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Understanding Deviance

Формат:      Страниц 384
     мягкая обложка
Downes D.    
Oxford University Press    
1933 руб
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- A balanced and clear introduction which examines the major sociological theories of crime, deviance, and control, enabling students to gain a full and rounded understanding of the subject - International sources are drawn upon throughout, placing all significant theoretical developments in their European and American contexts, thereby enabling students to survey the wider issues in these areas - The important arguments, criticisms, and defences of the main sociological theories of crime and deviance are sympathetically reproduced, guiding students through the complexities of the subject New to this edition - Fully revised to offer up-to-date coverage of the issues of crime, deviance and theory in the early twenty-first century including additional commentary on post-modernist approaches, summaries of cultural criminology and more substantial assessments of contributions made by such authors as Laub and Sampson, and Gottfredson and Hirschi, to anomie, strain and control theories, and their implications for social policy. Downes and Rock's popular textbook, Understanding Deviance provides the reader with an indispensable guide to criminological theory. It sympathetically outlines the principal theories of crime and rule-breaking, discussing them chronologically, and placing them in their European and North American contexts, confronting major criticisms that have been voiced against them, and constructing defences where appropriate. The book has been thoroughly revised and brought up to date to include new issues of crime, deviance and theory in the early twenty-first century, and includes summaries of cultural criminology and the work of Laub and Sampson, and Gottfredson and Hirschi, on control theory.
Кружка фарфоровая "Морская волна", 375 мл.
Кружка. Объем: 375 мл. Материал: фарфор.
342 руб
Раздел: Кружки
Набор детской посуды "Транспорт" (3 предмета).
Набор детской посуды "Транспорт" в подарочной упаковке. В наборе 3 предмета: - кружка 240 мл; - тарелка 19 см; - миска 18
310 руб
Раздел: Наборы для кормления
Горка для ванной "Веселое купание".
"Веселое купание" - это удивительная водная горка, в виде спирали, по которой съезжают фигурки зверей на спасательных кругах и
569 руб
Раздел: Игровые и разнопредметные наборы
English Grammar Ed. 3-rd - 476 с. Understanding and Using: Longman Group UK Limited Кашкин С.Ю., Четвериков А.О.
600 руб
Active Listening 3 Expanding Understanding through Content Student's Book Active Listening. Student's Book Cambridge University Press Helgesen
By activating students' knowledge of a topic before they listen, the text gives them a frame of reference to make intelligent predictions about what they will hear. The listening activities are content-based, drawing on real information from a variety of sources. Expanding Skills for Understanding is the intermediate level of the Active Listening series. This book helps students listen for gist and specific information, to make inferences and to progress to content-based activities.
161 руб
Understanding Phonology Hodder & Stoughton
1378 руб
Understanding & Using English Grammar with Answer Key Understanding & Using Pearson Betty S.A.
244 руб
Understanding & Using English Grammar 3Ed Student Text, Full Pearson
895 руб
Understanding & Using English Grammar 3Ed Workbook, Volume A Pearson
430 руб
Talk to the Snail: Ten commandments for understanding the French Transworld Publishers Stephen C.
686 руб
New Essays Concerning Human Understanding Книга по Требованию Gottfried W.L.
5 руб
An Analysis of Sustainability in Business. Understanding Sustainability Indices in the Brazilian Market Книга по Требованию Camila V.
Painful choices in the decision-making process of companies will be made to reach a new sustainable path.
2385 руб
Understanding Interpretive Nuance In Piano Performance. Through Aural/Visual Feedback Книга по Требованию Kathleen R.
Over the last several years, the use of MIDI instruments and music sequencing software has increased in music composition and performance as well as a teaching tool.
2385 руб
2403 руб
Understanding the Electronic Monitoring of Offenders. Commercial Criminal Justice in England and Wales Книга по Требованию Craig P.
Since the 1980s the British government has promoted the role of the private security industry within criminal justice.
1997 руб
The Work of Teaching. Understanding Teacher Development of Kindergarten Teachers in Hong Kong Книга по Требованию Yuen-ling L.
Nine case studies were carried out.
3215 руб
Voluntary Knowledge Sharing Model (VKS). A cybernetic approach towards understanding voluntarily knowledge sharing in groups, organizations and communities Книга по Требованию Suleman L.
Hiring the best brains available in the world and installing the most modern computer equipment would not ensure an innovative organization.
1997 руб
This book investigates the reasons for the AU’s emerging resistance and concludes that, while the AU is not averse to individual criminal accountability for perpetrators of gross violations of human rights in the Region, its cooperation with the international criminal justice may continue to be adversely affected by: (1) the involvement of the West in armed conflicts in Africa; (2) selectivity and exclusion in the administration of international criminal justice; (3) the UNSC’s non-intervention to prevent humanitarian disaster during conflicts in the African region; and (4) improper timing of indictments and lack of recognition of traditional African conflict resolution mechanisms as an integral part of the body of international criminal accountability.
3215 руб
Phase Equilibria in Ni-P-Sn and Binary Subsystems. Understanding the Reactions between Sn-based Solders and ENIG Surfaces Книга по Требованию Clemens S.
In the light of these new results a number of ambiguities in the existing solder-related literature are addressed.
3215 руб
The Gift and the Understanding of God Книга по Требованию
This book tries to meet the demand focusing on two contrasting postmodern features: the impossibility of the gift in Derrida and unconditional givenness in Marion engaging with the critical response of Milbank.
2403 руб
Understanding Leadership Enactment in Early Childhood Education and Care Книга по Требованию
However what emerges is a culture defined by aspects of niceness juxtaposed with elements of horizontal violence.
3234 руб
Learning and Change in Rural Regions. Understanding Influences on Sense of Place Книга по Требованию
This book presents a PhD thesis about how people develop attachments to places and what this means for natural resource management.
3234 руб
A Successful Arab-American Marketing Strategy. Understanding Entrepreneurship Книга по Требованию
This book will help to understand the phenomenon of the marketing strategy that mitigates obstacles and leads to successful entrepreneurship.
2784 руб

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