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The Law of Privacy and the Media: Main Work and Second Cumulative Supplement

Формат:      Страниц 288
     мягкая обложка
Tugendhat M.    
Oxford University Press    
14418 руб
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Although intended as a practitioners' guide to the law, it includes a consideration of comparative and international jurisprudence, as well as leading academic writings on the subject, in order to elaborate the principles upon which privacy rights are based. These may helpfully guide the development of English law in the years ahead. At the heart of the book is an explanation of existing causes of action which may be used to protect personal privacy and practical advice on defences and remedies that may be available. It is recognized that recent legislation, most notably the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Human Rights Act 1998, has had a significant impact on the law in this area and full consideration is given to their application. A vast range of case law is also analysed, including the House of Lords judgment in Naomi Campbell v MGN Ltd , the European Court of Human Rights judgment in Von Hannover v Germany , and the Court of Appeal judgment in Douglas v Hello! . The Law of Privacy and the Media is essential reading for all those who act for or against the media, as well as all those with a general interest in the subject. The inclusion of the second cumulative supplement in this set brings the complete work up to date to August 2005. The book considers how the law protects the publication of personal information without undermining the fundamental principle of freedom of expression. - Brings together practical advice with detailed discussion of the underlying principles to provide an authoritative work of reference for practitioners and academics alike - Written and edited by a team of over 20 practitioners specializing in media and entertainment law who have been personally involved in most of the recent privacy cases which are considered in the book, therefore offering proven reliability and insider knowledge - The supplement updates the main work to August 2005, which makes it an essential point of reference for practitioners as well as academics A specialist team of barristers from Five Raymond Buildings (the media, entertainment and human rights chambers) have come together to write this timely consideration of the rapidly developing law of privacy in England and Wales.
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2008 руб
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955 руб
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1457 руб
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955 руб
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955 руб
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300 руб
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500 руб
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After a historical overview I briefly mention its connections to other principles. A. V. Dicey is the most important deputy of the rule of law notion and each British author mention him.
1878 руб

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