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Hippo and Friends Starter Story Posters Pack of 6

Selby H.    
Cambridge University Press    
2188 руб
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It uses a song and story-based approach to introduce language to children in a way that comes naturally at this age. The stories in each unit are designed to encourage positive attitudes in children such as helping others and sharing. Actions and activities further reinforce learning. There are also optional extra units on festivals such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween in the Teacher' s Book. At the end of each unit children have the opportunity to make a simple ' storybook' which they can take home with them. This takes English outside the classroom, making the language more meaningful, and enables parents to be involved in the learning process. The course is very easy to teach and is suitable for schools offering from 1 to 5 lessons a week, as each unit is divided into five carefully structured lessons which revise and expand on the key language. The full-colour Teacher' s Books contain step-by-step lesson plans and useful classroom management techniques. The four lovable characters, Hippo, Monkey, Dog and Cat, provide a safe and friendly setting for each English lesson. Hippo and Friends is a three-level pre-school course for 3-5 year-olds. The course is packed full of attractive illustrations which immediately engage and delight young learners. There are also plenty of ideas for extra activities which offer the teacher flexibility and choice.
Канистра-бочонок со сливом, 20 л.
Изготовлена из пищевого полиэтилена. Пригодна для хранения питьевой воды. Имеет герметичную крышку, позволяющую полностью избежать
443 руб
Раздел: Баки, канистры
Настольная игра "Эволюция".
Разнообразие живых организмов, населяющих нашу планету, поистине поражает. Теория эволюции объясняет это различием способов, которые
1090 руб
Раздел: Карточные игры
Доска магнитная для рисования, со штампиками.
Магнитная доска предназначена для рисования; у доски стирающееся поле для создания рисунков при помощи специального маркера. На
347 руб
Раздел: Магнитные доски

Распространение животных на Земле
На север очень редко залетает до Ислан­дии. Одно поколение; возможен обратный пере­лет. Единичные гусеницы иногда зимуют. Языкан (Macroglossa s ella arum). В основном на подмареннике и звездчатке. Взрослые особи иногда зимуют. Прилет длится с мая до осени. На севере уже дочернее поколение. Большая часть осенних бабочек улетает на юг. Металловидка-гамма (Phy ome ra gamma). На мно­гих растениях. Появляясь большими массами, приносит огромный вред. (В ГДР в 1962 году с этой бабочкой пришлось вести борьбу на пло­щади 60 000 га!) В Центральной Европе 2—3 ге­нерации. Хотя и нерегулярно, но зимуют, по­этому помещение в эту группу вызывает сомне­ния. Но ярко выражены прилет с юга и значи­тельная миграция на юг осенью. Г р у п п а 2 Большой винный бражник (Hippo io celerio). На винограде и других растениях. Раньше встре­чался довольно часто, но уже несколько десяти­летий отмечают лишь отдельные залеты. Олеандровый бражник (Deilephila пеги). На оле­андре и барвинке. Залеты чаще в жаркие годы. Развитие бабочек отмечено только в исключи­тельных случаях — на барвинке. Улетают ли ба­бочки, выросшие у нас, не известно. Груп па 3 Луговая желтушка (CoUas hyale). На различных бо­бовых растениях.

Hippo and Friends 2 Story Posters Pack of 9 Hippo and Friends Cambridge University Press Selby
The four lovable characters, Hippo, Monkey, Dog and Cat, provide a safe and friendly setting for each English lesson.
2574 руб -20% 2059 руб
Hippo and Friends Starter Flashcards American Cambridge University Press Selby
826 руб
Hippo and Friends Starter Teacher's Book Hippo and Friends Cambridge University Press Selby
It uses a song and story-based approach to introduce language to children in a way that comes naturally at this age.
1534 руб
Family and Friends: Starter: Teacher's Book Pack Family and Friends Oxford University Press
3129 руб
Friends Starter. Student's Book Friends Pearson Education (Longman) Carol S.
Tests, projects, games and songs, plus a huge variety of support material provide for ALL of your students' needs. Dual entry flexibility. My World, Crazy Pets and Story Time - they' ll always want to learn more. • Consistently clear.
1081 руб
Friends Starter Test Book Pearson
136 руб
English Unlimited. Starter. Teacher's Pack (+ DVD) English Unlimited Cambridge University Press Doff A.
Centered on purposeful, real-life objectives, it prepares learners to use English independently for global communication. The Teacher' s Pack consists of a Teacher' s Book with DVD-ROM.
1110 руб
Friends. Starter & Level 1. Test Book (+ Audio CD) Pearson Mario H.
953 руб
Starter Level Kidnap Pack Dominoes Oxford University Press
633 руб
Dominoes: Starter. Level CD Pack Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow Dominoes Oxford University Press
These two classic tales of the supernatural by Washington Irving have been popular for nearly two hundred years.
633 руб
Family and Friends: Starter: Teacher's Book Family and Friends Oxford University Press
2163 руб
Audio CD. Family and Friends: Starter (количество CD дисков: 2)
The step-by-step approach of this course and motivating lessons using songs, chants, stickers and story role-playing enable children to progress quickly in English.
826 руб
New English Parade Starter Poster Pack Pearson Teresa Z.
982 руб
Here Comes Minibus 1 Poster Pack Macmillan Publishers Papiol E.
1405 руб
Addison-Wesley ESL (English as a Second Language) Level E Poster Pack Levels D-E Pearson
1640 руб
New Let's Learn English 2 Poster Pack Pearson
638 руб
Success 1 Poster Pack Pearson
1239 руб
Poster Pack: Images of the Second World War A Collection of Classic Posters Carlton
Each poster is a poignant reminder of a bygone age, but imparts messages still relevant in today' s climate. In the dark days of the Second World War, keeping up public morale was one of the most important jobs of the British Government. These inspirational posters capture some of the slogans and messages that encouraged the British public to support the armed forces by watching what they said, helping out in the factories and saving via government accounts.
1203 руб
Audio CD. Super Starters Class Audio Pack: An Activity-based Course for Young Learners
1092 руб
Oxford Discover 5: Poster Pack Oxford Discover Oxford University Press
Oxford Discover uses Big Questions such as these to tap into students' natural curiosity. It enables them to ask their own questions, find their own answers, and explore the world around them. This approach to language learning and literacy, supported by a controlled grammar and skills syllabus, helps students achieve near-native fluency in English. Oxford Discover gives teachers the tools to develop children' s 21st century skills, creating young thinkers with great futures.
3087 руб

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