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Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets

     мягкая обложка
Addison Wesley    
1706 руб
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His writing style, latest research, and discussion of policy issues keep his text as the forefront of money and banking. Frederic Mishkin previously held the post as Executive Vice President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This market-leading text provides the most authoritative, applications-rich coverage of key concepts, models, and issues in money and banking. The 7th edition update comprehensively brings the data in the text, figures, tables and boxes up to date through early 2005.
Конструктор "OgoBild Nexus", 97 элементов.
Это первый интерактивный конструктор, который можно кидать, бросать и при этом не бояться, что он сломается. Стимулирует умственную
1887 руб
Раздел: Прочие
Мешок для обуви, 38х46 см, серый/розовый.
Мешок для сменной обуви. Мешок имеет завязки с двух сторон, что позволяет её использовать как рюкзак. 1 отделение с карманом на
303 руб
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Комплект в коляску Карапуз "Цветочки", цвет: бежевый (3 предмета).
Комплект в коляску состоит из 3-х предметов: - матрац 45х75 см; - подушка 45х40 см; - одеяло 75х80 см. Материал: 100% хлопок. Наполнитель:
555 руб
Раздел: Подголовники и подушечки
Money, Banking and Financial Markets The McGraw-Hill Companies Cecchetti S.G.
This book teaches students the rationale for financial rules and institutional structure so that even when the financial system evolves, students` knowledge will not be out of date.
3660 руб
Economics of Banking John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) Matthews
5 руб
An Introduction to Global Financial Markets Palgrave Valdez
2384 руб
Monetary Policies and their Impacts onto Financial Markets Moral Hazard through Monetary Policy. Книга по Требованию Merve A.
In scope of this book, moral hazard problem relating to monetary policies during and after financial crisis is analyzed.
1997 руб
The Efficacy and Microstructure Effects of Insider Trading Regulations. An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Insider Trading Laws on Financial Markets Книга по Требованию
While insider trading has been the subject of significant attention from law makers and regulators, the impact on financial markets of these laws is uncertain.
2416 руб
Differences of Opinion in Financial Markets. The Implications for Asset Returns Книга по Требованию Anna S.
Yet, it is possible to quantify the amount of withheld negative information from the statistical properties of analysts’ forecasts.
2416 руб
Working Group on Financial Markets Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
1843 руб
Mathematical Methods for Financial Markets Springer Chesney M.
Only basic knowledge of probability theory is assumed; the book is organized so that the mathematical facts pertaining to a given financial question are gathered close to the study of that question.
8039 руб
Copulas for Risk Management. in Financial Market Книга по Требованию Chih-Hsueh T.
Firstly, the stable distribution is considered contrary to the customarily adopted ones on marginal specifications.
2008 руб
Towards One Global Financial Market. Who? Why? How? Книга по Требованию Crina P.
TOWARDS ONE GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKET: WHO? WHY? HOW? is a collection of studies dedicated to the widely-reaching phenomenon of financial market integration, an ongoing process aiming towards a state where capital flows freely across countries, unhindered by any type of barriers.
2626 руб
An examination of the report of the Joint Stock Bank committee, &c. &c. To which is added an account of the late pressure in the money market, and embarrassment ... of the Northern and Central Bank of England Книга по Требованию Joplin T.
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
500 руб
Market Leader Banking & Finance Market Leader Pearson Johnson C.
486 руб
Stock Repurchases – A Sustainable Fashion?. A Financial Analysis of the Swedish Market Книга по Требованию Leander P.J. S.
After announcing buybacks, companies are subject to uncertainty concerning investor? s reaction and economic consequences.
1981 руб
Financial Crisis in Latin America. Consequences for Spain's Banks Книга по Требованию Andreas P.
Vienna, November 2005 The macroeconomic determinants of recent periods of crisis in Latin America are analyzed and positive future growth perspectives are examined.
2403 руб
Law and Development in Eastern Europe. Economic Analysis of Law, Financial Intermediaries, and Economic Development Книга по Требованию
However, once a country develops, it should switch from a bank-based to a capital-market-based system.
3215 руб
Climate Change and Reinsurance. Economic and Financial Impact including Scientific Reference to Anticipation of New Risk, Disaster Reduction and Future Insurance No-Go Zones Книга по Требованию Ingrid M.
Not only do climate and its change both influence social facts such as mass migration and food security, but also several industries are dependent on stable conditions.
2784 руб
Structure and efficiency characteristics of banks operating in offshore financial centres Offshore banking and bank efficiency. Книга по Требованию Ludovic T.
But if you want to understand why some of the world’s largest banks are located in some of the world’s smallest countries, why these small countries and banks continue to prosper in the face of adversity and if you want to find out what the structure and performance characteristics of these banks look like, this book was written for you.
3234 руб
Privatization of Money. Czech Banks in Transition Книга по Требованию Roman P.
As a result Czech economy found itself in a reform trap at the end of the transition decade.
2008 руб
A Financial and Linkage Analysis Economics of Ship Building Industry. Книга по Требованию Dr.Issac P.
Low wage countries are best suited for shipbuilding and repair activities with labour factor abundance.
2416 руб
Cybercrime. The Economic and Financial Impact of Cybercrime on Society and International Economy Книга по Требованию Johanna D.
This is combined with an investigation into the implications of the main underlying issue which is the lack of a common legal definition, a crucial element in the fight against cybercrime.
2416 руб

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