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Change, Chance and Optimality

Формат:      Страниц 212
     твердый переплет
McMahon A.    
Oxford University Press    
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Using cross-linguistic data, and drawing comparisons with other theories inside and outside linguistics, she shows that OT is incapable of accounting for language change, without the addition of rules and an appreciation of chance and historical contingency that would then undermine its theoretical underpinnings. The author considers the nature and evolution of the human language capacity, and demonstrates a profound mismatch between the predictions of evolutionary biology and the claims for innateness made in OT. - Deals with a fast-changing new theory of phonology - One of the first critiques of Optimality Theory to appear - Interdisciplinary approach involving phonology, historical linguistics, and evolutionary theory This book is about how languages change. Having set out its basis principles, Professor McMahon assesses their explanatory power in analysing language change and its residues in current phonological systems. April McMahon argues that to provide a convincing explanation of linguistic change the roles of history and contingency must be accommodated in linguistic theory. She also shows that theoretical work in related disciplines can be used to assess the value of such theories. It is also a devastating critique of a widespread linguistic orthodoxy. Optimality Theory, or OT as it is usually called, dominates contemporary phonology, especially in the USA, and is becoming increasingly influential in syntax and language acquisition. OT relies on innateness and needs to discuss the origins of allegedly genetically-specified features.
Подставка для ювелирных украшений "Дерево", 20x10x32 см.
Подставка для ювелирных изделий не оставит равнодушной ни одну любительницу изысканных вещей. Сочетание оригинального дизайна и
830 руб
Раздел: Подставки для украшений
Глобус физико-политический "Falcon" с подсветкой, диаметр 400 мм.
Глобус для занятий по географии на подставке. Встроенная подсветка помогает увидеть даже самые мелкие детали. В комплект входит
4350 руб
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Ковш "Классика", 1 литр.
Ковш предназначен для приготовления пищи, долговечен и неприхотлив в эксплуатации. Изготавливается из нержавеющей (коррозионностойкой)
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Analysing alternatives for optimize Carbon balances within LULUCF. Land Management alternatives within Land Use and Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) in Basqueland, Spain Книга по Требованию PABLO L.
There will alwways be alternatives for reaching a more sustainable development, but some of them will be more costly than others.
2385 руб
Change Of Heart'Continuum' Japan [CD] { } ~54.00.00 89022 Бомба-М
779 руб
James Galway 'Wind of change' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 54318 BMG Russia
199 руб
Challenge and Change in Language Teaching Macmillan Publishers Willis D.
972 руб
Last Chance Saloon Penguin Group Keyes M.
659 руб
Mutabor: I'm Going to Change Die Gestalten Verlag Heinrich P.
The book contains not only finished projects, but as yet unpublished drafts, sketches and studies that served as inspiration for Mutabor' s creative process. The compelling images and insightful texts in I' m Going to Change reveal the approach and style of an internationally renowned design company. This insider' s view makes the book interesting for all designers, but especially those just beginning their careers. Mutabor is Latin and literally means "I' m Going to Change"; this broader collection of commercial work is so titled to reflect the company' s adaptability and range as well as its name. I' m Going to Change is a rich volume of over 300 pages that presents 99 Mutabor projects.
3987 руб
Giving: How Each Of Us Can Change The World Random House UK Bill C.
He writes about energy-efficient practices, about progressive companies going green, about promoting fair wages and decent working conditions around the world.
459 руб
Change of Heart Hodder&Stoughton Jodi P.
568 руб
2nd Chance Hachette Livre James P.
703 руб
Why Do Languages Change? Cambridge University Press Larry T.
It is not only words that change, every aspect of a language changes over time - pronunciation, word-meanings and grammar.
2443 руб
Time and Chance Random House, Inc. Sharon K.P.
457 руб
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Junior Novelisation Simon & Schuster
However, all that is about to change with his latest contraption, a miraculous food-making machine.
269 руб
E-learning for Change in a Large Organization. Identifying Problems And Opportunities In The Implementation Of E-learning Книга по Требованию Grete N.
The research identifies the long term factors that contributed to the sustainability of e-learning in this organization, and recommends that future e- learning implementations focus on e-learning as a complex artefact, specific roles in the implementation, and the challenge of integrating learning with work.
3191 руб
Managing Motivation and Job Satisfaction of Scientists. Impact of organisational change and transitions at a research institute Книга по Требованию Jonathan S.
This book should be useful to managers, policy makers and academics interested in understanding the impact of organisational change and transition on motivation and job satisfaction.
1981 руб
Leading Research in Technoscience. Insider social science in socio-technological change Книга по Требованию Vidar H.
A general framework for insider social research in Technoscience that integrates human, organizational and technological capabilities is fleshed out to help practitioners in similar situations.
3191 руб
The Physics of Language. Toward a Phase Transition of Language Change Книга по Требованию
This definition of functionalization includes, but is not bound, by the notion of grammaticalization and as such departs from its traditional linguistic use.
2747 руб
Enterprise Modelling. A Component-Based Approach to Design and Construction of Change Capable Manufacturing Cell Control Systems Книга по Требованию Radmehr P. M.
A new development of this modelling structure allows pre-modelled tasks to be selected, detailed and organised and suitable resources and reusable control system components (or building blocks) assigned to groups of tasks.
3215 руб
Communal Lands in the Semi-arid Region of Chile. Climate, Land Cover Change and Social Vulnerability to Drought Книга по Требованию Alejandro L.S.
Governmental response is reactive based on emergency relief, and there is no drought planning, nor consideration of differential levels of vulnerability.
1997 руб
Are there differences? . A cross-cultural study of gender stereotyping, social change and the self-concept: Comparing Egyptian and American women Two cultures and the self: Книга по Требованию Sherine R.
However, what is more important is to understand the cultural differnces that surround gender stereotyping and the formation of the self.
2403 руб
Grief and Organizational Change. A Qualitative Exploration of the Individual Emotional Experience Книга по Требованию Kerri K.
This study used drawings to access emotional responses to change.
2403 руб

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