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Advice and Consent: The Politics of Judicial Appointments

Формат:      Страниц 192
     твердый переплет
Oxford University Press    
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Though it is often assumed that political clashes over nominees are a new phenomenon, the authors argue that the appointment of justices and judges has always been a highly contentious process--one largely driven by ideological and partisan concerns. With the coming retirement of one or more Supreme Court Justices--and threats to filibuster lower court judges--the selection process is likely to be, once again, the center of red-hot partisan debate. Epstein and Segal shed light on the role played by the media, by the American Bar Association, and by special interest groups (whose efforts helped defeat Judge Bork). A compact, informative introduction to a major hot-button issue--the selection of Federal judges and Supreme Court Justices From Louis Brandeis to Robert Bork to Clarence Thomas, the nomination of federal judges has generated intense political conflict. The authors conclude with possible "reforms", from the so-called nuclear option, whereby a majority of the Senate could vote to prohibit filibusters, to the even more dramatic suggestion that Congress eliminate a judge' s life tenure either by term limits or compulsory retirement. With key appointments looming on the horizon, Advice and Consent provides everything concerned citizens need to know to understand the partisan rows that surround the judicial nominating process The reader discovers how presidents and the senate have tried to remake the bench, ranging from FDR' s controversial "court packing" scheme to the Senate' s creation in 1978 of 35 new appellate and 117 district court judgeships, allowing the Democrats to shape the judiciary for years. In Advice and Consent, two leading legal scholars, Lee Epstein and Jeffrey A. Segal, offer a brief, illuminating Baedeker to this highly important procedure, discussing everything from constitutional background, to crucial differences in the nomination of judges and justices, to the role of the Judiciary Committee in vetting nominees.
Стол детский складной "Алина", синий.
Стол "Алина" детский складной. Материал: металл, пластик. Размер столешницы: 600x450 мм. Высота стола: 580 мм. Возраст: от 3 до 7 лет.
656 руб
Раздел: Столики
Вок с армированным антипригарным покрытием с крышкой, 28 см, нержавеющая сталь.
Инновационнное армированное антипригарное покрытие внутри. При приготовлении пищи можно пользоваться металлическими лопатками, ложками и
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Раздел: Воки
14 смываемых мини-маркеров.
Отличные маркеры, которые легко смываются с рук и одежды. В наборе 14 ярких цветов. Возможно проводить линии разной толщины, благодаря
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Раздел: Для творчества, рисования

Сопоставительный анализ употребления перформативных глаголов в русском и английском...
Приведем классификацию перформативов, составленную Апресяном , чтобы получить представление о лексическом наполнении данной категории глаголов: 1. Специализированные обращения и утверждения (ср. остиновские exposi ives: ask, a swer, agree): докладывать, доносить, заявлять, извещать; напоминать, объявлять, отрицать, подтверждать, подчеркивать, провозглашать, свидетельствовать, уведомлять, уверять, удостоверять, утверждать. 2. Признание: виниться, каяться, признаваться, сознаваться; 3. Обещание (comissives: offer, i vi e, promise): гарантировать, давать слово (давать честное слово, давать обет, давать обещание), клясться, обязываться, заверять, зарекаться, клясться, обещать, присягать; 4. Просьба: заклинать, молить, просить, умолять, ходатайствовать; 5. Предложения и советы(exersi ives: order, advice): вызывать, звать (к себе), приглашать, призывать (к порядку), рекомендовать, советовать, предлагать; 6. Предупреждение, предсказание: предупреждать, предсказывать, предостерегать, предрекать, предвещать; 7. Требование, приказ: наказывать, настаивать, поручать, приказывать, требовать, предлагать (явиться), ставить условие; 8.

Sound Advice Pearson
634 руб
The Presence of Pre Mortem Medical Interventions in Prevailing Post Mortem Organ Donation Protocols Informed Consent as a Requirement for Post Mortem Organ Donation. Книга по Требованию
This book evaluates whether the consent of a prospective post mortem organ donor should be informed in order to be valid and, if so, why.
1997 руб
The power of indigenous peoples to veto development activities. The right to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) Книга по Требованию Adem K.A.
Arguably, international law recognises the right to self-determination of indigenous peoples.
2008 руб
Ages of Consent in Europe Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1599 руб
Advice to religious inquirers respecting some of the difficulties arising from the present state of society Книга по Требованию Matheson J.
1144 руб
Uncle Sams Advice To Housewives Книга по Требованию Connolly V.L.
1148 руб
Advice to the British Soldier, by a Non-Commissioned Officer Книга по Требованию Fletcher J.
1431 руб
Style Yourself: Inspired Advice from the World's Fashion Bloggers Littlehampton Aldridge J.
With mix-and-match tips, trend reports, DIY tricks and creative styling guidance from the world' s hottest fashion bloggers, this unique and resourceful volume will equip you to look your own personal best all the time. Join these up-and coming international style icons as they explore the international concept of style. With expert advice and hundreds of illustrations that will help you tell a stiletto from a slingback or a trench coat from a duffle (plus tons of examples of how to wear them), Style Yourself puts the entire world of fashion at your feet, and then helps you choose the perfect heels to put those feet in. So. . . what are you going to wear? Style Yourself is just like advice from a personal stylist - whispered right into your ear.
1198 руб
The GMAT Roadmap: Expert Advice Through Test Day Manhattan Prep Publishing
The Guide helps students map out their studying, stick to their game plan, and manage test anxiety on the GMAT itself. It' s like having a Manhattan GMAT instructor at your fingertips! Purchase of this book includes one year of access to Manhattan GMAT' s online practice exams.
1393 руб
How to Get a First: Insights and Advice from a First-Class Graduate Palgrave Tefula M.
So what are you waiting for' ? Get the most value out of your degree with this authentic guide from a recent first-class graduate. I hope this book will change that. A first-class degree is now, more than ever, one of the best ways of getting the most value out of university and enhancing your career prospects. ' Thank you for picking up my book.
1931 руб
Full Coverage. The Rough Guide to London /Expert Advice. Easy To Use/ Dorling Kindersley Humphreys R.
London has something for everyone - art galleries and shopping arcades, spacious parks and grand palaces - and "The Rough Guide to London" uncovers it all.
1487 руб
Some statistical advices for the non-statisticians. Common examples of useful statistical tools by SPSS for the non-statisticians Книга по Требованию Mohammad O.U.
Statistics is very essential for the researchers of any field.
2008 руб

Молочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организмаМолочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организма

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