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The Internet in the Workplace

Формат:      Страниц 316
     твердый переплет
Wallace P.    
Cambridge University Press    
5 руб
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In The Internet in the Workplace, Wallace shows how netcentric technologies touch every kind of workplace, and explores the challenges and dilemmas they create. • Covers key topics in business management such as leadership, knowledge management, e-learning, surveillance vs. privacy, and the longer working day/working week • Research-based • Clearly written and comprehensive Nevertheless, the psychological characteristics of the workplace have changed considerably. Workers, from the mail room clerk to the CEO, are learning new skills - to capitalize on the net’s power, but avoid the egregious blunders that the net so dramatically amplifies. The capabilities offered by netcentric technologies might seem to eliminate the need for physical workplace altogether, but the workplace remains, partly because the virtual, and in fact, the physical appearance of a typical office looks about the same.
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Business Ethics
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Loneliness in the Workplace Книга по Требованию
Therefore, the aim of this study was to explore the notion of loneliness in the workplace, with a particular emphasis on examining the antecedents and outcomes of its development in work contexts.
3234 руб
Structure and Consequences of Organizational Identification at the Workplace Development and Validation: A German Questionnaire on Organizational Identification. Книга по Требованию Devika P.
In an empirical study, a four- dimensional scale (according to Kreiner The purpose of this study is to offer a reliable and valid German questionnaire on organizational identification, suitable for practical settings. The term "organizational identification" is discussed and research on German samples is reviewed.
2416 руб
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484 руб
The Rough Guide to the Internet Penguin Group Buckley
Written in plain English, it covers everything from getting online for the first time to newsfeeds, Internet telephony and advanced tips and tricks guaranteed to turn casual surfers into Net gurus.
757 руб
New Zealand Travel Agents in the Internet Era. Impacts, Responses, and Relationships Книга по Требованию Vladimir G.
This book focuses on the information and communication technologies (ICT) impact on the travel industry with a focus on the New Zealand travel agent (TA) sector.
3191 руб
Technology Policy in the United States, the European Union and Japan Envisioning the Internet. Книга по Требованию
It involves multiple participants with diverse backgrounds and interests.
3191 руб
Minority Languages on the Internet. Promoting the regional languages of Spain Книга по Требованию Peter G.
A macro-history of language promotion by Europe’s colonial powers, and of Spain’s regional language nationalism, is developed to answer this question.
3215 руб
What the kids have to tell us about using the Internet Internet-Savvy Youth. Книга по Требованию Roger G.
They use technology and its tools to engage, extend, interact with, play, and explore an increasingly complex world in order to give it meaning.
2769 руб
Telecommunications Policies and the Internet in Ghana. Telecommunications Policies and the Internet in Ghana Книга по Требованию Kwasi B.
This book is a political economy analysis of the policy and regulatory environment of Internet deployment in Ghana.
3234 руб
Best practices in the Swedish construction industry to prevent work-related musculosketal disorders among construction workers The Healthy Construction Workplace. Книга по Требованию Romuald R.
From a preventive perspective, a model for the construction workplace system balance can be used to identify successful strategies.
2416 руб
Explaining Revenues and Valuations for Internet Firms. The Usefulness of Accounting and Non-Financial Information in Explaining Revenues and Valuations for Internet Firms Книга по Требованию Anthony K.
I examine the earlier stages of this sector and develop a framework that encourages better data collection and valuations for these companies.
2008 руб
A Semantic Approach Travel Information Search on the Internet. Книга по Требованию Bing P.
Several episodes constitute a chapter which is one facet (accommodation, dining, attraction or transportation) of a travel plan.
2416 руб
Internet Economy - What is in it for Developing Countries?. Contribution of the Internet Economy to National Economies - A Sri Lankan Case Study Книга по Требованию Mohamed F.
The Internet Economy has a natural structure or hierarchy that can be directly traced to how businesses generate revenues.
2008 руб
Teenagers’ Use of the Internet. A Case Study of Selected Children in Addis Ababa Книга по Требованию Tefera T.
Internet Access, Perceptions about Parents and Teachers, and Internet Usage.
2008 руб

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