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Английский язык для языковых вузов

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Английский язык для языковых вузов

Interchange 3 Video Activity Book

Формат:      Страниц 70
     мягкая обложка
Cambridge University Press    
575 руб
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There are Follow-up and Language Close-up sections for those who want to use the Video as the basis for a short course or to review more thoroughly the contents of the Student' s Book. The full-color Video Activity Book is designed to accompany the Video. It provides pre- and post-viewing tasks for the learner. Interchange Third Edition is a 4-level series for adult and young adult learners of English from the beginning to the high-intermediate level.
Развивающая игрушка "Жираф" (вибрирует).
Яркая погремушка, развивает цветовое восприятие, тактильные ощущения и моторику. Размер игрушки: 7,5 х 6 х 25 см. Рекомендованный возраст:
840 руб
Раздел: Игрушки-подвески
Пленка воздушно-пузырчатая 2-х слойная, плотность 75 г/кв.м.
Универсальный упаковочный материал. Препятствует повреждению товаров при ударе, предотвращает проникновение влаги и пыли, защищает от
364 руб
Раздел: Фольга
Овощерезка "Nicer Dicer Plus".
В комплекте: - прозрачный контейнер для хранения и сбора продуктов 1500 мл; - герметичная крышка на контейнер для хранения 1 штука; -
774 руб
Раздел: Измельчители, приспособления для резки

Устройства хранения информации
В этом документе определялись основные параметры видео-CD - компакт-диска, на котором можно было хранить 72 минуты высококачественного видео вместе со стереозвуком. Хранение данных на видео-CD базируется на методе сжатия информации, называемом MPEG (Mo io Pic ure Exper s Group). Видео-CD могут воспроизводиться на специальных видео-CD-плеерах, CD-I-плеерах со специальным картриджем “Digi al Video”, а также на компьютере со специальной платой MPEG-декодера и приводом CD-ROM. Вообще говоря, стандарт MPEG не определяет форматов записи данных на носителях. Одним из возможных способов хранения данных может быть CD-I-компакт-диск (“Зеленая Книга”). Этот диск воспроизводится на CD-I-плеерах, когда они оснащены декодерами или картриджами типа “Digi al Video”. Например, практически все цифровые видеофильмы, проданные Philips до июля 1994 года, соответствовали стандарту Gree Book и могли воспроизводиться только на CD-I-плеерах. Другим способом хранения полноскоростного цифрового видео, сжатого по методу MPEG, может служить компакт-диск ISO-9660 (Yellow Book). Спецификация Whi e Book является в настоящее время идеальным средством для хранения цифрового видео - это единственный стандартный путь воспроизведения видео на мультимедиа-PC.

