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Business Start-Up 2 Teacher's Book

Формат:      Страниц 128
     мягкая обложка
Cambridge University Press    
1331 руб
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The Business Start-up website offers a downloadable list of ' Can-do' statements for every unit based on competencies from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, allowing students the chance to reflect on what they' ve learnt and evaluate their own progress. Business Start-up is a two-level Business English Course which takes beginners and false beginners from basic English up to the point where they can start preparing for the BEC Preliminary examination. Business Start-up 2 covers competencies from Council of Europe level A2 and leads into B1. The Business Start-up Teacher' s Books contain detailed notes on every lesson with added tips and advice on how to manage and extend the course material. Additional communication activities in each lesson offer even more communicative language practice. The Teacher' s Books also contain a placement/end of course multiple choice test and progress tests after every three units.
Карандаши "ECO", 18 цветов, (12+3 двусторонних), заточенные.
Это цветные карандаши, изготовленные по специальной технологии SV, благодаря которой предотвращается поломка и крошение грифеля внутри
332 руб
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Стульчик-подставка "Тачки".
Многофункциональный детский стульчик-подставка - для более комфортного пользования унитазом и умывальником. С антискользящим прорезиненным
470 руб
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Набор цветных карандашей для левшей STABILO EASYcolors, 6 штук.
Первые трехгранные цветные карандаши, специально разработанные для левшей и для правшей. • Мягкий грифель легко рисует на бумаге, не
831 руб
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Business at work
Lis of resources 1. he mai resource was esco’s ow web si e: www. esco.com. 2. I asked esco for some i forma io a d hey se me i . 3. Web si e: www.bized.ac.uk 4. Busi ess for Voca io al A level – book. 5. ewspapers-----------------------Fi a ce depar me . accou a s . accou ech icia s . accou clerksRecords all fi a cial da aChases up slow payersCollec s payme s from cus omersProvides i forma io o ex er al bodiesAdvises ma agers a d budge holders Mo i ors a d a alyses fi a cial da a Advises board of direc ors A alyses cos s Produc io ac ivi ies Fi a ce depar me Research a d developme depar me Marke i g depar me Corpora e objec ivesDema d of labour . umbers of workers eeded . skills required . loca io of employees Supply of labour. exis i g workforce . skills show hrough skills audi . cha ges i produc ivi y a d worki g week Huma resources pla his may require he use of o e or more of he followi g: . recrui me . rai i g . redu da cy a d redeployme

Business Start-Up 1 Student's Book Cambridge University Press Ibbotson
1484 руб
Business Explorer 3 Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press O'Neil
774 руб
Business Start-Up 2 Workbook with CD-ROM / audio CD (+ CD-ROM) Cambridge University Press Ibbotson
The Student&s Books bring reality to even the most basic levels of language learning through the presentation of natural language in authentic contexts, a regular focus on real companies and products, and practice in the communication skills that professionals really need. The A5 size Workbooks come with a CD-ROM/Audio CD offering self-study grammar and vocabulary activities, as well as listening practice on the move. The Teacher&s Books include full classroom notes, additional communicative practice activities and regular progress tests, plus an end of course/placement test. up to the point where they can start preparing for the BEC Preliminary Examination (early B1 level) and provides a solid foundation for further learning.
1053 руб
Teacher' s Book (+ CD-ROM) Upper Intermediate. Intelligent Business. Pearson Education (Longman) Pile L.
2052 руб
Аудиокассета. Business Start-Up 1
712 руб
The Mix-Up. Teacher's Book Graded Readers MM Publications Mitchell H.Q.
563 руб
Open House: Step Up! Teacher's Book Open House Oxford University Press
421 руб
Business Result: Elementary: Teacher's Book Pack (+ DVD) Business Result Oxford University Press
2497 руб
Busy Bee 2 Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Kniveton J.
330 руб
CD-ROM. Intelligent Business Up Intermediate Teacher's Book + Test Master
There is a also a mid-course test and an end of course test.
1923 руб
Up & Up 10: Teacher s Book (Книга для учителя): К учебнику английского языка для 10 класса: Среднее (полное) общее образование (базовый уровень) (под ред. Тимофеева В.Г.) + СD Академия Вильнер А.Б.,Колесникова И.Л.,Тимофеев В.Г.
Диск содержит аудиоматериалы к учебнику и сборнику дидактических материалов и тестов.
129 руб
Business Basics. Teacher's Book Oxford University Press Grant D.,McLarty R.
580 руб
First insights into Business: Teacher s Book Longman Group UK Limited Robbins S.
260 руб
Communicating in Business Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press Sweeney S.
Students analyze the requirements of the relevant communicative situation and are then given controlled and free stage practice to develop confidence, fluency, range and effectiveness.
3226 руб
Smart Start Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Vince M.
672 руб
Intelligent Business Elementary. Teacher's Book (+ CD-ROM) Pearson Irene B.
2800 руб
NEW Round-Up Grammar Practice. Teacher’s Book 3 Russian Edition (+ CD-ROM) Pearson Virginia E.
Состав учебного курса Round-Up 3: * NEW Round-Up 3 Student' s Book with CD - учебник английского языка, содержит грамматические правила и упражнения на их закрепление. * NEW Round-Up 3 Teaher' s Book with CD - книга для учителя.
764 руб
Electronic Commerce and Web 2.0. A Managerial Approach for Start-up Businesses in the “new” Internet Книга по Требованию Matthias W.
Apart from the general settings and system requirements particularly different Web 2. 0 extension measures will be treated.
2784 руб
Round Up Russia. Starter. Teacher's Book (+ Audio CD) Pearson Evans V.
The series runs from beginner to upper intermediate level and combines games with systematic language practice series balances the need for thorough, comprehensive grammar practice with exercises and illustrations.
764 руб
Get Ready for International Business 2. Teacher's Book Get Ready Macmillan Publishers Vaughan A.
This is a business English course for adults aimed primarily at pre-service students and students in the early part of their careers.
2420 руб

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