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Strategic Market Management 7Ed

Aaker D.    
John Wiley & Sons (Wiley)    
2231 руб
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Сумка-чехол транспортная для коляски-трость.
Сумка-чехол понадобится Вам, когда Вы отправитесь в поездку, полностью сохранит чистоту в автомобиле и обеспечит защиту одежды от
492 руб
Раздел: Дождевики, чехлы для колясок
Статуэтка "Мальчик на лошадке", 10 см.
Материал: фарфор. Регулярно удалять пыль или мыть тёплой водой. Товар не подлежит обязательной сертификации.
436 руб
Раздел: Миниатюры
Точилка "Eagle", синяя.
Работает от батареек 4 батарейки размера АА. Безопасна в использовании. Подходит для карандашей до 8 мм в диаметре. Стальное лезвие. В
325 руб
Раздел: Точилки
Marketing Intelligence and Strategic Marketing Management. Analysis and Synthesis Книга по Требованию Chaudhuri R.
This establishes the unification of market intelligence with stock market, market parameters, nation’s GDP, fuzzy relationship of sensex and equity price, long term strategy of markets (example oil market), the dominance of markets by global parameters (WTO effect) and the international and national e-market through the Internet.
3234 руб
Strategic Bid Management - An Integrated Approach. A Structured Guideline For Effective Business Opportunities Assessment Книга по Требованию Clemente M.
The quality of new projects will improve and sales channel conflicts, wasted resources and financial risk will be minimised.
2008 руб
Strategic Brand Management Oxford University Press Rosenbaum-Elliott R.
3861 руб
Mastering Marketing Management Palgrave Roger I. C.
Designed for students, and potential and practising managers, this book examines the management of markets as an holistic activity within modern organisations.
1101 руб
Market-Driven Management: Strategic and Operational Marketing Palgrave Lambin J.
3102 руб
Managing Strategic Innovation and Change Oxford University Press Tushman
Focusing on the general-management challenges that innovative firms face, the editors draw from a variety of disciplines and demonstrate the links between innovation, organizational competencies, organizational architectures, executive teams, and managing change. - Both editors teach at top business schools - First edition was extremely sucessful, selling over 10,000 copies - Contains many new articles, distinct from the first edition - This edition is a companion to Katz 2/e:
1825 руб
Key Concepts in Strategic Management Palgrave Key Concepts Palgrave Jonathan S.
All major concepts, terms, theories and theorists are incorporated and cross-referenced.
2987 руб
Essays on Price Competition and Firm Strategies in Oligopolies. Pricing and strategies in markets with switching costs and strategic complementarities Книга по Требованию Heisnam T.S.
In some of these markets firms also use strategies that make poaching by rival firms harder. Dr. Heisnam Singh explores the practice of firms requiring customers to sign contracts that are of pre-specified duration specifying early termination charges.
1981 руб
This book profiles three NCAA Division III member colleges:
1997 руб
Commercial Real Estate Price Risk. A Risk Management Approach Using Capital Markets Книга по Требованию Raphael A. W.
In contrast to other major asset classes, the market for commercial real estate derivatives is still in a nascent stage.
2403 руб
Brand Management by Using Special Marketing Strategies. Consumer Perception of a Clothing Product According to the Brand Image Книга по Требованию
Consumers often choose the brand matching to their own personality or the personality they would like to represent to others.
2008 руб
The Impact of Strategic Skills on Supply Management Performance. A Resource- Based View Книга по Требованию Reham E.
Such an understanding will help supply management professionals in rationalizing their investments in various inter- and intra-departmental decisions.
2008 руб
The Risk Management Guidelines are primarily an enunciation of some good and prudent practices in exposure management.
2784 руб
Asset Management Benefit Assessment. Strategic Directions in Transportation Книга по Требованию Daisuke M.
3234 руб
Managing Tourist Service Quality in the Airline Industry. A Strategic Planning Approach Книга по Требованию Dr.Moustafa M.
This book sets out the basics of delivering tourist service quality in the context of airline industry in Egypt.
3234 руб
Strategic Management. Strategic Problem McDonald could face in Afghanistan Книга по Требованию Mohammad J.S.
1899 руб
Risk Management in the Crude Oil Market. Market efficiency and hedging strategies Книга по Требованию Eirik T.
The two prices tend towards a long-run equilibrium and differences in prices are quickly adjusted. OPEC' s role in the market is discussed as a weakness to price efficiency. Based on efficient prices, we find that the minimum variance hedging method gives the lowest risk, but a naive hedge ratio is easiest to implement in a business strategy for a risk averse management. On the other hand, a risk neutral oil company would get a higher added return by merely buy and sell in the spot market. By introducing a multiple risks hedging model consisting of price risk and exchange rate risk, we suggest that a Norwegian company could reduce its total risk of the portfolio by increasing its exposure in the currency market. Thereupon we look into different hedging strategies that could be used to stabilize income in a market with high volatility. The data used are crude oil prices of West Texas Intermediate between 1987 and 2010. This thesis aims to explore two main issues. We conclude that the spot crude price and the 3 month future price for the same oil type are weak-form efficient. First we study crude oil prices in view of weak-form efficiency.
1923 руб
Balanced Scorecard for Local Government. Management Tool for Strategic Development Книга по Требованию Michaela S.
The main attention of the book is paid to the strategic management process of local government, to the creation and effective implementation of Balanced Scorecard and its potential application in the practise of the local government.
2280 руб
Green Waste to Renewable Energy and Business. A Case Study of Thailand' s Largest Market Solid Waste Management Practices and Vendors Perceptions: Книга по Требованию Ghaffar A.
So, all those who are interested in knowing that how to manage waste especially organic waste and how to make profit from this junk should read it and you will find the possible way to solve it. This would also serve as source of updated information for those who are interested in developing country' s environmental issues. Biomethanation and Composting are seemed to be lucrative processes for Bio-energy generation and manure production in recent years under Waste-to-Energy program. Public markets are mostly seen as quite rushy and untidy places but waste management is necessary as far as health and environmental issues are related especially in fruit and vegetable markets. A case study was conducted in Talaad Thai which is the largest fruit and vegetable market of Thailand so far; organic waste generation per day is 90 tonnes per day almost but mismanagement of that waste is real issue, even in so modern era there is no suitable technology to manage it. So, keeping in view this problem, we conducted a study which not only provided best solution to manage organic waste of market but also investigated internal issues of vendors and administration of the market.
1894 руб
A small office / home office Networking - 7-9 Explained the operation of the NAT enabled router and critically appraise this arrangement.
1894 руб

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