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Hippo and Friends Starter Teacher's Book

Формат:      Страниц 110
     мягкая обложка
Selby H.    
Cambridge University Press    
1467 руб
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It uses a song and story-based approach to introduce language to children in a way that comes naturally at this age. The four lovable characters, Hippo, Monkey, Dog and Cat, provide a safe and friendly setting for each English lesson. The course is packed full of attractive illustrations which immediately engage and delight young learners. The stories in each unit are designed to encourage positive attitudes in children such as helping others and sharing. There are also optional extra units on festivals such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween in the Teacher' s Book. At the end of each unit children have the opportunity to make a simple ' storybook' which they can take home with them. This takes English outside the classroom, making the language more meaningful, and enables parents to be involved in the learning process. The course is very easy to teach and is suitable for schools offering from 1 to 5 lessons a week, as each unit is divided into five carefully structured lessons which revise and expand on the key language. The full-colour Teacher' s Books contain step-by-step lesson plans and useful classroom management techniques. Hippo and Friends is a three-level pre-school course for 3-5 year-olds. There are also plenty of ideas for extra activities which offer the teacher flexibility and choice. Actions and activities further reinforce learning.
Модель автомобиля "BMW X5", 1:32.
Модель машины BMW X5 (кузов F15) с инерционным механизмом. Быстрый кроссовер уже на старте и готов ринуться в бой. Чарующий и манящий
633 руб
Раздел: Масштаб 1:32
Ранец "Generic. Ever After High".
Размер: 37x20x28 см. Твердая спинка эргономичной конструкции. Широкие, мягкие регулируемые лямки. Система противооткидов для регулировки
2567 руб
Раздел: Без наполнения
Накладка на унитаз "Веселая ферма", зеленая.
Унитазная накладка подходит всем стандартным туалетам. Кроме того, благодаря краям предотвращающим скольжение, легко и твердо
380 руб
Раздел: Сиденья

Распространение животных на Земле
На север очень редко залетает до Ислан­дии. Одно поколение; возможен обратный пере­лет. Единичные гусеницы иногда зимуют. Языкан (Macroglossa s ella arum). В основном на подмареннике и звездчатке. Взрослые особи иногда зимуют. Прилет длится с мая до осени. На севере уже дочернее поколение. Большая часть осенних бабочек улетает на юг. Металловидка-гамма (Phy ome ra gamma). На мно­гих растениях. Появляясь большими массами, приносит огромный вред. (В ГДР в 1962 году с этой бабочкой пришлось вести борьбу на пло­щади 60 000 га!) В Центральной Европе 2—3 ге­нерации. Хотя и нерегулярно, но зимуют, по­этому помещение в эту группу вызывает сомне­ния. Но ярко выражены прилет с юга и значи­тельная миграция на юг осенью. Г р у п п а 2 Большой винный бражник (Hippo io celerio). На винограде и других растениях. Раньше встре­чался довольно часто, но уже несколько десяти­летий отмечают лишь отдельные залеты. Олеандровый бражник (Deilephila пеги). На оле­андре и барвинке. Залеты чаще в жаркие годы. Развитие бабочек отмечено только в исключи­тельных случаях — на барвинке. Улетают ли ба­бочки, выросшие у нас, не известно. Груп па 3 Луговая желтушка (CoUas hyale). На различных бо­бовых растениях.

Friends Starter Teacher's Book Friends Pearson Mugglestone P.
1022 руб
Hippo and Friends 2 Teacher's Book Hippo and Friends Cambridge University Press Selby
It uses a song and story-based approach to introduce language to children in a way that comes naturally at this age.
2351 руб
Friends Starter. Student's Book Friends Pearson Carol S.
Tests, projects, games and songs, plus a huge variety of support material provide for ALL of your students' needs. Dual entry flexibility. My World, Crazy Pets and Story Time - they' ll always want to learn more. • Consistently clear.
965 руб
Bravo! Starter Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers West
888 руб
Join Us for English Starter. Teacher's Book Join Us for English Cambridge University Press Gerngross G.
The revised course ties in with Common European Framework guidelines:
1490 руб
English Please! Starter Teacher's Book Pearson Richard H.
189 руб
New English Parade Starter Teacher's Book Pearson Teresa Z.
625 руб
Click On starter. Teacher's Book (interleaved). Beginner. Книга для учителя Click On Express Publishing Virginia E.
372 руб
Upbeat. Starter. Teacher's Book & Test Master Multi-ROM Pack (+ CD-ROM) Upbeat Pearson Patricia M.
The Test Master Multi-ROM contains the material from the Test Book in electronic format, plus the Test Book audio material.
966 руб
Cutting Edge Starter Teacher's Book/test Master CD-ROM Pack (+ CD-ROM) Cutting Edge Starter Pearson Sarah C.
Motivate your students with the new self-study CD-ROMs which provide additional grammar and vocabulary practice, plus Real life' video sequences. Based on feedback from teachers around the world, the new editions have been thoroughly updated with new texts and tasks, additional practice material and a whole range of other exciting features. Challenge your students with the new Study, Practice, Remember' sections. What' s special about New Cutting Edge? The new editions contain all the ingredients that made the original edition so popular a thorough grammar syllabus, plenty of vocabulary work and engaging speaking tasks.
806 руб
New Snapshot. Starter. Teacher's Book Pack New Snapshot Pearson Abbs B.
Culture pages in the Student' s Book give students an insight into the English-speaking world. A new testing programme and improved teacher' s notes give more support for teachers.
2353 руб
Lisa Goes to London. Starter. Teacher‘s Book. Version 2 Graded Readers MM Publications Mitchel
495 руб
Kid's Box Starter Teacher's Book Kid's Box Cambridge University Press Frino L.
1477 руб
Engage Starter. Teacher's Book Engage Oxford University Press Tims N.
432 руб
Teacher' s Book Pacesetter Starter. Pacesetter Oxford University Press Strange D.
The series is designed for mid-teen students who are highly-motivated and academic.
929 руб
Think Starter. Teacher's Book Think Cambridge University Press
Challenge and inspire your teenage learners to think beyond language.
1148 руб
Family and Friends: Starter: Teacher's Resource Pack Family and Friends Oxford University Press
2214 руб
Academy Stars. Starter. Teacher's Book Pack Academy Stars Macmillan Publishers Harper K.
Modern lessons are based on a comprehensive skills and grammar syllabus where English is as academic as it is communicative.
2358 руб
Storyfun for Starters. Teacher's Book (+ Audio CD) Storyfun Cambridge University Press Karen S.
1489 руб
Starters. Teacher's Book Activity Packs for Young Learners Cengage Learning Harries A.
1099 руб

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