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Discussions A – Z Advanced Teacher's book

Формат:      Страниц 113
     мягкая обложка
Wallwork A.    
Cambridge University Press    
1383 руб
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The units contain authentic reading and listening texts intended to be used as stimulus for discussion. Discussions A-Z Advanced is a photocopiable resource book of speaking activities designed to encourage lively, natural discussion among advanced level students. The accompanying cassette provides a wide range of native speaker accents. The teacher' s pages provide clear instructions for each activity, as well as providing a wealth of background information on each topic, keys to the activities, complete tapescripts and suggestions for discussion-based writing activities. The material is designed to be flexible and free-standing: activities can either be used as the basis for a discussion course or dipped into in or out of sequence. Providing a refreshing perspective on many common themes the material consists of 26 topic-based units, each filled with a variety of stimulating activities.
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Раздел: Глобусы
Цветные карандаши Color Peps, трехгранные, 24 цвета.
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442 руб
Раздел: 13-24 цвета
Универсальный бокс, средний (3 секции).
Универсальные боксы прекрасно подходят для хранения любых мелочей: шурупов, гаек в мастерской, лекарств в домашней аптечке, маленьких
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Archimedes of Syracuse
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Discussions A-Z Advanced: A Resource Book of Speaking Activities (+ Audio CD) Cambridge Copy Collection Cambridge University Press Wallwork A.
The book consists of 26 topic-based units, each filled with a variety of stimulating activities.
3790 руб
Inside Out Advanced Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Gomm H.
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Straightforward Advanced Teacher's Book and Resource Pack Macmillan Publishers Jim S.
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Intelligent Business. Advanced. Teacher's Book (+ CD-ROM) Intelligent Business Pearson Irene B.
Show business in action with the Videos/DVDs.
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Cambridge Academic English C1. Advanced Teacher's Book: An Integrated Skills Course for EAP Cambridge Academic English Cambridge University Press Firth M.
Designed specifically for students preparing for university, this integrated skills course develops language and real academic skills essential for successful university studies across disciplines.
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Complete Advanced Teacher's Book (+ CD-ROM) Complete Advanced Cambridge University Press
This course provides comprehensive language development integrated with exam-task familiarisation.
1590 руб
Ready for Advanced. Teacher's Book Pack (+ DVD) Macmillan Publishers
Along with photocopiable material, useful suggestions, sample answers and advice on how to approach exams, this title features a DVD-ROM filled with tests, training videos and audio.
4090 руб
Business Result: Advanced: Teacher's Book Pack (+ DVD) Business Result Oxford University Press
Курс Business Result позволяет овладеть навыками делового общения в режиме « узнай и используй» и создает твердую платформу того английского, который необходим в ежедневной работе с иностранными партнерами.
2336 руб
Life. Advanced. Teacher's Book (+ Audio CD) Life National Geographic Society Dummett P.
2341 руб
In Advance Teacher’s Book Pearson
499 руб
The Cambridge CAE (certificate in advanced english) Course Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press Spratt
5 руб
Objective CAE (Cambridge Advanced English) Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press O'Dell
Authentic language examples illustrate a wide range of real English usage and a ' Grammar folder' appendix provides further examples and explanations.
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Cutting Edge Advanced Teacher's Resource Book Pearson Sarah C.
5 руб
Upstream Advanced C1. Teacher's Book. Revised. Книга для учителя Upstream Express Publishing Virginia E.
781 руб
Discussions A-Z. A Resource Book of Speaking Activities (+ Audio CD) Intermediate: Cambridge Copy Collection Cambridge University Press Wallwork A.
All the activities are free-standing, and comprehensive teacher' s notes give a clear indication of the preparation required, as well as keys to the activities, complete audioscripts and suggestions for discussion-based writing tasks. The audio recordings include listening material from the book in a wide range of native-speaker accents. This photocopiable resource book and audio CD of speaking activities is designed to encourage engaging and natural discussion among intermediate-level students. The book consists of 26 topic-based units, each filled with a variety of stimulating activities.
3607 руб
Skillful Advanced/Level 4 Reading and Writing Teacher's Book + Digibook Macmillan Publishers Zemach D.E.
Skillful focuses on each of these skills to give presentation, instant practice and complete immersion in that area of language.
3588 руб -5% 3408 руб
New Headway: Teacher's Book. Advanced level: Six-Level General English Cour New Headway Oxford University Press
1940 руб
English Teacher's Book: Книга для учителя к учебнику английского языка для 7 класса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка, лицеев, гимназий, колледжей Изд. 3-е ISBN 5-09-011888-4 Просвещение Афанасьева О.В.,Михеева И.В.
44 руб
Join In: Teacher`s Book: Starter - 47 с. ISBN 0-521-77518-3 ~91.03.26 061 CambridgeUniversityPress Gerngross G., Puchta H.
200 руб
Teacher s Book: Examination Papers from the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (Past Papers) Cambridge First Certificate in English 4: Cambridge University Press
680 руб

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