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From Dust Returned

Формат:      Страниц 288
     мягкая обложка
Bradbury R. (Брэдбери Р.)    
HarperCollins Publishers    
613 руб
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By turns lyrical, wistful, poignant, and chilling, From the Dust Returned is the long-awaited new novel by the peerless Ray Bradbury -- a book that will surely be numbered among his most enduring masterworks. And the boy who, more than anyone, carries the burden of time on his shoulders: Timothy, the sad and different foundling son who must share it all, remember, and tell. . . and who, alone out of all of them, must one day age and wither and die. Ray Bradbury, America' s most beloved storyteller, has spent a lifetime carrying readers to exhilarating and dangerous places, from dark street comers in unfamiliar cities and towns to the edge of the universe. Now, in an extraordinary flight of the imagination a half-century in the making, he takes us to a most wondrous destination: into the heart of an Eternal Family. They have lived for centuries in a house of legend and mystery in upper Illinois -- and they are not like other midwesterners. Rarely encountered in daylight hours, their children are curious and wild; their old ones have survived since before the Sphinx first sank its paws deep in Egyptian sands. And some sleep in beds with lids. Now the house is being readied in anticipation of the gala homecoming that will gather together the farflung branches of this odd and remarkable family. In the past-midnight stillness can be detected the soft fluttering of Uncle Einars wings. From her realm of sleep, Cecy, the fairest and most special daughter, can feel the approach of many a welcome being -- shapeshifter, telepath, somnambulist, vampire -- as she flies high in the consciousness of bird and bat. But in the midst of eager anticipation, a sense of doom pervades. For the world is changing. And death, no stranger, will always shadow this most singular family: Father, arisen from the Earth; Mother, who never sleeps but dreams; A Thousand Times Great Grandmé re; Grandfather, who keeps the wildness of youth between his ears.
Конструктор "Домик" (99 деталей).
Конструктор «Домик» – развивающий конструктор из настоящих кирпичиков. Кирпичики изготовлены из экологически чистой обожженной глины. Есть
690 руб
Раздел: Керамические конструкторы
Френч-пресс, 800 мл.
Френч-пресс Rosenberg изготовлен из высококачественной нержавеющей стали и термостойкого стекла. Удобная ненагревающаяся ручка.
463 руб
Раздел: Френч-прессы
Антимоскитная сетка для дверного проема, 2.1x1.0 м (арт. CF84-136).
Антимоскитная сетка предназначена для размещения на дверном проеме у Вас дома или на даче. Сетка выполнена в виде занавесок, оснащена
444 руб
Раздел: Сетки противомоскитные
A Handful of Dust Random House USA Evelyn W.
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Dust solutions are by far the most important special case of fluid solutions in general relativity.
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The capital, Canberra, experienced the dust storm on 22 September, and on 23 September the storm reached Sydney and Brisbane.
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1148 руб
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Following co-creator Harry Thompson' s death, no further series were made. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Monkey Dust is a British satirical cartoon, notorious for its dark humour and handling of taboo topics such as murder, suicide and paedophilia. There were three series broadcast on BBC Three between 2003 and 2005.
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Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
602 руб
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Sooraya is a mutant with the ability to transform her body into a malleable cloud of dust.
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Грампластинка. Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star (количество грампластинок: 2)
Rock Dust Light Star — седьмой студийный альбом британской группы Jamiroquai, выпущенный 1 ноября 2010 года.
1366 руб
Ластик "Dust-Free", синий
Пригоден для графитных карандашей. Однородный. Цвет: синий. Высококачественный ластик из ПВХ в защитной упаковке - не содержит фталатов.
27 руб
Пудра для шиншилл, песчанок, дегу и хомячков "Blue Cloud Dust", 1,35 кг
Кроме того, в отличие от обычного песка у частиц пудры нет острых граней, способных повредить шерсть вашего животного.
903 руб
As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust Random House, Inc. Bradley A.
558 руб
Краска с глиттером премиум "Glamour Dust", черный блеск, 60 мл
Краска с глиттером - краска с добавлением элегантых блесток создана для декорирования рисунков, предметов домашнего декора и многих других крафт-работ.
128 руб
The Unsettled Dust Faber and Faber Aickman R.
Aickman received the British Fantasy Award in 1981 for The Stains, which had first appeared in the anthology New Terrors (1980), before appearing in the last original posthumous collection of Aickman' s short stories, Night Voices (1985). We are all potential victims of the powers Aickman so skilfully conjures and commands. The stories were published together as The Unsettled Dust in 1990. Robert Aickman, the supreme master of the supernatural, brings together eight stories where strange things happen that the reader is unable to predict. His characters are often lonely and middle-aged but all have the same thing in common - they are all brought to the brink of an abyss that shows how terrifyingly fragile our piece of mind actually is. The Next Glade, Bind Your Hair and The Stains appeared together in The Wine-Dark Sea in 1988 while The Unsettled Dust, The House of the Russians, No Stronger Than a Flower, The Cicerones and Ravissante first appeared in Sub Rosa in 1968.
778 руб
Ластики "Dust-Free", 2 штуки
Ластик не раскрашивается, а собирает все крошки в один комочек, который легко удалить с бумаги. Материал: винил. Размер ластика: 62х21,5х11,5 мм. В упаковке: 2 ластика. Виниловый ластик для удаления чернографитовых и цветных карандашей любой твердости.
148 руб

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