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Straightforward Elementary Teacher's Book and Resource Pack

Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
Scrivener J.    
Macmillan Publishers    
2910 руб
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This teacher`s book contains teaching notes, methodology builders, photocopiable activities, editable tests and an audio CD. A general English course based on observation of what good teachers do in the classroom.
Сушилка для белья "Лиана", 1,8 м, 5 линий.
Сушилку «Лиана» можно установить практически везде, где есть потолок. Она прекрасно вписывается в интерьер, придавая дому комфорт и уют.
472 руб
Раздел: Сушилки потолочные
Электрощетка "Master duster".
Электрощетка для уборки пыли «Master Duster»– Ваш верный помощник в домашнем хозяйстве! Она поможет легко и быстро убрать пыль в самых
602 руб
Раздел: Щётки для уборки пыли
Автомобильная термокружка Tramp TRC-004 (450 мл).
Термокружка - долго сохраняет тепло. Крышка-поилка из термостойкого пластика предохраняет от проливания жидкости и не дает напитку остыть.
340 руб
Раздел: Автоаксессуары

Evaluating the GPRS Radio Interface for Different Quality of Service...
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Straightforward Advanced Teacher's Book and Resource Pack Macmillan Publishers Jim S.
2996 руб
English for Life: Elementary: Teacher's Book Pack: General English Four-skills Course for Adults English for Life Oxford University Press
2848 руб
Business Result: Elementary: Teacher's Book Pack (+ DVD) Business Result Oxford University Press
2498 руб -15% 2123 руб
In English. Elementary. Teacher's Book Oxford University Press Вайни П.,Вайни К.
1080 руб
Face2Face Elementary Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press Clark
Based on the communicative approach, and drawing on the best of current thinking and practice, this major new course prepares students for real world communication.
1320 руб
Reward Elementary Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Simon G.
Reward is a multi-level course designed to take students from their first introduction to English up to a fully proficient use of the language.
1536 руб
Matters Elementary Teacher's Book Pearson Jan B.
79 руб
Straightforward: elementary Student's Book Macmillan Publishers Clandfield L.
1583 руб
Hotline Elementary. Teacher's Book Oxford University Press Tom H.
290 руб
New Headway Elementary. Teacher's Book Oxford University Press Soars L.
972 руб
DVD. New Inside Out Elementary Teacher's Book
5 руб
Live English Grammar Elementary. Teacher‘s Book MM Publications Mitchell H.Q.
This highly exciting series covering four levels, from Beginner to Intermediate, adopts an innovative approach to presenting and practising grammar, which enables learners to acquire it naturally.
870 руб
Beyond A2+ Teacher's Book Premium Pack Macmillan Publishers
3259 руб
Teacher' s Book Premium Pack Beyond Level A2 . Beyond Macmillan Publishers Cole A.
2420 руб
Lifelines Elementary. Teacher's Book Oxford University Press Hutchinson T.
A motivating three-level course with a clear, coherent structure and built-in flexibility.
1754 руб
Beyond B2 Teacher's Book Premium Pack Beyond Macmillan Publishers
2420 руб
Teacher' s Book (+ DVD) English Result Elementary: English Result Oxford University Press
1826 руб
Teacher' s Book Business Focus Elementary: Business Focus Oxford University Press
1798 руб
Gateway A1. Teacher's Book Premium Pack Gateway Macmillan Publishers Spencer D.
3167 руб
Elementary Teacher's Book with e-zone (+ CD-ROM) Jetstream Cambridge University Press
Its carefully balanced pace and challenge offer a learning experience that is fun and motivating and which prepares students to use their English effectively in work and life. • Interesting contemporary topics to get students talking • Balanced syllabus to provide confidence • Video with dialogue karaoke for realistic speaking practice • Extra online content for individual or class use • Workbook with revision and practice, progress checks and writing skills development • Comprehensive and extensive support for both newly-qualified and experienced teachers - in print and online.
1602 руб

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