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Английский язык для языковых вузов

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Английский язык для языковых вузов

Teaching & Researching Autonomy in Language Learning

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Все хорошие книги сходны в одном, - когда вы дочитаете до конца, вам кажется, что все это случилось с вами, и так оно навсегда при вас и останется.
Глобус Земли, физико-политический, с подсветкой, 320 мм, арт. К013200101.
Глобус Земли физико-политический, с подсветкой, работает от сети. Диаметр: 320 мм. На пластиковой подставке. Не рельефный. Цвет подставки
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Раздел: Глобусы
Щётка "York. Престиж", с резиновой щетиной и черенком.
Щетка "Prestige" с мягкой резиновой щетиной и со специальной резиновой кромкой, легко очищает поверхность. Она легко смывается
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Раздел: Щётки для пола, веники

Вольво, система охлаждения
Министерство Сельского Хозяйства Российской Федерации Департамент кадровой политики и образования Московский государственный агроинженерный университет имени В.П. Горячкина Кафедра иностранных языков Курсовая работа. Выполнил: Потапов В.В. Проверил: Кулешов А.В. Москва, 2004г. Содержание: he his ory of Volvo (английский оригинал) Cooli g sys em (английский оригинал) he seve s ep pa h o be er decisio s (английский оригинал) История Вольво (перевод) Система охлаждения (перевод) Семь способов принятия верных решений (перевод) he his ory of Volvo. he Volvo 1800 was superseded by he 1800 ES spor s coupe i 1971, while he 140 series was replaced by he moder 240/260 hree years la er. I he USA, he Volvo 240 was desig a ed as he s a dard for car safe y. I 1972, Volvo acquired he car divisio of Du ch carmakers DAF a d he Volvo 343 was i roduced four years la er. 1970 - Volvo's firs Spo sorship he Volvo Accide Research eam for cars was es ablished. I addi io o mo i ori g crash es i g of comple e cars a d compo e s i he labora ory, Volvo researchers were ow able o ga her valuable i forma io o real-life accide s. Field i ves iga io s were compleme ed by s a is ics.

Principles of Language Learning and Teaching Pearson
5 руб
Understanding Research in Second Language Learning Cambridge Language Teaching Library Cambridge University Press James D.B.
By the end of the book, readers will be able to make knowledgeable judgments about the relative qualities of a study and to assess the value of the results of a study in relation to a specific language teaching situation.
2199 руб
Games for Language Learning Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers Cambridge University Press Wright
The structure of the book has also been revised so that the games are now grouped in a more teacher-friendly format where teachers can search based on language and skill criteria rather than just game type.
1747 руб
The Calla Handbook: Implementing the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach package Pearson
1093 руб
Teaching & Researching Speaking Pearson
3707 руб
Teaching the Spoken Language Cambridge University Press
935 руб
Automated Joke Explanation Generation. A Study of Second Language Learning Using Word Ambiguity and Joke Explanation Generation Книга по Требованию
The system creates an explanation to a given joke which is generated by the STANDUP project system, developed at the University of Edinburgh.
1997 руб
Linguistic Minority Children' s Heritage Language Learning and Identity Struggle Raising Ambi-lingual Children. Книга по Требованию Hyu-Yong P.
The author highlights that the Korean American children' s (ethnolinguistic) identity is ruptured by the domination of host language (i. e. , English); furthermore, their hybrid identity is attributed to their parents’ ambition for bilingual learning for academic success and bicultural adaptation to both distinct societies, Korea and the U. S. The author also discusses many concurrent issues associated with the ambitious project for bilingualism: i) the dominance of English in the era of globalization, ii) the English-learning fever in Korea; and iii) ideolization and reproduction of social discourses in school in terms of pedagogic discourse. The discussions of this book may help immigrant parents and ESL (English as a Second Language) educators to understand why immigrant children struggle in their identity formation and why it is important to deal with the issues of linguistic imperialism and ecology of language. In this book, the author examines the issues of the unequal power relationship between languages and the consequent heritage language loss and identity struggle, especially in the case of Korean linguistic minority children (LMC) in the United States.
2784 руб
Multiple Intelligences, Oral Communication and Language Learning. Using a multiple intelligences-based training programme to develop English majors' oral communication skills in Egypt Книга по Требованию Mahmoud A.
A training programme utilised four intelligences according to which all learning activities and tasks were designed.
3234 руб
EFL Teachers' Language Learning Experiences and Beliefs. A Case Study in China Книга по Требованию Zhen Z.
Interpretation of the findings relied on a grounded theory approach.
2008 руб
Teaching a Foreign Language at Pre-School Age. Introduction of Exercises for Kindergarten Age Children Книга по Требованию Eva B.
In our crowded world we need to find the right way how we can make easier our children' s school years. In more and more countries foreign languages are taught in kindergartens. The aim of these "language courses" is not to make children to learn (or acquire? ) a target language perfectly, but to establish them a certain phonetical basis and a basic vocabulary to help their later real language learning. But other general skills can also be developed like the sense of rythm, drawing, creativity. I tried to collect a bunch of active and passive exercises which are usable for the 5-8 agegroup. These playful exercises only develop the listening and speaking skills. There are several facts we need to take into consideration. Besides them the kids' fields of interest, the most suitable time for the lessons, ocurrent behavioural problems etc.
2008 руб
Acquisition of Modern Foreign Languages in Post-Primary Education. Attitudes to Equality in Language Learning Книга по Требованию Peter M.
The research is examined from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective.
1878 руб
Memory Activities for Language Learning with CD-ROM (+ CD-ROM) Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers Cambridge University Press Bilbrough N.
This book will help teachers discover what makes language memorable, as well as how to optimize learners' language memory by engaging and developing their abilities to recognize, notice, store, retrieve and reactivate language. Recent developments in psycholinguistics and corpus linguistics, including a renewed focus on the importance of acquiring a critical mass of lexis and phraseology as soon as possible, have made this practical advice even more critical. Photocopiable material for use in the classroom can be printed out from the accompanying CD-ROM. Alongside listening, speaking, reading and writing, memory underpins every aspect of successful language learning. Memory Activities for Language Learning explores the cognitive processes of memory and provides a bank of activities to facilitate their development.
2232 руб
Ideas for Integrating Technology in the Classroom Language Learning with Technology. Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers Cambridge University Press Stanley G.
Language Learning with Technology is for teachers interested in integrating technology into their classroom practice.
2071 руб
Technology Enhanced Language Learning Oxford University Press Walker A.
It helps you become more familiar with technology tools you can use in class, and gives you a better understanding of how to use them for language learning.
2483 руб
Second Language Learning in the Early School Years: Trends and Contexts Oxford Applied Linguistics Oxford University Press
The discussion focuses on learning contexts that intersect with educational provision in the early school years and a comparison of L2 outcomes across those contexts.
2702 руб
Teacher Research in Language Teaching: A Critical Analysis Cambridge Applied Linguistics Cambridge University Press Borg
The author goes on to explore the process which teachers go through in learning to do research, and the research cultures within teaching institutions.
2553 руб
Trends in Teaching, Research, Service, and Job Satisfaction, 1993-2004 Female Faculty Experiences in the New Millennium. Книга по Требованию Parveen A.
Trends in Teaching, Research, Service, and Job Satisfaction, 1993-2004” explores the experiences of female faculty at the start of the millennium. “Female Faculty Experiences in the New Millennium:
3234 руб
The teaching of foreign languages, principles and methods Книга по Требованию Kirkman F.B.
596 руб
The Illustrated National Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language Книга по Требованию Language E.
1147 руб

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