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Английский язык для языковых вузов

English in Mind 3 Workbook audio CD / CD-ROM Pack (+ CD-ROM)

Формат:      Страниц 112
     мягкая обложка
Puchta H.    
Cambridge University Press    
1059 руб
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English in Mind is a six-level course for teenagers. Each level of the course provides 80-90 hours of class work with extra photocopiable activities and tests in the Teacher's Resource Pack. The course can be used with mixed-ability classes. The Starter level is for complete beginners. Level 1 is for elementary students and contains a 16-page starter section to revise key language. Levels 2 to 5 take students from pre-intermediate to advanced level.
Шарики, 100 шт.
Диаметр: 8 и 6 см.
822 руб
Раздел: Шары для бассейна
Шкатулка декоративная для ювелирных украшений "Вокруг света", 18,5x13,5x7,5 см.
Шкатулка декоративная для ювелирных украшений. Размер: 18,5x13,5x7,5 см. Материал: МДФ, комбинированные материалы. В ассортименте, без
873 руб
Раздел: Шкатулки для украшений
Нумератор автоматический "Attache", 6 разрядов, 4,8 мм.
Нумератор автоматический 6-ти разрядный, размер шрифта 4,8 мм. Металлический корпус. При нажатии на ручку нумератора на бумаге появляется
575 руб
Раздел: Штемпельная продукция, губочницы

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Open Mind British English Intermediate Workbook without key & CD (+ CD-ROM) Macmillan Publishers
832 руб
Gogo Loves English 5 Workbook (+ Audio CD) Pearson
1089 руб
Intermediate. Workbook with key (+ CD-ROM) Total English. Pearson Wilson J.
CD-ROM provides extra support for students who miss lessons.
496 руб
New Total English. Elementary. Workbook with Key (+ CD-ROM) Pearson Foley M.
754 руб
Just Right English Elementary Workbook Without Key (+ CD-ROM) Marshal Cavendish
1063 руб
CD-ROM. English in Mind Level 1 Testmaker CD-ROM and Audio CD: Level 1
There are also options to test the same course content at both ' standard' and ' more challenging' levels. The Testmaker can produce two versions of each test to prevent students from sharing answers.
2673 руб
Compact Preliminary for Schools. Student's Pack (Student's Book without Answers with CD-ROM, Workbook without Answers with Audio CD) (+ CD-ROM) Compact Preliminary for Schools Cambridge University Press Elliott S.
Preliminary for Schools, also known as Preliminary English Test (PET). The Student' s Book features eight topic-based units to maximise the exam performance of school-age learners. The CD-ROM provides interactive grammar, vocabulary and exam skills tasks including listening and the Workbook provides further practice of language and vocabulary. The Audio CD contains the listening material for the Workbook. Student' s Book Audio is available separately.
2193 руб
Open Mind British English Pre-Intermediate Workbook without key (+ CD-ROM) Macmillan Publishers
The Workbook is perfect for recycling language, reinforcing material already learnt and providing extra activities.
832 руб
CD-ROM. American English File 1: Workbook with Multi-ROM Pack
1222 руб
Cambridge IELTS (International English Language Testing System) 4 Self-Study Pack (+ 2 Audio CDs) (+ Audio CD) IELTS Cambridge University Press
A comprehensive section of answers and tapescripts makes the material ideal for students working partly or entirely on their own.
2924 руб
Messages 3 Workbook with Audio CD / CD-ROM (+ CD-ROM) Cambridge University Press Levy
265 руб
Total English Upper-Intermediate Workbook without key (+ CD-ROM) Total English Pearson
Total English Upper Intermediate Workbook contains further practice of key language areas covered in the Students' Book: •Additional grammar, vocabulary, skills and pronunciation exercises consolidate and extend language. •Review and consolidation sections after every unit enable teachers to assess learners' progress. •' Catch-up' CD-ROM available with extra support for learners who miss lessons.
863 руб
Technical English 1 Elementary. Workbook (+ Audio CD) Technical English Pearson Christopher J.
Technical English is a practical course for students in vocational education or training at work.
854 руб
Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English 3 for Updated Exam Self-study Pack (+ Audio CD) Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English Cambridge University Press
Attractive colour visual material for Paper 5 is included with each test, enabling students to prepare thoroughly for the paired interview (Paper 5). The ' with answers' edition also contains a comprehensive section of keys, transcripts of the recorded material, a guide to each paper and an insight into marking procedures and grading, with sample answers, making it ideal for self-study.
2105 руб
Cambridge First Certificate in English 4 for Updated Exam Self-study Pack (+ Audio CD) Cambridge University Press Cambridge E.
These past examination papers provide the most authentic exam preparation available, allowing candidates to familiarise themselves with the content of the exam and to practise exam techniques.
3994 руб
Discover English Global Starter Activity Book and Student's CD-ROM Pack (+ CD-ROM) Discover English Global Pearson Fiona B.
772 руб
Intermediate. New Total English. Workbook with Key (+ Audio CD) New Total English Pearson Anthony C.
New Total English retains all the popular features of the original edition including clear CEF-related objectives which make lesson planning easy.
754 руб
Audio CD. English in Mind Second 3 (количество CD дисков: 3)
This revised second edition updates a course which has proven to be a perfect fit for classes the world over.
2507 руб
Objective. First for Schools Pack without Answers (student's Book with CD-ROM, Practice Test Booklet with Audio CD) (+ CD-ROM) Objective First Cambridge University Press Capel A.
3903 руб
Cambridge English Key for Schools 2. Self-study Pack. Student's Book with Answers: Authentic Examination Papers from Cambridge ESOL (+ Audio CD) Cambridge English Key for Schools Cambridge University Press
They allow candidates to familiarise themselves with the content and format of the examination and to practise useful examination techniques.
2126 руб

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