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Business Law

Формат:      Страниц 424
     мягкая обложка
Slorach J. S.    
Oxford University Press    
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The Guide provides practical, up-to-date coverage of company, partnership, taxation, and insolvency law, plus all relevant aspects of EU law. - Detailed and clear coverage of all of the required topics enables students to gain a deep understanding of the issues covered, ensuring that they are able to prepare themselves fully for practice - Using examples, the text highlights the ways in which the law applies in practice, giving students a realistic impression of how business law transactions operate in reality - A new chapter, complimented by updates which will be posted on the Online Resource Centre, covers the major changes which may occur as a result of the Company Law Reform Bill, enabling students to stay up to date with the possible legislative changes - Development questions at the end of the book allow students to test their own understanding of the issues covered, enabling them to identify for themselves areas on which they need to work further - The Online Resource Centre featuring freely accessible student learning actvities provides scenario based questions which enable students to understand better how the law might apply in given situations. Development questions are included at the end of the book to test students' awareness of issues raised. Extensive and updated statutory references allow students to cross-refer to appropriate primary sources, or use the Guide to interpret such sources. Online Resource Centre This edition is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre providing student learning activities written by the authors. These scenario-based multiple choice questions are freely accessible and encourage students to assess their own knowledge and understanding. They cover the topics students often find more difficult, including partnership agreements, insolvency, company law, taxation, and EC law. The questions and feedback link directly to the material within the text and can be printed out to allow students to build up a permanent record of business law problems and solutions. Updates on the progress of the Company Law Reform Bill will also be posted on the Online Resource Centre when appropriate to ensure that students remain fully informed. This 2006-2007 edition includes a new chapter summarising the major changes which may occur as a result of the Company Law Reform Bill. Feedback can be printed out and provides students with useful support throughout the course and at revision time - Extensive statutory references ensure that students are able to cross-refer to appropriate primary sources, encouraging wider reading and a thorough understanding of the legislative framework surrounding the topics covered New to this edition - A new chapter summarising the major changes which may affect company law as a result of the Company Law Reform Bill is included, providing students with an essential knowledge of how the law may change once this new legislation is in force and making them more prepared for practice - The online student learning activities are expanded to cover new areas of the book including EC law and taxation, offering a tool for students to test their own knowledge on a greater breadth of subject areas and encouraging an increased depth of understanding - An increased number of examples in the taxation section increases the clarity of explanation and gives students a picture of how the law might apply in realistic situations, preparing them better for life as a trainee solicitor Business Law has been written to meet the requirements of the Legal Practice Course, and provides all of the relevant material students need to understand the latest legal developments affecting business law transactions.
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Оригинальная чашка - меняет цвет и надпись при нагревании. Упаковка стилизованная - качественный картон. Размеры упаковки: 11х10х8
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Быстрая веселая семейная игра, развивающая память. Игроки должны накормить веселых обезьянок. Каждая из них любит только определенный вид
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Организация создания и функционирования венчурных фирм в...
Стадии процесса финансирования венчурного капитала, организация поиска венчурного инвестора. Поиск и отбор компаний (search, scree i g и deal-flow) - важная составляющая процесса инвестирования. В отличие от стран Запада, где существует развитая инфраструктура, процесс нахождения подходящих фирм в российских условиях зачастую напоминает поиск черной кошки в темной комнате. Основные источники информации о растущих компаниях в России - пресса, выставки, специализированные ассоциации, бюллетени и брошюры издаваемые организациями поддержки бизнеса, российскими и западными, личные контакты менеджеров венчурных фондов и компаний. Вне зависимости от ориентации и предпочтений венчурных инвесторов, общим критерием оценки для всех них является ответ на единственный вопрос: способна ли компания (и бизнес, в котором она находится) к быстрому развитию? Финансовый риск венчурного инвестора может оправдать только соответствующее вознаграждение, под которым понимается возврат на вложенный капитал выше среднего уровня. "Россия, - по определению журнала Global Law a d Busi ess (February, 1996), - живая лаборатория по производству исключительно высоких ставок вознаграждения рисковых вложений." Возврат на вложенный капитал (I er al Ra e of Re ur IRR) - общепринятый показатель измерения вознаграждения.

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Пособие состоит из четырех глав:
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