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Nature Encyclopedia

     твердый переплет
Dorling Kindersley    
1804 руб
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Magnificent new photography Richly illustrated with dramatic new photography, the DK Nature Encyclopedia brings the natural world vividly to life on the page. Specially commissioned photographs reveal the lifestyles, anatomy, and behaviour of plants and animals from all over the world, while action sequences show with startling clarity how a bush baby leaps through the air, the way a jellyfish propels itself through the water, and how a chameleon catches its insect prey. Describes in compelling detail the rich diversity of life on Earth From the smallest single-celled organisms to the great mammals of land and sea, the DK Nature Encyclopedia describes in outstanding detail the rich diversity of life on earth. Essential reference for home and school Clearly organised into thematic sections, the book covers a wide range of topics from reproduction and movement to photosynthesis and communication. Produced in association with the Natural History Museum, this authoritative new reference book surveys the varied land and marine habitats throughout the world, and provides fascinating insights into how living things evolve, grow, reproduce, feed, and defend themselves. It explores each major plant and animal group - including flowering plants, birds, reptiles, insects, fish, and mammals - and reveals how living things struggle to survive in the world' s most inhospitable habitats. A reference section, which includes a classification chart, an extensive index, and a glossary of scientific terms, completes this colourful and informative guide
Набор "Губка Боб - Школа", 3 предмета в подарочной упаковке.
Яркая посуда с героями из самого популярного мультфильма "Губка Боб". Набор, несомненно, привлечет внимание вашего ребенка и не
334 руб
Раздел: Наборы для кормления
Дозатор для теста и наполнителей "Маффин".
Порадуйте своих близких аппетитными оладушками и блинчиками с дозатором для теста и наполнителей «МАФФИН». Простой в использовании аппарат
378 руб
Раздел: Кондитерские принадлежности
Набор для проведения раскопок "Dino Excavation. Динозавры" (Стегозавр и Тираннозавр).
Набор "Стегозавр и Тираннозавр" из серии Dino Excavation создан специально для детей, интересующихся палеонтологией. В комплекте
339 руб
Раздел: Археологические опыты
Le monde merveilleux de la nature et de la science: 9-11 классы: Учебное пособие по развитию умений чтения, говорения и перевода научно-популярных текстов Французский для школьников Дрофа Мусницкая Е.В.
34 руб
Callisto'True nature unfolds' [CD] { } ~25.00.00 05080 Союз-Мьюзик
139 руб
Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs Candlewick Press Sabuda R.,Рейнхард М.
945 руб
Песни для детей на английском языке. В 2 книгах. Книга 1. Nature. Книга 2. Animals Songbirds ISBN 978-5-8112-3248-2 978-5-8112-3249-9 978-5-8112-3247-5 Songbirds Айрис-Пресс
Пособие может использоваться с любым курсом английского языка в начальной и средней школе.
96 руб
James Bond Encyclopedia нет серии ISBN 978-0-7566-3167-3 DK Publishing Cork J.,Stutz C.
1260 руб
The Disney A to Z: The Official Encyclopedia Edn. 3-d ISBN 0-7868-4919-3 Disney Editions Смит Д.
995 руб
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language The Cambridge Encyclopedia Cambridge University Press Crystal D.
David Crystal is a leading authority on language, and author of many books, including most recently Shakespeare' s Words (Penguin, 2002), Language and the Internet (Cambridge, 2001) and Language Death (Cambridge, 2000). An internationally renowned writer, journal editor, lecturer and broadcaster, he received an Order of the British Empire in 1995 for his services to the English language. • The most successful general book on the English language (its past, present and future) • Packed with colour illustrations, maps, tables and graphics • Difficult concepts explained in a simple and accessible way Rarely has a book so packed with accurate and well researched factual information been so widely read and popularly acclaimed. The book is longer and includes extensive new material on world English and Internet English, in addition to completely updated statistics, further reading suggestions and other references. This Second Edition of The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language has been fully revised for a new generation of language-lovers.
4425 руб
Encyclopedia Dorling Kindersley
477 руб
Visual Encyclopedia of Animals Dorling Kindersley
Or that hummingbirds beath their wings approximately 90 times per second?
5 руб
The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poets (in 5 vol) (количество томов: 5) Greenwood Press
29956 руб
Oxford Concise Encyclopedia Oxford University Press
757 руб
The Marvel Encyclopedia Dorling Kindersley Michael T.
This unique A-Z of more than 1,000 classic characters created by comic giant Marvel will satisfy any super-thirst for knowledge.
2165 руб
Nature Girl Hachette Livre Hiaasen C.
266 руб
International investors. New investment encyclopedia Лаборатория инвестиционных технологий Русинвест
1568 руб
The Architecture of David Hovey The Nature of Dwellings: Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup)
Through a series of comments accompanying these photographs, Hovey describes his design intention and the palette of materials that creates a unique solution for each site.
4020 руб
Package Forms and Design: Encyclopedia of Paper-Folding Design PIE Books
With the templates of the works, readers could learn how each work is elaborately designed. 150 high quality works included in this title are all created by the industry professionals; the perfect shapes and beautiful designs are practical and yet artistic.
2115 руб
A Careful And Free Inquiry Into The True Nature And Tendency Of The Religious Principles Of The Society Of Friends, Commonly Called Quakers (1824) Книга по Требованию William C.B.
Part 2, Dissertations On Their Doctrinal Tenets, Their Worship, Ministry, Etc.
1147 руб
The Self And Nature Книга по Требованию Dewitt H. P.
5 руб
Indian Snake Poisons, Their Nature And Effect Книга по Требованию Alfred J.W.
5 руб
A Field And Laboratory Guide In Physical Nature-Study Книга по Требованию Elliot R. D.
5 руб

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