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A Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure

Формат:      Страниц 672
     мягкая обложка
Sprack J.    
Oxford University Press    
3411 руб
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It describes proceedings in the magistrates' court, including summary trial and committal for sentence, as well as the way in which the youth court operates. Committal and transfer for trial are clearly explained and the process by which serious offences are sent direct to the Crown Court is also studied. Trial on indictment is discussed in detail, as are sentencing and appeals. This new edition has been updated to incorporate the Criminal Procedure Rules 2005 and the impact of the Criminal Justice Act 2003. The books are also an excellent resource for those new to the law, where the expert overview and clear layout promotes clarity and ease of understanding. It explains what happens before the accused appears in court, the way in which prosecutions are commenced, funding by the criminal defence service, and bail. - Contains up-to-date information on new legislation including detailed analysis of the Criminal Procedure Rules 2005 and the impact of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 - Accessible guide for practitioners requiring a first point of reference without being swamped in detail - Recognised as a key text for students of criminal procedure - Format and contents reflect the radically changed landscape of criminal procedure New to this edition - Updated to incorporate the Criminal Procedure Rules 2005 and the impact of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 The A Practical Approach series is the perfect partner for practice work. Now in its eleventh edition, A Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure provides a clear and complete guide to the criminal process in England and Wales. Each title focuses on one field of the law and provides a comprehensive overview of the subject together with clear, practical advice and tips on issues likely to arise in practice.
Набор шкатулок для рукоделия, 3 штуки, 34x24x18 см, арт. 80832.
Набор включает в себя три шкатулки для рукоделия. Такие шкатулки послужат оригинальным, а главное, практичным подарком, в котором
2827 руб
Раздел: Шкатулки для рукоделия
Набор "Скорая помощь".
Набор "Скорая помощь" будет прекрасным подарком для любого ребенка, отлично подойдет для сюжетно-ролевых игр. Выполнен в виде
925 руб
Раздел: Наборы доктора
Игра Rory's Story Cubes "Кубики Историй: Путешествия".
Rory's Story Cubes - уникальная карманная игра, которая позволяет сочинять тысячи интересных историй! 10 миллионов сказок в
900 руб
Раздел: Развивающие игры с кубиками

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Эти факторы отдельно не выделяются и/или не оцениваются в отчетности предприятия, но служат реальным источником прибыли. Подход к оценке стоимости (appraisal approach)— общий способ определения стоимости, в рамках которого используется один или более методов оценки. Метод оценки стоимости (appraisal me hod)— способ определения стоимости, который варьируется в зависимости от подхода к оценке стоимости. Процедура оценки стоимости (appraisal procedure)— операции, способы и технические приемы при выполнении этапов метода оценки стоимости. ЦЕЛИ ОЦЕНКИ Метод оценки должен определяться причинами ее проведения. После определения причин возникновения оценки и прежде чем приступать к обсуждению подходов и методов, применяемых в процессе оценки бизнеса необходимо четко понимать, что весь процесс оценки напрямую зависит от причин ее побудивших и целей ею преследуемых. При этом один и тот же объект на одну дату обладает разной стоимостью в зависимости от целей его оценки, и следовательно стоимость определяется различными методами.

Communication for Business: Practical Approach Pearson Education (Longman) Taylor
The fourth edition of Communications for Business is a comprehensive textbook, workbook, and reference book rolled into one.
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A Practical Approach to Local Government Law Oxford University Press Sharland J.
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Municipal Environmental Liabilities Assessment. A Cost-Effective and Practical Approach Книга по Требованию
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The management of power systems has become more difficult than earlier because power systems are operated closer to security limits and environmental constraints restrict.
1894 руб
Cutting Edge: A Practical Approach to Task Based Learning Intermediate - Study Cassette 1: Аудиокассета.
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Cutting Edge Advanced Workbook No Key: A Practical Approach to Task Based Learning Cutting Edge Pearson Education (Longman)
Book*Listen and read and check your writing sections develop skills*Check your pronunciation sections develop confidence in typical problem areas*Do you remember pages provide a quick and enjoyable way to check progress The Workbook is accompanied by an optional Students' Audio CD featuring exercises on grammar and pronunciation. Cutting Edge Advanced Workbook consolidates and extends essential language covered in the Students' Book. *Vocabulary and Grammar sections revise areas covered in the Students'
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Galulue Faatasi: Working. A Community of Practice Approach Книга по Требованию Veronica O.
The development of culturally responsive training approaches is critical to the success of meeting not only the needs of these child care providers, but also their cultural values, practices, and beliefs.
1997 руб
A treatise on the law of court practice and procedure, civil and criminal, and procedure preliminary and incidental thereto under the code Книга по Требованию Kinkead E.B.
1455 руб
Blackstone's Criminal Practice 2006 (+ CD-ROM) Oxford University Press Murphy
17598 руб
The Law and Practice on Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration Proceedings: Evidence in Arbitration. An Eclectic Approach of Common Law and Civil Law Systems Книга по Требованию Magnum Y. W. N.
What factors should be considered if standardization is required?
1997 руб
A Critical Approach to Putting IC Theory Into Practice Intellectual Capital in Action. Книга по Требованию John D.
But often the benefits of managing IC are not realised and as a result the take-up of IC management practices in organisations has been slow.
2784 руб
A Comparative Law and Economics Approach to the Role of Criminal Law Consensual Sex and HIV/AIDS. Книга по Требованию Mulugeta A.
Several countries have criminalized intentional and/or reckless transmission of/exposure to HIV in consensual sex.
2008 руб
Electronic Portfolios in Educational Leadership. An Information and Communication Technology approach to promoting reflective practice and accountability Книга по Требованию Robert D.
The research set out to describe an effective electronic portfolio designed to promote professionalism, accountability and reflective practice, to outline its architecture and technical features and to carefully follow people as they worked on their personal growth as leaders through its use.
3234 руб
Practice in special proceedings in the courts of record of the state of New York under the Code of Civil Procedure and Statutes, with forms Книга по Требованию Fiero J.N.
2120 руб
Brief aids to the criminal law, with notes on the procedure and evidence Книга по Требованию Kershaw H.
500 руб

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