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Изобразительное искусство. Скульптура

Houses: New Living Spaces

Формат:      Страниц 255
     мягкая обложка
Minguet J.    
1490 руб
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Taking the house as some form of experiment and its design a mechanism for evotution is and has always been one of the favourite topics as regards modern architecture. The family house continues to represent a popular and powerful medium for architecture. At the start of the new millenium there still continued to be a question mark over the family residence with regars to its design, production and concept. In fact we could go as far as to say that the 21st century has brought with it great changes as regards the nuclear family’s living accomodation.
Фоторамка "Poster gold" (40х60 см).
Для фотографий размером 40 х 60 см. Материал рамки - пластик. Цвет - золотистый. Материал подложки - плотный картон. Крепежи позволяют
770 руб
Раздел: Размер 40x60 (А2)
Качели, подвесные.
Эти подвесные качели можно разместить дома или на улице в любом удобном месте. Наш пластик прочен и долговечен, поэтому качели прослужат
381 руб
Раздел: Качели
Насос ножной (арт. TD 0468).
Насос механический ножной незаменимый помощник не только для автомобилистов, но и для любителей активного отдыха. Ведь с его помощью Вы
448 руб
Раздел: Насосы, компрессоры автомобильные

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Led Zeppelin'Houses Of The Holy' Japan [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88873 Бомба-М
939 руб
Spanish Splendor: Palaces, castles & country Houses Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup)
3700 руб
100 More of the World's Best Houses ACC Distribution Robyn B.
Like its two predecessors, 700 of the World' s Best Houses and Another 100 of the World' s Best Houses, this book will provide abundant ideas and inspiration for your own home, and plenty of food for thought for your fantasy home, too.
1647 руб
Glass Houses HarperCollins Publishers
The results are breathtakingly sophisticated living spaces that provide a blank canvas for a wide array of styles and personalities.
3149 руб
Family Houses ACC Distribution Wim P.
6378 руб
Frank Lloyd Wright. The Houses Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup) Alan H.
Along with Weintraub' s stunning photos and a selection of floor plans and archival images, the book includes text and essays by several leading Wright scholars. Frank Lloyd Wright: The Houses is an event of great importance and a major contribution to the literature on this titan of modern architecture. In particular, his residential work has been the subject of continuing interest and controversy. Wright' s Fallingwater (1935), the seminal masterpiece perched over a waterfall deep in the Pennsylvania highlands, is perhaps the best-known private house in the history of the world.
6259 руб
Houses Macmillan Publishers F. D.H.
3221 руб
Glass Houses Macmillan Publishers Haddam J.
231 руб
Richard Meier Houses and Apartments Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup) Meier R.
1862 руб
Houses and Interiors. Vol. 1: Early Houses & Vol. 2: Recent Houses (количество томов: 2) Images Publishing Group Harry S.
The first book looks at the early years of his design career.
5 руб
100 of The World's Best Houses Images Publishing Group Catherine S.
This best selling publication features exciting contemporary homes from some of the architectural ' greats' including Hugh Newell Jacobsen, Rem Koolhaas, Kisho Kurokawa, Eric Owen Moss, Antoine Predock, Harry Seidler, Steven Ehrlich, Sean Godsell Architects, Rick Joy, Alberto Baeza and others.
5 руб
Country Houses of Majorca Taschen Stoeltie B.
5 руб
Case Study Houses Taschen
The Case Study House program was an exceptional, innovative event in the history of American architecture and remains to this day unique.
5 руб
Country Houses of Holland Taschen Stoeltie R.
5 руб
London Houses ACC Distribution Maria C.F.
How could it be otherwise?
1097 руб
Houses DesignSource HarperCollins Publishers Aitana L.
Also featured are green homes, prefab houses, renovated residences, and more. "Houses DesignSource" is an astounding source of ideas for architects, as well as homeowners wishing to create or enhance their daily environments.
665 руб
100 Houses Merrell Publishing Cathy S.
1928 руб
Improving Conditions in Halifax Regional Municipality. Management of Existing Rooming Houses and Policies for Creating Additonal Affordable Housing Rooming Houses: Книга по Требованию Jill M.
Rooming houses may provide a viable housing option for many individuals who are lower income Canadians.
1997 руб
Solar and Pellet Heating Systems. - Reduced Electricity Usage in Single-family Houses Книга по Требованию Tomas P.
The present book is based on the author' s doctoral thesis written at KTH, the Royal institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden and investigates how electrically heated single-family houses can be converted to pellet and solar heating systems. There is a strong focus on system design and how to design and operate the systems so that the annual system efficiency and solar gains can be maximized. Technologies for increasing the solar gains are DHW- units for hot water production and the use of hot water for heating of dishwashers and washing machines via a heat exchanger instead of electricity (heat-fed appliances. The possible reduction of CO- emissions by combining pellet heating with solar heating are also investigated. The method is based on measurements modeling and system simulations using the dynamic simulation program TRNSYS. Pellet heating systems for single-family houses are currently a strongly growing market; however pellet heating is seldom installed together with solar heating, though it is a promising combination.
2416 руб
East 78th Street Houses Книга по Требованию Kapila F.
They retain enough historical integrity that they were designated a New York City Landmark in 1968,and were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.
1395 руб

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