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Английский язык для языковых вузов

Task Listening Student's Book

Формат:      Страниц 64
     мягкая обложка
Cambridge University Press    
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In each case, having completed the necessary language work, students listen to the tape and extract the information necessary to complete a simple task, such as labelling a picture or filling in a grid. Related reading and writing tasks are provided as a follow-up to each listening task. Each of the twenty-six units consists of a short tape recording and related tasks. It is suitable for lower-intermediate and also more advanced students whose listening has been developed primarily as a means to a grammatical or structural end. Each unit has as its theme a setting or situation in which listening plays a major part, for example, at an airport listening for flight announcements or at a travel agency being told about different means of transport. Task Listening aims to help students to sift out utterances of relevance and ignore redundant features, a skill vital to efficient listening at all levels of language learning. The Teacher' s Book contains extensive notes on how to use the material and completed tasks for each unit. The notes give suggestions to prepare students for listening and include the key language for each recording. Task Listening aims to develop the listening skills of students who have had little exposure to authentic spoken English. The recordings are of people speaking at normal speed in everyday situations.
Кружка фарфоровая "Королевские собаки", 485 мл.
Кружка фарфоровая. Объем: 485 мл.
322 руб
Раздел: Кружки
Настольный органайзер "BR", 9 предметов, черный/фиолетовый.
Стильный дизайн. Размер – 16,1x16,1x8,4 см. Материал корпуса – пластик. Цвет – черно-фиолетовый. Количество отделений – 11. Вращающаяся
766 руб
Раздел: Настольные канцелярские наборы
Весы кухонные электронные (арт. ATH-6214 green).
Характеристики: - Яркий ЖКИ дисплей. - Высокая точность взвешивания 1 г. - Предел взвешивания 5 кг. - Работает от 1х3В батарейки тип
497 руб
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Теоретические аспекты между бюджетами всех уровней с помощью деятельности Федерального...
Выпуск продукции составил 3 889 тыс.руб., что на 36 процентов меньше, чем в первом полугодии 2001 года. Из 38 видов промышленной продукции, учитываемых в срочной отчетности, по 20 (53 процента) видам наблюдается рост объемов производства. Поступления в бюджетную систему территории в первом полугодии 2002 года номинально увеличились по сравнению с соответствующим периодом прошлого года на 150 процентов, и составили 549 039 тыс.рублей. Значительная тенденция увеличения прослеживается и с учетом корректировки на сводный индекс потребительских цен (122,8 процента), таким образом реальная сумма поступлений, увеличилась на 213 процентов и составила 447 100 тыс.рублей. Поступления во внебюджетные фонды уплачиваемые в части единого социального налога (взноса) составили 204 192 тыс. рублей, 27 процентов от общего объема поступлений налогов и сборов на территории городов. 3 процента от общего объема поступлений налогов и сборов отчисленного во внебюджетные фонды приходится на единый налог на вмененный доход. Доля доходов внебюджетных фондов в консолидированном бюджете территории составляет 28 процентов. Приложение № 1. Существенно изменились пропорции распределения доходов между бюджетами разных уровней.

