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Практические курсы английского языка. Самоучители

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Практические курсы английского языка. Самоучители

New Headway Intermediate (Student`s Book)

Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
Soars L.    
Oxford University Press    
1314 руб
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A brand-new edition of the best-selling course, maintaining the successful core content but updated and refreshed. - Streamlined units, now at eight pages. There are small changes to make activities run more smoothly, as well as major changes to text and topic. - The clear, systematic, effective grammar syllabus has been retained, but has been modified where necessary for even greater clarity. - Grammar Spots highlight key areas, getting students to analyse form and use. - Up-to-date texts with global appeal reflect changing trends and the use of English worldwide. - Challenging reading and listening texts from a variety of authentic sources develop comprehension skills and integrate speaking practice, usually personalised. - Writing now has a separate section at the back of the book, with a fuller syllabus, providing models and follow-up activities. They are easy to navigate, with clearly divided sections. - Fresh modern design, with an emphasis on maximum clarity on the page. - Every aspect of the previous edition has been reviewed.
Тент универсальный, из тканого двухслойного полимера, с люверсами, водонепроницаемый, 3х5 м.
Универсальный водонепроницаемый тент-полотно STAYER – надежная защита от дождя и непогоды, идеальный материал для укрытия.
562 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Конструктор "Транспорт".
Конструктор «Транспорт» - набор всевозможных машинок и элементов, имеющих отношение к транспорту, в т.ч. зданий (вокзал, милиция, заправка
669 руб
Раздел: Деревянные конструкторы

Использование аутентичных материалов при обучении аудированию на старшем этапе...
Во-вторых, почти полное отсутствие разработанных методик обучения и их теоретической базы. Поэтому в практической части данной работы мы будем опираться на опыт гимназии № 139, где обучение иностранному языку проводится по современному зарубежному учебно-методическому комплексу “Headway”. Так как мы рассматриваем старший этап обучения, в данном случае это Upper- I ermedia e level, по которому ведется работа в 11-х классах. В этом УМК представлен коммуникативный подход к обучению иностранному языку. Исходя из специфики выбранной нами темы, нам представляется целесообразным провести анализ данного УМК с точки зрения соответствия представленных в нем аудитивных текстов и заданий к ним критериям аутентичности по следующему плану: 0. Краткое описание самого УМК. 0. Описание и анализ материалов для аудирования. 0. Предлагаемая методика работы с аудитивными текстами. “Headway” (Upper-I ermedia e, S ude ’s Book, авторы комплекса Joh a d Liz Soars) представляет собой современный зарубежный учебно- методический комплекс, изданный в Англии, для обучения английскому языку с аудиокассетами, предназначенный для иностранных студентов.

New Headway. Intermediate. Tests Oxford University Press Maris A.
33 руб
Intermediate: Tests Ed. 3 New Headway: Oxford University Press White L.
98 руб
New Headway Intermediate Fourth Edition. Student Book Oxford University Press John S.
1074 руб
Audio CD. New Headway Intermediate (количество CD дисков: 2)
707 руб
Student' s Book and iTutor Pack (+ DVD) New Headway: Intermediate. New Headway Oxford University Press
1805 руб
Intermediate: Student' s Book with iTutor and Oxford Online Skills (+ DVD) New Headway: New Headway Oxford University Press
2024 руб
Interactive Practice CD-ROM. New Headway. Intermediate.
3469 руб
English Course: New Headway: Students Workbook: Pre-Intermediate: Аудиокассета - - с. New York: Oxford University Press Soars L., Soars J.
270 руб
Upper-Intermediate. Teacher' s book New Headway. Oxford University Press Soars L.
The Practice section provides a choice of wide-ranging exercises and the Grammar Reference gives detailed rules of form and use. • The grammar of spoken English is examined, with work on areas such as being polite, linking and commenting adverbs, exaggeration and understatement, and lexis in discourse. • Thorough skills syllabus All four skills are developed systematically and integrated through related tasks. • Well-defined lexical syllabus with work on systems such as collocation, binomials, homonyms, and compounds. • Pronunciation practice is integrated at appropriate points throughout the units. • Everyday English is practiced in the Postscript section. This Teacher' s Book describes the rationale for the methodology of the course and provides extensive guidance on using the material effectively. It also provides extra photocopiable materials including Stop and Check sections and tests. In addition to the Student' s Book and Teacher' s Book, there is a Workbook with an optional Workbook Cassette, and two Class Cassettes. This level is supplemented by Headway Upper-Intermediate Video and New Headway Upper-Intermediate Pronunciation. In New Headway Upper-Intermediate, grammatical areas are treated in greater depth so that students begin to perceive the systems that underlie the language. New Headway English Course takes the successful Headway series into an exciting new era. It follows on from New Headway Intermediate, and together with Headway Elementary, Headway Pre-intermediate, and Headway Advanced, provides a fully comprehensive language teaching series. Key features: • New, universal topics selected from a wide variety of sources, including authentic listening texts. • In-depth treatment of grammar Each unit starts with a Test your grammar section, followed by Language in context, where students work out rules through Grammar questions. The course combines the best of traditional methods with more recent approaches, to help students use English both accurately and fluently. It introduces new features to challenge adult and young adult students and ensure that learning English is interesting and motivating. It is no longer appropriate to examine language items in isolation. This new upper-intermediate course provides around 120 hours of language learning. Learners at the upper-intermediate level require a different approach.
905 руб
Student s Book Intermediate: English Course: New Headway: Oxford University Press Сорз Л.,Сорз Д.
549 руб
Upper-Intermediate. Student's Workbook CDs New Headway. Oxford University Press Сорз Д.,Сорз Л.
179 руб
Headway New Upper-Intermediate (Workbook with key) New Headway Oxford University Press Soars L.
1300 руб
New Headway Pre-Intermediate Third Edition (New). Workbook with Key New Headway Oxford University Press Liz S.
693 руб
New Headway Pronunciation Course Upper-Intermediate Аудиокассета.
5 руб
New Headway Upper-Intermediate (Class Cassettes) (количество кассет: 2) Аудиокассета.
5 руб
Pre-Intermediate. CD-ROM. New Headway. Student' s Workbook CD
5 руб
New Headway Video Intermediate: Student's Book: Student's Book Intermediate level New Headway Oxford University Press
737 руб
Teacher' s Book New Headway Upper-Intermediate English Course. New Headway Oxford University Press
1083 руб
New Headway: Workbook + Ichecker with Key Upper-Intermediate: New Headway Oxford University Press
1046 руб
New Headway: Teacher's Resource Book Upper-intermediate level: Six-Level General English Course New Headway Oxford University Press
2768 руб

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