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Introduction to Rhetorical Communication

Формат:      Страниц 352
     мягкая обложка
Allyn & Bacon    
1798 руб
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This highly successful text guides students through message planning and presentation in an easy step-by-step process. An Introduction to Rhetorical Communication provides students a solid grounding in the rhetorical tradition and the basis for developing effective messages. An Introduction to Rhetorical Communication offers a true integration of rhetorical theory and social science approaches to public communication.
Музыкальная игрушка "Планшетик. С Новым Годом!".
"С Новым Годом" от компании "Азбукварик" - это замечательная игрушка, обладающая звуковыми эффектами, которая входит в
432 руб
Раздел: Планшеты и компьютеры
Сиденье для унитаза Froebel с лесенкой и ручками, голубой.
Сиденье для унитаза с лесенкой - задача этого сиденья - заинтересовать ребенка самостоятельно пользоваться туалетом, а также обеспечить
1266 руб
Раздел: Сиденья
Подставка для ножей, 11x22 см, лавандовый.
Размеры: 11х22 см. Материал корпуса: пластик. Внутренняя часть: полипропиленовое волокно. Цвет: лавандовый. Предназначена для безопасного
552 руб
Раздел: Подставки для ножей
A Popular Introduction to Rifled Ordnance, by an Artilleryman Книга по Требованию Introduction P.
602 руб
Business Communication (Деловое общение): Учебное пособие Изд. 3-е, испр. - 152 с. ISBN 5-89349-521-7 5-02-010232-6 ~54.00.00 06748 М:Флинта/Наука Колесникова Н.Л.
96 руб
English Business Communication РКНК Турук И.Ф.
В учебном пособии приводятся типичные речевые ситуации, являющиеся лексическим стилистическим стержнем, на базе которого формируется умение и навыки делового общения.
230 руб
Business Communication (Деловой английский): Учебное пособие для вузов Изд. 4-е Business correspondence; Job application; Presentations and speeches и др: ТетраСистемс Слепович В.С.
<p>Книга представляет пособие по деловому английскому языку.
108 руб
An Introduction to Enviromental Awareness: Знакомство с основными проблемами охраны окружающей среды Антология Степанова
Тексты, представленные в пособии, отражают современные взгляды на основные проблемы охраны окружающей среды, которые приобрели глобальный характер, и поиски путей устойчивого экономического развития.
80 руб
Britain: The country and its people: An introduction for leaners of english Oxford University Press О'Дрисколл Д.
549 руб
Primary Communication Box Cambridge Copy Collection Cambridge University Press Nixon
Do you need materials that are easy to use and quick to prepare?
3087 руб
Introduction to Biotechnology Benjamin Cummings William T.
With its balanced coverage of basic molecular biology, historical developments, and contemporary applications, the text provides you with the tools and basic knowledge for success in the biotech industry.
5 руб
Communication Progressive Du Francais Intermediaire - Livre de l'eleve CLE International Claire M.
On y trouvera é galement une liste ré capitulative des principales expressions des remarques lexicales, culturelles et pratiques; - à droite, des exercices pé dagogiques de trois sortes: des activité s de compré hension des dialogues, des activité s de ré emploi et un jeu de rô le ou une activité cré ative. Niveau intermé diaire - 365 activité s Ouvrage unique en son genre, la Communication progressive est un vé ritable outil pour un enseignement du franç ais modulable, souple et moderne, en classe ou en auto-apprentissage. Organisation: - 40 savoir-faire communicatifs dé veloppé s à travers des dialogues pé tillants et des activité s varié es; - Chaque chapitre met en scè ne un acte de parole grâ ce à des situations de communication caracté ristiques de la vie quotidienne; - Le niveau de langue correspond à notre vie moderne avec un registre oral courant excluant l' argot; - Chaque chapitre est autonome, afin de travailler en toute liberté ; né anmoins, ils sont regroupé s en 5 grands thè mes: faire les courses, donner et obtenir des informations, les interactions plus complexes de la conversation, les contacts sociaux, la discussion et le dé bat; - Chaque chapitre est ponctué par un bilan. L' ouvrage, tout comme le reste de la collection, propose une sé rie de cours, chacun organisé sur une double page: - à gauche plusieurs dialogues vivants et concrets qu’on retrouvera sur support audio.
1239 руб
Communication for Business: Practical Approach Pearson Education (Longman) Taylor
The fourth edition of Communications for Business is a comprehensive textbook, workbook, and reference book rolled into one.
1555 руб
Introduction to Algorithms MIT Press Cormen
3297 руб
An Introduction to Tort Law Oxford University Press Weir T.
Many of the areas subjected to analysis and discussion are highly topical, such as the invasion of the privacy of celebrities, and liability for medical mishaps and industrial diseases.
1487 руб
Philosophy of Law: A Very Short Introduction Oxford University Press Wacks R.
Referring to key thinkers from Aristotle to Rawls, Bentham, Dworkin, H. L. A. Hart and Derrida, he looks at the central questions behind legal theory that have fascinated lawyers and philosophers - and anyone - who ever wondered about law' s relation to justice, morality, and democracy. Revealing the intriguing and challenging nature of legal philosophy with clarity and enthusiasm, Raymond Wacks explores the notion of law and its role in our lives. - A lively and accessible introduction to the social, moral, and cultural foundations of law. - Highly topical - issues such as the war in Iraq and treatment of terror suspects call into question the nature of law. - Takes a broad scope - spanning philosophy, law, politics, economics, and discusses a range of topics including women' s rights, racism, and the environment. - Part of the best-selling VSI series; over 1. 5 million sold. The concept of law lies at the heart of our social and political life, shaping the character of our community and underlying issues from racism and abortion to human rights and international war.
319 руб
An Introduction to Stock Exchange Investment Palgrave Rutterford
2384 руб
Building Skills for the TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) Testbook Pearson G. R.
159 руб
Intermediate Communication Games Pearson Jill H.
2294 руб
Introduction to Academic Writing Answer / key Pearson
167 руб
Longman English Interactive 3 UK Communication Companion Pearson
411 руб
Side by Side 3Ed 1 Communication Games Pearson
Side by Side Plus is a standards-based and grammar-based English language program for adult and young-adult learners, The program builds students' general language proficiency and prepares them for their life-skill roles in the community, family, school, and at work. All of the games are accompanied by reproducible activity masters for ease of classroom use. The Side by Side Communication Games book is an innovative teacher resource that provides a wealth of interactive language games designed to serve as enjoyable and motivating reinforcement of key grammatical structures presented in the students texts.
1390 руб
Speech Communication Made Simple: A Multicultural Approach Pearson
826 руб

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