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You Shall Know Our Velocity! (B)

Eggers D.    
Penguin Group    
425 руб
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Чтение хороших книг открывает нам затаенные в нашей собственной душе мысли.
Флэш-диск "Glossy", 16Gb, оранжевый.
Флэш-накопитель USB Flash Drive SmartBuy Glossy предназначен для хранения и переноса цифровых данных. Совместим с любым считывающим
534 руб
Раздел: Более 8 Гб
Ретро трубка к мобильному устройству.
Совместима с телефонами, ноутбуками и планшетными компьютерами, имеющими гнездо для подключения гарнитуры диаметром 3,5
383 руб
Раздел: Гарнитуры и трубки
Бизнес-организатор, на магните, розовый.
Материал: кожзам. Цвет: розовый. Размер: 18x13 см.
527 руб
Раздел: Органайзеры, наборы

Структурно-семантические особенности видо-временных форм английского глагола в синхронном и...
Действие в будущем также может быть выражено модальным составным сказуемым. Как правило, в этом случае используются глаголы scula и willa , несущие на себе модальное значение, в сочетании с инфинитивом: OE.: “forpжm ge sculo wepa ” – E.:“ herefore you shall weep”, или – OE.: “gif ge willap mi um bebodum gehyrsum ia ” – E.:“if you wa o obey my orders”. Данный способ передачи будущего времени является источником и прототипом образования формы будущего времени в современном английском языке, но в древнеанглийский период основной функцией составного сказуемого с глаголами, обладающими модальным значением, является не передача временного значения – сами глаголы scula и willa имеют свое четкое лексическое значение: scula – долженствования, willa – желания. Различные оттенки значения прошедшего времени. Форма прошедшего времени в древнеанглийский период употребляется для обозначения различных действий совершенных или совершаемых в прошлом, включая действия передаваемые в современном английском языке формами прошедшего длительного, прошедшего совершенного, настоящего совершенного времен и другими аналитическими формами глаголов.

50 Artists You Should Know. From Giotto to Warhol Prestel Thomas K.
Additional information helps readers locate the artist' s work online and in museums, a glossary of important terms, and sidebars highlighting relevant movements and techniques. Arranged chronologically, the selection of artists includes every major artistic movement and development since the Gothic period, giving readers a clear understanding of the evolution of the visual arts. Perfect for casual reading or easy reference, this accessible overview is a fun and practical art history lesson that everyone can enjoy. The entries are presented in an eye-catching format that includes brief biographies, time lines, and critical analyses. This vibrant reference guide profiles 50 major artists alongside their representative works.
1747 руб
50 Fashion Designers You Should Know Prestel Simone W.
An essential reference for any fashion lover, student or budding designer.
1747 руб
50 Modern Artists You Should Know Prestel Christiane W.
Fascinating biographical and anecdotal information about each artist is provided alongside large reproductions of their most celebrated works, stunning details, and images of the artists themselves.
1229 руб
50 Photos You Should Know Prestel Finger B.
Including images recording humankind conquering the air, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbing Mount Everest, and the attack on the World Trade Center, this volume features double-page spreads that create a visual timeline.
1754 руб
50 Architects you Should Know Prestel Kuhl I.
A concise and accessible architectural history, this book is a fascinating look at the enormous variety of ways architects have helped to define their eras.
1087 руб
Portraits. 50 Paintings You Should Know Prestel Finger B.
1690 руб
The Time Team Guide to the History of Britain. Everything You Need to Know About Our History Since 650 000 BC Transworld Publishers Taylor T.
And how did a nation as small as Britain come to command such a vast empire?
948 руб
Spooks 'Faster than you know' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 54059 UniversalMusic
199 руб
You Don't Know Me Pearson
1156 руб
Devil You Know Little, Brown and Company Carey M.
176 руб
1100 Words You Need to Know Barron's Ed Murray B.
A special feature is the authors' Panorama of Words, in which each of the book' s 1100 words is presented in a sentence from a well-known novel, play, poem, or other literary source.
518 руб
Fifty Things You Need to Know About British History HarperCollins UK Hugh W.
If you could choose the 50 things that define British history, events of significance not only in themselves, but in their importance to wider themes running through the country' s past, what would they be? Hugh Williams has made that selection, and the result is a fascinating overview of Britain' s past. He refines British history into a series of key themes that represent a crucial strand in the nation' s history, and pinpoints the seminal events within those strands - Roots: from the Roman invasion to Britain' s entry into the Common Market; Fight: from the Battle of Agincourt to the Falklands War; The Pursuit of Liberty: from the Magna Carta through the Glorious Revolution to the foundation of the NHS; Home and Abroad: from Sir Francis Drake and Clive of India to the arrival of the SS Empire Windrush; and All Change: from Chaucer and the English language to the invention of the web.
5 руб
I Know What You Did Last Summer Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Kevin Williamson, writer of ?
1395 руб
The More You Know Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The spots feature personalities from various NBC shows.
1599 руб
Prose you ought to know Книга по Требованию Howard J.R.
955 руб
Our resident birds and how to know them Книга по Требованию Elms E.F.
500 руб
Our country's animals and how to know them. A guide to the mammals, reptiles and amphibians of Great Britain Книга по Требованию Gordon W.J.
955 руб
Some Things You Need to Know Before the World Ends Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Some Things You Need to Know Before the World Ends (A Final Evening with the Illuminati) is a comedy by Larry Larson and Levi Lee, first performed in 1981 at the Nexus Theatre in Atlanta Georgia.
1123 руб
Legendary Musicians Photographed by Herb Wise People You'd Like to Know: Omnibus Press Herbert W.
Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Joan Baez, Taj Mahal, John Lee Hooker, Ray Charles, Steve Winwood, Blondie and many more are all featured, performing or relaxing, onstage and off. The pictures were all taken by Herb Wise, a man who learned his craft from his friend David Gahr, the revered photographer of American folk music performers. Gradually Herb Wise too became a fixture at many of the leading music festivals and, over the years, his easy, unobtrusive style resulted in a wealth of revealing and affectionate photographs. This superb new collection of photographs shows a fascinating variety of blues, folk and rock performers as they appeared at events across North America during the second half of the 20th century.
3995 руб
New York City: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know Lonely Planet Not For Parents Lonely Planet
Which lady moved to New York from Paris in 350 pieces?
1123 руб

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