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Cornerstones for Writing Reception Big Book

Формат:      Страниц 48
     мягкая обложка
Cambridge University Press    
3357 руб
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Cornerstones for Writing Reception and KS1/Primary 1-3 is a resource designed to improve children's writing skills. It provides full coverage of the NLS and National Curriculum writing objectives and follows guidance in Developing Early Writing. Through whole class teaching and independent work it offers a clear five-step approach to writing; analysis of model texts, planning, drafting, revising and publishing. Materials provide systematic support throughout the writing process,from emergent writing to competence in a variety of text types. Activities cover three levels of ability. For whole class teaching the Big Book contains selected model texts from a variety of sources, planning frameworks in order to allow the modelling of planning, and illustrations to act as a stimulus for writing. Comes complete with two acetate sheets. - Contains model texts from a variety of sources, planning frameworks for modelling planning, and illustrations for writing stimulus. - Includes two acetate sheets for modelling planning, drafting and revising writing, and text marking. - Large format designed with care for whole class use.
Металлофон, 12 тонов.
Не рекомендуется детям до 2 лет. Размер: 27,5х10х3 см.
373 руб
Раздел: Ксилофоны, металлофоны
Беговел Baby Care "Lightning" (цвет: синий).
Baby Care Lightning – беговел на 10-дюймовых колесах. Лучший способ разнообразить летнюю прогулку с ребенком. Высоту руля и седла можно
1885 руб
Раздел: Беговелы
Глобус политический рельефный диаметром 320 мм.
Диаметр: 320 мм. Масштаб: 1:40000000. Материал подставки: пластик. Цвет подставки: черный. Шар выполнен из толстого пластика, имеет один
918 руб
Раздел: Глобусы

Конфігурації композитних рамок в англомовному художньому...
Наприклад: O each side of i was a dark lumber close or s ore-room. 10. He ry, he Skyligh Room: 5/. Різноманітність зв'язків між композитами та текстовим оточенням дає підставу для виділення дванадцятого та тринадцятого різновиду КР. Дванадцятий різновид КР характеризується смисловим узгодженням композита з лексемами композитної рамки, в складі певного концептуально-цілісного блоку номінатем, що відтворює ситуативний зв'язок реалій . Наприклад: Не says ha of some of his big deals go hrough he 'II make J. D. Morga 's collec io of swea shop apes ry a d Augus a, me, beadwork look like he co e s of a os rich's craw hrow o a scree by a magic la er 10. He ry, Co cie ce i Ar : 15/. Приклади взяті з дисертації О.Я. Кресан Концепт РУКОДІЛЛЯ в наведеному прикладі узгоджує лексему apes ry та композит beadwork. На відміну від КР першого різновиду 12-й передбачає тематичне узгодження. Me a d A dy pu up a a ho el ha was buil like some hi g be wee a roof-garde a d sec io al book-case 10. He ry, he Oc opus Maroo ed: 87/. КР узгоджується тематично з лексемою ho el та композитами roof-garde та boor-case. Спільний концепт для КР даного прикладу - БУДІВЛЯ. Тринадцятому різновиду КР притаманний номінативний повтор композита.

Cornerstones for Writing Year 1 Big Book Cambridge University Press Bennett
3357 руб
Effective Writing Student's Book Cambridge University Press Withrow
By completing certain tasks found in the Student' s Book, such as organizing ideas, selecting and ordering information, using reporting words, using attitude words, using linking words and phrases, writing beginning and ending paragraphs, and punctuating sentences, students become aware of what constitutes a well-written text. Students also practice writing complete, cohesive texts in such exercises as writing a report based on a conversation, and writing an article based on visual information. Each unit focuses on a different type of writing: letters, stories, reports, articles, business letters and memos, and opinion essays. The text gives students valuable preparation for standard writing examinations. It includes several of the essay types used in the Test of Written English, such as writing an essay based on visual information, comparing and contrasting, and stating an opinion. Writing skills for intermediate students.
843 руб
The New Big Book of Colors HarperCollins Publishers
3116 руб
Mini Magic 2 Big Book Macmillan Publishers Pilar P.E.
1409 руб
Addison-Wesley Level A Big Book Goldiloks and The Three Bears Pearson
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Addison-Wesley Level A Big Book Very Fine Rooster Pearson
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Keep Writing Student's Book 1 Pearson Richard H.
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Longman Exam Skills Proficiency Writing Teacher's Book Pearson
323 руб
Phonics for Kids 3 Big Book Pearson
736 руб
Study Skills for Academic Writing Student's Book Pearson J. T.
706 руб
The Big Book of Lofts HarperCollins Publishers Corcuera A.
The styles featured focus on the most popular used by today' s best interior designers, including New Rococo, Minimalism, New Rustic, Retro and Contemporary. Photographs are accompanied by captions explaining the different approaches from each designer and architect. Whether it' s one part of the loft or the entire space, "The Big Book of Lofts" is the ultimate reference for every homeowner ready to redecorate.
2615 руб
Big Book of Logos HarperCollins Publishers Carter D.E.
2830 руб
Big Book of Lofts Taschen, Evergreen Angelika T.
5 руб
The Big Book of Pirates Daedalus Books Chuck T.
What a swashbuckling read!
208 руб
My Big Book of Spanish Words Hachette Livre Rebecca E.
616 руб
The School Play Big Book Little Explorers B: Macmillan Publishers Barbara M.
Продолжение истории о Томе и Холли – на этот раз они принимают участие в школьном спектакле.
1439 руб
Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces Clarkson Potter Maxwell G.
2294 руб

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