New Interchange Intro Video Activity Book Cambridge University Press Richards
It provides pre - and post-viewing tasks for the learner.
185 руб
True to Life Pre-Intermediate Video Activity Book Cambridge University Press Gairns
The ready-made lessons can be used as they stand, saving teacher time, or adapted using the optional activities suggested in the Teacher' s Book. The Starter level provides between 40 and 60 hours of class work. To ensure a high level of motivation, the course focuses on contemporary themes, language and learning styles that are relevant to adult learners. The range of extra materials - photocopiable worksheets, tests and videos - create a comprehensive and flexible teaching package. The other levels provide between 72 and 96 hours of class work, depending on the various options used. True to Life is a five-level course for adults.
477 руб
Reward Pre-Intermediate Video Activity Book Macmillan Publishers Greenall S.
646 руб
Cutting Edge Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate Video Activity Book Pearson Sarah C.
223 руб
Key. Click On 3. Video Activity Book. Ответы к видеокурсу - рабочей тетради Click On Express Publishing Virginia E.
44 руб
Intermediate. Enterprise 4. Video Activity Book. Рабочая тетрадь к видеокурсу Enterprise Express Publishing Virginia E.
A DVD Activity Book Key is also available.
453 руб -26% 335 руб
First Certificate Masterclass Video Activity Book FCE Oxford University Press
466 руб
Activity Book 2А - 32 с. {Первые шаги в английском языке} Book Starting with English: Обнинск:Титул
46 руб
Join In. Activity Book 3 Cambridge University Press Gerngross G.
Optional extras, such as videos, flashcards, holiday packs and CD-ROMs, provide additional activities and practice.
398 руб
Английский язык. Рабочая тетрадь (Activity Book). 10-11 классы Английский язык Просвещение Кузовлев В.П.
175 руб
Friends 1. Activity Book Pearson Date O.
Tests, projects, games and songs, plus a huge variety of support material provide for ALL your students' needs. Friends builds confidence with grammar and vocabulary taught in three clears steps presentation, comprehension and practice. - Special skills sections. Friends is a flexible 4-level course with two entry points Starter for complete beginners and Level 1 for false beginners. - Variety, humor, interest. Skills strategy boxes give step-by-step guidance in skills development. - Emphasis on vocabulary. Friends involves students with a variety of different contexts including humor, fiction, real-life and cross-culture. - Consistently clear. Vocabulary is presented and practiced in lexical sets, making it easier to learn and remember. - Support for everyone. Culture, Reading and Skills Corners provide lots of practice in all four skills, with particular attention to reading. Motivating, memorable and fun for young students. - Dual entry flexibility.
672 руб
Friends. Activity Book 2 Pearson Carol S.
Skills strategy boxes give step-by-step guidance in skills development. • Emphasis on vocabulary Vocabulary is presented and practised in lexical sets, making it easier to learn and remember.
672 руб
Get Ready! 1. Activity Book Oxford University Press Felicity H.
Pupils are introduced to English through a variety of songs and activities.
634 руб
English. Student's Book. Углубленное изучение ISBN Activity Book. 8 класс. Аудиокурс к учебнику 'Английский язык': Просвещение Михеева И.В.,Афанасьева О.В.
149 руб
American English Primary Colors 1 Activity Book Cambridge University Press Hicks
The topics in the Pupil' s Books encourage children to think about the world around them and, at the higher levels, are linked to other subject areas in the school curriculum. This approach makes language learning more meaningful and memorable. Regular revision pages, and "I can" sections in the Activity Books allow children to evaluate their own progress, giving them a real sense of achievement. The Songs and Stories Audio Cassette/CD can be used in the classroom or at home and is a fun way of providing extra practice. Delightfully illustrated Vocabulary Cards are also available to practise the target language. The Starter Level, for children in the early stages of literacy, provides a full year of work and focuses on listening and speaking. Level 1, which can also be used by complete beginners, is for children who are ready to deal with all four skills. This exciting four-level course is packed with fun activities. Right from the start, children are fully involved in thinking for themselves, doing things themselves, and making things themselves.
413 руб
The Grammar Activity Book Cambridge University Press Obee
The material is aimed mainly at younger students but could also be used with other age groups.
4129 руб
Join Us for English 2. Activity Book Cambridge University Press Gerngross G.
The writing syllabus is specially designed to develop this skill in a fun and meaningful way.
755 руб
The New CEC (Cambridge English Course) 1 Student's Activity Book Cambridge University Press Thomas
However, the video is completely free-standing so it can easily fit in with any teaching programme or be used with any other coursebook at this lower intermediate level.
714 руб
Playway to English 4 Activity Book Cambridge University Press Gerngross G.
At Levels 1 and 2 children learn to use English confidently through listening and speaking before they are taught to read and write at Levels 3 and 4. The course materials include a video with entertaining stories and a set of beautifully illustrated story cards to help children remember what they' ve learnt. For teachers looking for further support, optional components such as picture cards and musical videos are available for extra class work and practice. This colourful four-level course is for very young learners aged 5-7 years. English is acquired through play, which means children learn the language and have lots of fun at the same time.
375 руб
Multi Activity Book Ladybird Books
189 руб

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