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Materials Science and Engineering. An Introduction. 7ed

Callister W.D.    
John Wiley & Sons (Wiley)    
3297 руб
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Книга - это сосуд, который нас наполняет, но сам не пустеет.
Точилка Berlingo механическая "Яблоко".
Оригинальная механическая точилка в форме яблока. С одним отверстием для заточки карандашей. Лезвие из высококачественной стали. Механизм
352 руб
Раздел: Точилки
Гидромассажная ванночка для ног (арт. ATH-6411 blue).
Характеристики: - Расслабляющий и оздоровительный массаж. - Мощный компрессор для водно-пузырькового массажа. - 3 сменные насадки. -
1368 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Корзина для белья "Виолетта" (30 литров).
Корзина для белья решит проблему хранения большого количества грязного белья. Благодаря своей прямоугольной форме она может быть легко
396 руб
Раздел: Корзины для белья
A Novel Data Analysis Procedure for Spherical Nanoindentation. PhD Thesis, Siddhartha Pathak, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Drexel University, June 2009 Книга по Требованию Siddhartha P.
This PhD research was focused on developing a new approach that addresses this critical need by coupling the local mechanical response of a material, using spherical nanoindentation, with the structural information obtained at the same length scale.
3051 руб
Materials Science Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
With significant media attention focused on nanoscience and nanotechnology in recent years, materials science has been propelled to the forefront at many universities.
1599 руб
Metal Gate Materials for CMOS Application. Process Technology and Material Science Книга по Требованию Chih F.H.
Metal/high-k stack can save these issues and become the solution of gate stack for the sub 45nm technology node.
2784 руб
Long Term Performance and Durability of Recycled Aggregate Concrete. Accelerated Aging and Testing Protocols for Long Term Performance Evaluation of Recycled Materials in Civil Engineering Construction Книга по Требованию Jamie F.
Day to day we are concerned with our detrimental impact on the environment.
1997 руб
Modeling and Identification for Anomaly detection in Mechanical System. A Masters of Science Paper in Electrical engineering Книга по Требованию Amol K.
The information on evolving anomaly will serve as an input to the life extending control policy that will, in turn, generate corrective actions to mitigate fatigue crack damage in the specimen structures and thereby extend the remaining life of the system without any significant loss in performance.
2008 руб
The user will rotate the cube and will see how the state of stresses upon the cube are changed both graphically and algebraically Any point inside the mass or inside any structure has to face both normal and shear stresses from each of the three directions.
2008 руб
Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It opened as the College of Engineering until it was changed to school on February 21, 1969.
1843 руб
Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (popularly known as SEAS) is a school of Columbia University which awards Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Financial Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Engineering degrees in engineering, applied physics and applied mathematics.
1395 руб
Laboratory manual of bituminous materials for the use of students in highway engineering Книга по Требованию Hubbard P.
1142 руб
An elementary outline of mechanical processes, giving a brief account of the materials used in engineering construction and of the essential features in ... and equipment for the shaping of metals Книга по Требованию Danforth G.W.
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
1150 руб
Computational Science and Engineering Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Computational science and engineering is a relatively new discipline of engineering.
1315 руб
The New Science of Strong Materials Penguin Group Gordon
They have found many surprises; above all, perhaps, that how a material behaves depends on how perfectly - or imperfectly - its atoms are arranged.
1119 руб
Hands-on Science: Matter and Materials Macmillan Publishers
Eye-catching illustrations and engaging text make this the perfect book for the budding scientist!
685 руб
Имитационное моделирование Классика computer science ISBN 5-94723-981-7 966-522-118-7 Классика computer science Питер Лоу А.М.,Кельтон В.Д.
Всесторонне рассмотрены все важные аспекты, связанные с имитационным моделированием - моделирование, программное обеспечение моделирования, проверка достоверности и проверка правильности моделей, моделирование входных данных, генераторы случайных чисел, генерация случайных переменных и процессов, статистическое планирование и анализ экспериментов моделирования.
549 руб
Современные компьютерные сети (пер. с англ. Леонтьева А.) Изд. 2-е - 783 с. {Классика Computer Science} ISBN 5-94723-327-4 0-13-032221-0 ~93.06.03 166 СПб: Питер Столлингс В.
520 руб
English for Computer Science Students: Учебное пособие для студентов, аспирантов (сост. Смирнова Т.В., Юдельсон М.В.; под науч.ред. Дударевой Н.А.) Изд. 3-е 4-е 5-е ISBN 5-89349-203-Х 5-02-022694-7 Флинта,Наука
92 руб
His Dark Materials: Book 1: The Golden Compass (на англ.яз.) Laurel-Leaf Books Пулман Ф.
349 руб
The Science Fair from the Black Lagoon Black Lagoon Adventures Scholastic, Inc. Thaler M.
204 руб
Dictionary of Science & Technology Bloomsbury Publishing Collin S.M.H.
Quotations from magazines and newspapers illustrate usage of key words in real life. • Terms from civil, automobile and electrical engineering, chemistry, physics and biology, as well as architecture, television, radio, electronics and computing • Ideal for students studying GCSE, A-level, Highers, or vocational courses in science or technology • Essential for all professionals needing to know specialist scientific or technical terms e. g. journalists, translators, lab technicians and admin staff Each entry has a part of speech, a note on grammar, an encyclopedic commentary and an example sentence to show how the term is used in context.
688 руб
Cognitive Psychology: Applying the Science of the Mind Allyn & Bacon Gregory R.
While introducing the current research in this rapidly changing field, the text also introduces critical thinking exercises that highlight important phenomena and provide an engaging firsthand view of the everyday relevance of research in cognition.
2083 руб

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