Elementary Task Listening Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press Stokes
The twenty-one units contain: • Short recordings of authentic speech in simulated situations • A variety of accents, both native-speaker and foreign • Simple tasks with clear illustrations, which encourage students to sift out the essential information from what they hear • Thematically linked reading and writing exercises • Topics related to the real-life needs and interests of students and, by extension, to the topics covered by most beginners' courses (e. g. shopping, travelling etc. ). Elementary Task Listening is for elementary and lower-intermediate students who need to understand English as it is spoken both in the UK and in a wider international context. The approach is similar to that of Task Listening.
916 руб
Listening Tasks Student's Book Cambridge University Press Schecter
976 руб
Active Listening 1 Introducing Skills for Understanding Student's Book Active Listening. Student's Book Cambridge University Press Helgesen
By activating students' knowledge of a topic before they listen, the text gives them a frame of reference to make intelligent predictions about what they will hear. Students learn to listen through a careful balance of activities, including listening for gist, listening for specific information, and making inferences. This book helps students listen for gist and specific information, to make inferences and to progress to content-based activities. Introducing Skills for Understanding is the high-beginning level of the Active Listening series.
161 руб
Listening 1 Student's Book Cambridge University Press Doff
They are at four levels from pre-intermediate through to advanced and are suitable for use as supplementary texts or as core texts on skills development courses.
169 руб
Study Tasks in English Student's Book Cambridge University Press Waters
Whenever possible, students learn the skills they need through discovery and induction rather than telling.
302 руб
Longman Exam Skills FCE (First Certificate in English) Listening & Speaking Student's Book Pearson Fiona S.
370 руб
Intermediate. North Star. Listening and Speaking. Student' s Book Pearson Solorzano H.S.
Explore fascinating content while building language competence and critical thinking skills.
647 руб
Active Listening 1 Student's Book (+ Audio CD) Active Listening Cambridge University Press Steven B.
Active Listening Second edition is intended for high-beginning to intermediate students.
1911 руб
Student Book (+ Audio CD) Boost! 3 Listening. Boost Pearson Jason R.
486 руб
FCE Listening & Speaking Skills 3. Student's Book. Учебник Express Publishing Virginia E.
482 руб
Academic Listening Encounters: The Natural World, Low Intermediate Student's Book with Audio CD: Listening, Note Taking, and Discussion (+ Audio CD) Academic listening Encounters Cambridge University Press Yoneko K.
Academic Listening Encounters:
1659 руб
Skillful Listening and Speaking 1. Student's Book + Digibook (+ Audio CD) Macmillan Publishers Baker L.R.
Every student needs top class reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to succeed at an academic level.
2269 руб
Longman Preparation for the TOEIC Test. Advanced. Listening and Reading. Student's Book (+ CD-ROM) Longman Preparation Pearson
1379 руб
Skillful Listening and Speaking. Student's Book + Digibook Macmillan Publishers Bohlke D.
Skillful focuses on each of these skills to give presentation, instant practice and complete immersion in that area of language.
2269 руб
Real Lives Real Listening: My Family Intermediate Student's Book (+ CD-ROM) HarperCollins Publishers Thorn
They boost students' confidence in their listening skills by exposing them to authentic texts, and introduce the learner to the grammatical structures and lexis which are used most frequently in spoken English. The materials also help students deal with those aspects of informal spoken English which they find so challenging, e. g. assimilation, elision, linking and colloquial expressions. Each topic in the series is at 3 levels (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced) and has a bookwith a CD, and includes 5 interviews (different interviews at every level), each followed by detailed comprehension and language practice exercises which can be used in the classroom or for self-study. The series reflects the latest academic theories on the importance of authentic listening practice in language acquisition. The series also shows our new awareness of the huge differences between spoken and written English highlighted by recent research on spoken English corpora. Forthcoming titles are listed below, and the series will feature over 100 native and near-fluent non-native English speakers from all the main regions of Britain, as well as Australia, Canada, the USA, South Africa, Africa, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Sweden and Turkey. The books come with a free CD, transcripts and glossaries. Teachers' notes are free on line, containing classroom support and background notes. Возрастная группа: Средняя школа, 5-9 классы, Старшие классы Уровень языка:
1686 руб
Listening & Speaking for First Student' s Book with Key Pack Improve your Skills: Macmillan Publishers
The book aims to develop the skills, language and test techniques required to achieve success in the exam through pronunciation focus and exam practice.
1959 руб
Improve Your Skills: Listening & Speaking for IELTS 4.5-6.0 Student's Book with key & MPO Pack Macmillan Publishers
Improve your Skills:
1886 руб
Improve Your Skills: Listening & Speaking for IELTS 6.0-7.5 Student's Book without Key Pack Macmillan Publishers
Listening and Speaking for IELTS 6. 0-7. 5 fully prepares students for the Academic IELTS Listening and Speaking tests.
1091 руб
Advanced Listening and Speaking: Advanced (Cae) Student's Book with Key Oxford University Press
236 руб
Introductory: Listening, Speaking, and Study Skills Student' s Book with Oxford Online Skills Headway Academic Skills: Headway Academic Skills Oxford University Press
The course focuses on developing the specific skills required for academic studies and exploring strategies for success in academic learning.
1426 руб

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