 руб
Student' s Book Business Objectives. Business Objectives Oxford University Press Hollett V.
1820 руб
Student's Book Pre-Intermediate: Business Focus. Oxford Business English Oxford University Press Grant D.,McLarty R.
649 руб
Business Benchmark Advanced Student's Book BULATS Edition (+ CD-ROM) Cambridge University Press Brook-Hart
Business Benchmark is a Business English course for BEC or BULATS and can also be used independently of these exams for general Business English courses.
2078 руб
Business Explorer 1 Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press Knight
2270 руб
Cambridge BEC (business english course) Higher 2 Student's Book with answers Cambridge University Press
They allow candidates to familiarise themselves with the content and format of the examination and to practise useful examination techniques. This Student' s Book also contains a comprehensive section of keys and transcripts, making it suitable for self study. The Self-study Pack contains the Student' s Book with answers and Audio CD. BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage and BEC Higher These past examination papers provide the most authentic exam preparation available.
1639 руб
Cambridge BEC (business english course) Vantage 1 Student's Book with answers Cambridge University Press
1392 руб
Exploring Through Writing Student's Book Cambridge University Press Raimes
The Student&s Book provides a thematically arranged collection of photos and readings, with topics ranging from culture and society, to environmental concerns, to work and family. It features a guide to the 21 most common grammar problems, with self-tests and exercises. It also contains information on research papers, documentation styles, and essay examinations. An anthology of readings, and a handbook of grammar troublespots all in one volume.
1083 руб
Exploring English 5 Student's Book Pearson
392 руб
Business Partners. Student book McGraw-Hill
For students who need to use English at work, "Business Partners" integrates presentation of language and grammar with ample opportunities to practice language skills in a variety of exercises and activities.
1027 руб
Head for Business Intermediate. Student Book Oxford University Press Jon N.
Quotations from prominent business people provide the opportunity for additional discussion. - Creative writing tasks are included which follow the task types required in the BEC exam.
1046 руб
Business Advantage Intermediate Student's Book with DVD (+ DVD) Cambridge University Press Koester A.
1725 руб
Cambridge English Business 5 Vantage. Student's Book with Answers Cambridge University Press Esol C.
Business Vantage exam (also known as BEC Vantage).
1341 руб
Student' s book Business English to Perfection. МГИМО-Университет Андреева О.Б.
Основной целью курса является развитие навыков аудирования диалогической речи коммерческого характера.
261 руб
Business Benchmark. Student' s Book Upper Intermediate. Cambridge University Press Brook-Hart G.
Business Preliminary, Vantage and Higher (also known as BEC), and BULATS.
1937 руб
The Business 2.0. Student's Book. Advanced Macmillan Publishers Meehan A.
So not only is the student prepared with the business language and knowledge but also as a well-rounded and receptive approach to dealing professionally with others.
1935 руб
Get Ready for International Business. Student's Book with TOEIC 2 Macmillan Publishers Vaughan A.
The course takes students from an Elementary level of English to an intermediate level of English, equivalent to A2-B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference. The Student' s Books are available in two versions, with either TOEIC or BEC Preliminary practice activities. This edition of the course uses international English rather than American English, and retains the cross-cultural content contained in the Viewpoints sections. The emphasis throughout the course is on communication skills, with useful Grammar reference and practice at the back of the book. The course has clear, non-threatening content with practical business tasks that are immediately transferable to the real world. The core course contains material for approximately 60 teaching hours in each level, and is ideal for those who are either taking business English as one module within a wider course of studies, in short intensive courses or for a limited number of contact hours over a longer period of time. This is a business English course for adults aimed primarily at pre-service students and students in the early part of their careers.
1703 руб

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