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Managing Successful Universities

Shattock M.    
Open University Press    
2001 руб
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Сумка-мини для раскрашивания "Модница" (контур-серебро).
В комплекте: сумка с контурным рисунком, 12 маркеров, украшения для декорирования. Размер: 22х12х7 см.
520 руб
Раздел: Косметички, кошельки
Картридж струйный, №122, черный.
Оригинальный чернильный картридж для струйных принтеров HP Deskjet 1050/ 2050/ 2050s. Цвет чернил - черный. Ресурс - 120 страниц при 5% заполнении.
1014 руб
Раздел: Картриджи для струйных принтеров
Светильник "Плазма №4".
Размер светильника: 19х11х11 см. Диаметр лампы - 9 см. Плазменный светильник в виде шара на подставке, при включении создаёт внутри
814 руб
Раздел: Необычные светильники

Перепрошивка BIOS видеокарт с чипами GeForce (GeForce 256, GeForce2, GeForce3) Введение В данном материале я хочу рассказать вам о процедуре изменения и последующей перепрошивки BIOS (от англ. Basic I pu -Ou pu Sys em — Базовая Система Ввода-Вывода) видеокарт класса GeForce, GeForce2 и GeForce3 от VIDIA. Как вы уже, наверное, знаете, BIOS — один из самых важных элементов функционирования карты, поэтому вопрос его «замены», по-моему, более чем серьезен. Мы уже обращались к этой теме, когда рассматривали перепрошивку BIOS на более ранних чипах серии 2, однако жизнь вносит свои коррективы, появляется новое железо, новое программное обеспечение, и пришло время к теме вернуться, на этот раз для семейства GeForce/GeForce2/GeForce3. Тем, кто не читал прошлый материал, я рекомендую ознакомиться с ним — в свое время он был довольно известен в Рунете, читавшие же его ранее также найдут для себя нечто новое (я надеюсь главное, чтобы через (у нас установлено в 10) секунд машина автоматически пыталась прошить оригинальный e d:failed vflash my.bi GO O E d:e dco fig.sys:ME UI EM = success, Bios successfully cha gedME UI EM = failed, Bios cha ge is FAILED!ME UDEFAUL = failed, 10 Внимательно проверяем наличие всего необходимого еще раз и приступаем непосредственно к процедуре модификации/перепрошивки.

Essential Managers: Creating A Successful CV (Curriculum Vitae) DKManagm Dorling Kindersley Simon H.
The instant reference library of management tips and techniques Understand the role and importance of CVs and learn how to analyze and present your transferable skills.
316 руб
United States Grants to Universities. Factors for Success in Obtaining Funding Книга по Требованию
Only a few recent studies have attempted to systematically investigate the behaviors that lead to federal grant awards.
1997 руб
Improving ICT Management in Public Universities in Kenya. Answers to the problems arising from the rapid introduction and use of the new technology Книга по Требованию Gregory W.
Three case studies are examined, one in which the problem space was conceived and formulated, and the model solution developed, and two case studies where the model solution was applied Much is expected from them by other organizations to provide leadership in the management and utilization of the new technology in addition to scholarship and research in ICT.
3234 руб
Successful Automotive Testing. Information Management - Success Factor for Efficient and Effective Test Labs Книга по Требованию Gerald S.
OEMs extend their product ranges in order to hold their market shares.
3234 руб
Self-Development and Time-Management Skills. A Basic Need for Successful Living in the Twenty-first Century and the Globalized World economy Книга по Требованию Kinfe A.G.
In this planet, you are born uniquely with a mission of many accomplishments.
2784 руб
Cost-sharing in Ghana's Public Universities. Examining the impacts of tuition fees on access, equity and success. Книга по Требованию James A.
Researchers, policy-makers, students and all individuals interested in Sociology, as well as Economics and Finance of Higher Education particularly in developing countries would find this study insightful.
1894 руб
Successful Project Management in a Week Teach Yourself Hodder&Stoughton Manser M.
So what are you waiting for?
974 руб
Managing the Research University Oxford University Press Dean O. S.
Many, but certainly not all, university research administrators come from the faculty ranks, and many have little or no formal training in this role.
4818 руб
Managing Media Companies: Harnessing Creative Value John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) Aris A.
2870 руб
Managing In The Next Society Butterworth-Heinemann Peter D.
It goes to scrutinize the unprecendented demographic, economic and sociological transforms of recent times to present an outline of ' The Next Society' - which in turn points to a challenging, provocative and at times disturning view of the future.
1569 руб
Successful Writing Proficiency. Student's Book. Учебник Skills Express Publishing Virginia E.
878 руб
Designing & Managing Supply Chain (+ CD-ROM) McGraw-Hill David S.
At the same time, motivated by new developments in industry, they added material on a variety of topics new to the book while increasing the coverage of others.
3532 руб
Handbook Of Courses Open To Women In British, Continental And Canadian Universities (1896) Книга по Требованию Isabel M.
500 руб
Successful Presentation Skills Kogan Page Andrew B.
It includes tips on building confidence, understanding body language and using visual aids effectively.
561 руб
Aging effect on successful reactive-recovery from unexpected slips. A 3D lower extremity joint moment analysis Книга по Требованию Jian L.
Improved understanding of age-related biomechanical characteristics in response to unexpected slip perturbations would enhance our ability to identify the successful reactive-recovery mechanisms involved in slip and fall accidents.
1981 руб
The Mission and Vision Statements of Ten Historically Black Colleges and Universities. A Content Analysis Study Книга по Требованию
Does your institution' s mission statement attract the perspective African American student? This study examined the mission, vision Mission, vision and purpose statements are the foundation of what makes an institution attractive to a perspective student.
2747 руб
The Performance of the Mexico-U.S. Environmental Regime. Managing the Water of the Rio Grande and the Colorado River Книга по Требованию Carlos F. L.F.
First, there is no clear separation of international and domestic as would be implied by sovereignty thesis of neorealism.
3215 руб
Innovative Management. Methodologies for Managing New Product Development and Innovation Книга по Требованию Yao-Tsung K.
Design Structure Matrix (DSM), Concurrent Engineering (CE), Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM), Fuzzy Set Theory (FST), and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) are integrated and conduct useful tools and methods for managing NPD.
2403 руб
Critical Thinking in the L2 Literature Classroom in Thai Universities. Conceptions and Pedagogical Practices Книга по Требованию Sukanya K.
The empirical research findings provide an understanding of teachers’ conceptions and expectations for ‘critical thinking’ as well as documenting their actual pedagogical practices relevant to promoting students’ critical thinking skill.
3215 руб
Managing Risk in Financial Markets. A Quantitative Approach Книга по Требованию Alysa V. S.
First, an innovative modeling approach is introduced, allowing for more precise estimates of short- and long-run relationships between obligor ratings and idiosyncratic and systematic risk factors.
2769 руб

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