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The Rough Guide Map London

Penguin Group    
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The 2nd edition Rough Guide Map London combines clear modern mapping and bang-up-to-date research, and is the essential companion to anyone travelling around this vibrant city. The Rough Guide Map pinpoints the best the city has to offer, from the London Eye to St Paul's Cathedral. The useful 'Time Map' charts the opening days and times of all the city's sights. The map's detailed transport information and clear layout will help you make the most of the tubes, buses and taxis which serve the city.
Фломастеры-аэрозоль "Blowpens", 10 цветов.
Фломастеры-аэрозоль являются большим развлечением и забавой для самых маленьких. Развивают детское воображение и творческие способности.
447 руб
Раздел: 7-12 цветов
Игровой набор "Золушка" №2.
Это замечательный набор для маленькой хозяйки. В нем все настоящее, только маленького размера. Этой шваброй по-настоящему можно мыть полы,
377 руб
Раздел: Уборка дома
Набор 3D-ручек "Вертикаль. Неон", зеленый, оранжевый, 2 штуки.
Благодаря набору 3D ручек "Вертикаль" , объемное рисование станет еще интересней! Теперь можно не только создать трехмерный
1898 руб
Раздел: 3D-ручки и наборы

Игровые технологии в процессе преподавания иностранных...
Затем один из учащихся класса пересказывает все, что он узнал об этой личности. Эту игру можно провести в форме пресс-конференции по определенной теме с участием «известных людей» с неограниченным количеством журналистов, представляющих разные издания. Игра «Guide me rough he ow » Ввести эту игру не составляло особого труда: многие ученики уже совершили путешествия в другие города, еще больше у них было планов eacher I k ow ha comi g holidays you are goi g o visi he ow of . Le me guide he ow . I wa o see how you ca follow he direc io of he guide. (План воображаемого города был размножен заранее.) Ready? 55

The Rough Guide Map Amsterdam Penguin Group
310 руб
Crete: Rough Guide Map Penguin Group
Points of interest are highlighted, including the palace at Knossos and dozens of other Minoan, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian sites.
379 руб
Greece: Rough Guide Map Penguin Group
263 руб
Portugal: Rough Guide Map Penguin Group
263 руб
The Rough Guide Map Paris Penguin Group
229 руб
The Rough Guide Map to Spain & Portugal Rough Guide Country/Region Map Rough Guides
235 руб
Rough Guide Map to the Algrave Rough Guide City Maps Rough Guides
343 руб
Rough Guide Map Brittany Rough Guides
Brittany is one of the most popular regions of France, with highlights including Mont-St-Michel and the medieval city of Rennes.
343 руб
Athens. Rough Guides Maps Penguin Group
The Rough Guide Map Athens pin-points the best the city has to offer, from the spectacular Acropolis and the National Archieological Museum to the flee markets of Monastiraki.
274 руб
The Rough Guide to Bob Dylan End. 2 (на англ.яз.) Rough Guides Ltd. Williamson N.
498 руб
The Rough Guide to the Da Vinci Code: History. Legends. Locations Rough Guides Ltd Хааг М.,Хааг В.
390 руб
Russian: The Rough Guide Phrasebook Penguin Group
This fully-revised third edition includes 16-pages of additional scenario material, from asking for directions and paying the restaurant bill to checking local train times and ordering a shot of vodka.
271 руб
Handy Street Map London HarperCollins Publishers
A London map to cover all eventualities.
156 руб
The Rough Guide to British Cult Comedy Rough Guides Julian H.
Comedy Stories looks at the highs and lows of performing live comedy with tales of the rowdiest hecklers and strangest audiences.
531 руб
Paddington's Guide to London HarperCollins UK Bond M.
509 руб
The Rough Guide to The Loire Valley Rough Guide Travel Guides Rough Guides McConnachie J.
661 руб
The Rough Guide to China Rough Guide Travel Guides Rough Guides Leffman D.
The Rough Guide to China is the definitive guidebook to one of the world’s most fascinating and rapidly changing travel destinations.
343 руб
The Rough Guide to Puerto Rico Rough Guide Travel Guides Rough Guides Keeling S.
The full-colour introduction will inspire you with stunning photography of the “things not to miss” from the cosmopolitan city of San Juan to the exotic flora and fauna of the Caribbean National Forest.
343 руб
The Rough Guide to Buenos Aires Rough Guide Travel Guides Rough Guides Benson A.
Move on to read lively accounts of every attraction from walking along the Avenida de Mayo to enjoying dinner in a typical "parrillada. " The guide provides detailed coverage of the outlying suburbs of San Isidro, Olivos and the Paraná Delta as well as destinations further afield – San Antonio de Areco and estancias in the Pampas, and Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. With colour sections on tango and football, the guide explores the city’s rich history and intense culture; includes detailed information on where to shop to where to see the best tango shows; gives practical information on accommodation and transportation; and, of course, reviews all the best places to eat and drink. With the clearest maps of any guide, be sure your trip to “the Pearl” of South America is one not to forget with this ultimate guide. ke the most of your time with The Rough Guide to Buenos Aires. Flick through the introduction for an overview on where to go and what to see, from cosmopolitan architecture and stunning mansions to long coffee klatches, where you can soak up this energetic city whilst enjoying the finest coffee.
696 руб
The Rough Guide to the Royals Rough Guides McConnachie J.
It casts a quizzical eye over the current royal family, from former Olympic horse rider Anne and industry ambassador Andrew to current favourites William and Kate.
568 руб

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