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Fast Food Nation

Формат:      Страниц 400
     мягкая обложка
Schlosser E.    
Penguin Group    
375 руб
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But do you really know what you’re eating? This myth-shattering book tells the story of America and the world’s infatuation with fast food, from its origins in 1950s southern California to the global triumph of a handful of burger and fried chicken chains. Britain eats more fast food than any other country in Europe. In a meticulously researched and powerfully argued account, Eric Schlosser visits the labs where scientists re-create the smell and taste of everything – from cooked meat to fresh strawberries; talks to the workers at abattoirs with some of the worst safety records in the world; explains exactly where the meat comes from and just why the fries taste so good; and looks at the way the fast food industry is transforming not only our diet but our landscape, economy, workforce and culture. Both funny and terrifying, Fast Food Nation will make you think, but more than that, it might make you realize you don’t want a quick bite after all. You are what you eat. Rates of obesity and food poisoning spiral upwards, but it seems we just can’t get enough of those tasty burgers and fries.
Шкатулка Alparaisa СД-0070/3 "Sweet love", 12,5x13x9 см.
Размеры: 12,5x13x9 см. Шкатулка из искусственной кожи. Встроенное зеркало. Выдвижной ящичек. Отделения для украшений и мелких предметов.
481 руб
Раздел: Шкатулки сувенирные
Настенно-потолочный светильник "KADIA" FBR12 013, E27, 60W, 220V.
Светильник серии KADIA оформлен в стиле Модерн. Светильник состоит из матового белого плафона с декором в виде прозрачного хрусталя и
338 руб
Раздел: Светильники потолочные
Муфта для коляски Bambola (шерстяной мех + плащевка + кнопки), серая.
Муфта на ручку коляски очень легко одевается и защищает Ваши руки от холода. Ткань муфты водоотталкивающая, она утеплена мехом и небольшим
489 руб
Раздел: Муфты на ручку

Германия. Кулинарные традиции
Зато в районе Вюрцбурга колбасы к ярмаркам делают метровой длины и аккуратно сворачивают их кольцами. Так называемая пивная колбаса (Bierwurs ) на самом деле производится без пива, но отлично с ним сочетается - возможно, благодаря своему здоровому чесночному аромату. Зато в "ветчинной" колбасе (Schi ke wurs ) не менее половины объема фарша действительно приходится на ветчину с беконом. Для популярной в Швабии "крестьянской" колбасы (Bauer bra wurs ) фарш готовят из разных видов свинины - сырой, вяленой и копченой. В немецкой деревне свежайшие кровяные (Blu wurs ) и ливерные (Leberwurs ) колбасы - верный признак недавнего забоя свиней. В Тюрингии, например, любят покрошить ливерную колбасу в овощной суп, а обычные свиные колбаски здесь подрумянивают на гриле, сбрызгивая пивом (для большего аромата) или холодной водой (чтобы корочка была хрустящей). По традиции местные жители предпочитают обходиться без вилки и ножа, укладывая свои колбаски в разрезанную пополам булку - вот вам и классический fas food. Кстати, о классике. Вездесущий ныне хот-дог считается бесспорным символом американской модели питания - быстро и удобно, с ним легко управиться одной рукой.

Fast Food Nation (film) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1599 руб
Fast Food (Video Game) Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
In the game, the player controls a pair of disembodied lips, similar to a Chattery Teeth toy. The game' s manual gives the name of the lips as Mighty Mouth. Various fast food menu items fly across the screen and the teeth earns points by catching them. The player must avoid eating the purple pickles. After eating 6 purple pickles, the screen is replaced by large text reading "BURP", followed by "CLOSED". As the player acquires more points, the speed of the game increases. The transitions between speeds are indicated by the text "YOU' RE GETTING FATTER! " Fast Food is a video game for the Atari 2600 developed by Telesys and released in 1982.
1315 руб
Модель автомобиля "Fast food"
Цвет в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
176 руб
The use and need of the life of Carry A. Nation Книга по Требованию Nation C.A.
955 руб
The national fast. A sermon, preached at Coldwater, Mich., January 4, 1861 Книга по Требованию Hovey H.C.
495 руб
Food Journeys of a Lifetime National Geographic Society National G.
Learning to cook delicious Chinese dumplings in Beijing or munching on hand-picked apples amid Vermont' s fall foliage? Whatever your taste, "Food Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe" will have something on the menu for you. In addition, "Food Journeys of a Lifetime" will provide detailed, practical travel information to help make your dream food pilgrimage a reality. So what' s your pleasure? A pastrami sandwich in one of New York' s bustling delicatessens or homemade jerk chicken from a local street vendor in Jamaica? For those who appreciate the pleasures of the table, there are no happier reasons to travel than to explore the world' s great culinary traditions.
3234 руб
The Puzzle Craze That s Sweeping the Nation: Vol. 6: B. 2 (editor Adams M. ) (на англ. яз. ) Life Picture Puzzle: Time Inc.
349 руб
England History of a Nation Geddes & Grosset Ross D.
225 руб
Wales History Of A Nation Geddes & Grosset
225 руб
Fast Women Macmillan Publishers Crusie J.
5 руб
Teacher' s Book with photocopiable Unit and Progress Tests Fast Track to CAE: Fast Track to CAE Pearson Education (Longman) Stanton A.
1170 руб
Food Pearson Peter M.
516 руб
The Food of Love Little, Brown and Company Anthony C.
375 руб
Comfort Food Hodder&Stoughton Jacobs K.
Sabrina, her fickle daughter; Troy, Sabrina' s ex-husband; Anna, Gus' s timid neighbor; and Carmen, Gus' s pompous and beautiful competitor at the Cooking Channel. And when she begins to have more than collegial feelings for her sous-chef, Gus realizes that she might be able to rejuvenate not just her professional life, but her personal life as well. . . But instead of just preaching to the foodie masses, she will teach regular people how to make rich, sensuous meals-real people making real food. What she needs is time on her own with enough distance to give her loved ones the ingredients to put together successful lives without her. Assisted by a handsome up-and-coming chef, Oliver, Gus invites a select group to take an on-air cooking class. Gus decides to bring a vibrant cast of friends and family on the program: Shortly before turning the big 5-0, boisterous party planner and Cooking with Gusto! personality Augusta "Gus" Simpson finds herself planning a birthday party she' d rather not-her own. She' s getting tired of being the hostess, the mother hen, the woman who has to plan her own birthday party.
481 руб
Food for Thought Penguin Readers 3 Pearson Pauline F.
But when he finds himself in the middle of a disagreement about GM (genetically-modified) crop trials, life becomes more interesting.
433 руб
Машины/Fast cars Календарь 2009. Кристина & К°
5 руб
Календарь на 2010 год. Машины/FAST CARS Кристина & К°
5 руб
Corea the Hermit Nation Книга по Требованию William E.G.
This book covers Korean ancient and modern history (to 1904), politics, culture, and relations with France, Japan, China, Russia.
5 руб
The Food Problem Книга по Требованию Vernon K.
5 руб
The Relation Of Food To Health And Premature Death Книга по Требованию George H. T.
5 руб

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