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Twentieth Century American Poetry

Формат:      Страниц 1192
     мягкая обложка
Dana G.    
The McGraw-Hill Companies    
1690 руб
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Starting with James Weldon Johnson and Robert Frost, the book collects diverse and often conflicting accounts of the nature and function of poetry. 20th Century American Poetry is a comprehensive and chronological anthology of 59 essays on poetry by 54 poets. The collection includes rarely anthologized essays by Jack Spicer, Rhona Espaillat, Anne Stevenson, and Ron Silliman, and also work by some of the finest younger critics in America, including William Logan, Alice Fulton, and Christian Wiman.
Подставка для канцелярских принадлежностей "Башня", металлическая, 4 секции, серебристая.
Подставка для письменных принадлежностей, металлическая, сетка. Цвет: серебристый. Размер: 16х8х11 см.
355 руб
Раздел: Подставки, лотки для бумаг, футляры
Набор бутылочек для кормления Avent "Natural" (2 штуки по 260 мл), от 1 месяца.
Бутылочка помогает легче совмещать грудное вскармливание и кормление из бутылочки. Благодаря инновационному дизайну малышу теперь легче
916 руб
Раздел: Бутылочки
Скетчбук. Гарри Поттер. Хогвартс.
Да начнется магия! Новые скетчбуки прямиком из величайшей вселенной Гарри Поттера! Откройте магический блокнот для рисования, и он станет
322 руб
Раздел: Блокноты художественные
Narrating Class in Twentieth-Century American Literature The Hunted Revolutionaries. Книга по Требованию Ian P.
Taking its title from a Thomas McGrath poem, The Hunted Revolutionaries argues that as the pressure on US left-wing writers grew in the wake of increasing disenchantment with communism at the end of the 1930s, so writers developed more nuanced forms of resistance that reflected the central importance of race and ethnicity in American society.
2784 руб
Twentieth-century Fabrics. European and American Designers and Manufacturers Thames&Hudson Poli D.D.
The collection is organized chronologically starting with the fabrics conceived by the artists of the Secessions Movements in Germany in the 1900s, such as Moser, Hoffman, and Klimt.
3067 руб
The Chronicle of Western Costume: From the Ancient World to the Late Twentieth Century Thames&Hudson John P.
No student or designer in the performing arts, costume and fashion enthusiast, collector or social historian will want to be without it. An illustrated glossary gives additional information on technical terms.
1881 руб
The Twentieth-Century Rural School (1920) Книга по Требованию Edward E.D.
1144 руб
The Twentieth Century Scholastic Terry D.
You can find out about last days of the vile Victorian Queen right up the nostalgic Nineties, with all the amazing changes and incredible inventions that happened in between! It' s history with the nasty bits left in! Want to know: Who shocked the world by showing her knickers? How two monkey' s and a dog became astronauts?
430 руб
Masked Deviants in Twentieth-Century Entertainments. Constructing a Theory of Socially Ameliorative Destruction Книга по Требованию
What this book seeks to do is to explore mask use for deviant behavior in theatre and film.
1997 руб
Myth of the frontier. Myth of the frontier in the early 19th century American prose fiction Книга по Требованию Andrea S.
With sample exercises and a lesson plan it is also examined how Cooper’s novels can be used on English lessons, for his stories are so interesting and full of adventures that students would surely like them in English too.
2008 руб
Talking to the Audience. Narrative Characters in Twentieth Century Drama Книга по Требованию Katherine H.
Eugene O' Neill' s Strange Interlude, Thornton Wilder' s Our Town, Tennessee Williams' s The Glass Menagerie, both versions of Arthur Miller' s A View from the Bridge, Wendy Wasserstein' s The Heide Chronicles, Peter Shaffer' s Equus and Margaret Edson' s Wit. TALKING TO THE AUDIENCE is study of the use of chorus-like characters in modern plays who comment on the action, participate in the action, interact with the main characters and, in today' s theater, are one of the main characters. The characters' dilemmas are at once eternal and universal to the human condition, yet specific to the various protagonists and the challenges of life in the century just ended and the one in which we now live and strive.
2416 руб
A Study: Steven Stucky's "Notturno.". An Interpretation and Analysis of a Late Twentieth Century Work for Saxophone and Piano Книга по Требованию Christopher J. G.
This study examines the composition Notturno (1981) for saxophone and piano by the American composer Steven Stucky.
2008 руб
Twentieth century sketches of the South Carolina Conference, M.E. Church, South Книга по Требованию Duncan W.B.
1148 руб
History of India, from the earliest times to the twentieth century Книга по Требованию Keene H.G.
1150 руб
Organized Christianity or New Testament demanded and feasible in the Twentieth Century Книга по Требованию Ketcham K.P.
1145 руб
Henley's twentieth century forrmulas, recipes and processes, containing ten thousand selected household and workshop formulas, recipes, processes and moneymaking ... mechanics, housekeepers and home workers Книга по Требованию Hiscox G.D.
1754 руб
Twentieth century formulary of songs and forms Книга по Требованию Bowman W.C.
598 руб
Mary S. Vanderbilt, a twentieth century seer Книга по Требованию Cadwallader M.E.
602 руб
The history of medicine, philosophical and critical, from its origin to the twentieth century Книга по Требованию Gorton D.A.
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
1138 руб
American poetry Книга по Требованию Boynton P.H.
1751 руб
These various manifestations of structural dualism are illustrated with pioneering compositions and key esthetic statements from both composers and theorists.
2626 руб
Plans, Sections and Elevations Key Houses of the Twentieth Century. Thames&Hudson Davies C.
Cross-references to other buildings in the book highlight the various connections between these key houses.
2230 руб
Hunting Weapons from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century Dover Publications Blackmore H.L.
1488 руб

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